Colton struggled to see the road through the oncoming snow, rushing at the windshield in a dense waterfall of flakes. The visibility was so poor that he skidded a bit to avoid a car on the side of the road. Climbing out of his SUV to be sure, he saw a woman inside. Kicking at the snow that froze the door to the car, he tugged it open.

"How long have you been here?" he asked.

"Four hours, I think."

"You know . . ." He was going to lecture her on the use of her hazard lights but saw no point. "Would you like a ride?"

"Please." The woman said, shivering madly. "My name's Debbie." Debbie snuggled into him in the SUV and he wrapped his arm around her to give her warmth. "Where are you headed?"

"Family reunion type thing, only I'm going to be the only one from my family there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, but no brother, no sister, and no parents. You should join us. There's a motel in town, but we'd be happy to have you. Plus, the food's better and free." Debbie murmured something softly into his shoulder.

Pulling to the back of a long line of cars parked in front of an enormous log cabin, Colton nudged Debbie gently then lifted her off of himself with his arms. "Kiss me," she murmured, half awake. Colton leaned in and gently kissed her chastely then when Debbie either failed to awaken or feigned sleep, more boldly, pressing his tongue through her lips and lightly clenched teeth. She slowly began to respond but soon opened her eyes. "We're there?" she asked, pulling back.

"Just inside," Colton nodded with a small grin.

The door was answered by a half drunken man in his late fifties. "How's that thirty years of sobriety sitting with you, Uncle Bill?" Colton asked.

"Better than usual tonight. Who's your friend?"

"Family," Colton supplied with a smile. "This is Theresa, but her friends call her Debbie. She's my sister-in-law, Alex's wife."

"Debbie," she said, extending her hand.

"Do you have some place we could clean up?"

"I've got something better." Bill reached out to touch Debbie's coat. "Soaked clean through," he said, shaking his head. "There's a laundry room downstairs. Go toss your clothes in and I'll leave some outside for you, whoever the hell you are, Theresa. No, don't worry. I'm the smart one in the family, sad as that sounds."

Downstairs, Colton and Debbie removed their clothes from opposite sides of the room then, just when Debbie was disrobed, Colton pounced on her, forcing her into the front of the washer. She yelped in surprise at first then groaned in relief, a long drawn out mewl that grew to a high whine as Colton pushed inside her. She had hoped for more, but then there seemed to be all weekend and Colton's dick slicing through her insides, parting her love tunnel that he assured her was heavenly with every high pitched groan that spat forth from his mouth until he bit into her shoulder. Debbie's eye's widened and plastered reflections of hypnotized pleasure on the wall. "Colton? Colton?" she asked, empty both in mind and body, waiting to be reassured, dying for a word from him. "Colton? Please?"

"You're so fucking lovely. You're the only thing in the world to me right now, this fuck, this you, this hard tempo and your damned pussy that only eats men alive, and rather than finishing them, devastates them till they hate you and sink lifeless to the floor, your slaves."

"Oh dear God, Colton," she cried. "Please, don't mean that."

"I can't die without you," he grunted and shook, cumming.

"You owe me one," Debbie panted as Colton slid off her.

"It'll have to wait until later," Colton said, sliding his hand beneath her, then back, across her pussy. "I want you nice and petulant for dinner."

"Finish me," Debbie whined. When she turned to see Colton dressing, she snapped, "Finish me, you cocksucker."

"I would not say such things if I were you."

"Why the hell not?"

Colton stabbed two thick fingers into her and began ramming her pussy, his fist smacking into her fat. Debbie winced and whined, dipping her knees until she was too low for Colton to continue fingering her.

"You don't cum easy," Colton remarked with a wry grin.

"Oh, could it be the pain? You jerk," Debbie said, straightening herself and turning round to dress. "I'm probably going to pee blood."

Colton took hold of her and drew her into his arms for a slow, sensual kiss that devolved into a passionate entangling of tongues and sighs. Colton moved to part and Debbie seized the opportunity to latch onto his neck, biting and sucking until a bright red patch arose. Colton stared at her, amused, when she released him. "Let's head upstairs then. I always was a fan of shock humor, but this?"

"I have the nasty habit of intermixing my sense of humor with my judgment," Debbie answered with a grin.

"We are going to be so bad for each other."

Upstairs, the family was casually eating dinner, some members at the table while others wandered round the large den, sorting through each other for someone they wanted to talk to. A man obnoxiously smoking a large pipe at the table commented to Colton, "You know, you two smell of cunt."

"This is Theresa, my brother Alex's wife," Colton replied, unphased.

"Then it must be one of my granddaughters. They always did have a thing for women with black spiral curls."

Colton and Debbie seated themselves at the other end of the table and began to fill the empty plates there with the nearest dishes. "Colton," Debbie commented, "that bug bite on your neck looks like it's getting infected."

"Quickly too," Uncle Bill supplied. "It wasn't visible when they got here."

Colton leaned over to Debbie and began whispering in her ear: "It's not so much that you're beautiful, it's that you don't think, you don't think to take into account all those people sitting around the table with us. Baby, you shouldn't doubt, you shouldn't doubt. Doubt kills motion, friction, feeling. Doubt beguiles pleasure oh so close with fear. You fear, but you won't. You don't fear because strangers are merely that and you have what you want in your hand, don't you?" Colton glanced down to see Debbie's hand tucked into the front of her pants. "Mommy," he whined very softly. Debbie shuddered and leaned forward with a gasp. Colton smiled. "I thought so." He kissed her cheek and returned to his meal.

"I've always wanted a child," Debbie grunted, thumping a foot on the floor.

"Is that so?" asked the man with the pipe.

"Oh God yes!" Debbie cried, arching her head back.

After eating, Colton suggested a walk. Above the protests of his family members, he insisted he and Debbie needed some fresh air. Outside on the back deck, Debbie grabbed Colton and kissed him again. "You're going to cum in my pussy, mister," she told him then backed him into the wall and dropped to her knees. Taking his hot dick into her mouth, she worked at a furious pace.

"Please suck my dick, Debbie," Colton begged in an infantile whine. "God, I need you to suck my dick so bad. Suck my fucking dick. Please. I can't help it. It's so wrong. No, no, no." His voice trailed off as Uncle Bill appeared on the deck.

"Don't mind me. I just wanted to see what you two were up to. Colton stared at him, wide-eyed, but Debbie didn't stop or even slow.

"I can't cum like this," Colton said, still staring at Uncle Alex who shrugged.

"Must run in the family."

"Will you two fuckers shut up?" Debbie asked, fisting Colton's dick. Then, rather than returning her mouth to Colton, she asked Uncle Alex, "Which of the women is single?"

"Carol, Margret, Lynn, one or two more. I don't keep track."

"We're going to need a toy," she said, grinning up at Colton. "You do like that idea, don't you? You do know your answer is `yes,' don't you?"



"Yes, mistress."

Bill chuckled then spat. "You can't choose your family. I'll see what I can do . . . Mistress Debbie. To be young again." He sighed. "And stupid." He returned a few minutes later with a large dildo and a bottle of anal lube. "I promised not to tell whose," he said. "The downstairs is less populated. Just Connie and Larry and their two little one." Alex coughed and the two broke their embrace. "I'd join you, but I've seen enough." He stumbled back inside, muttering something about retarded children and knives.

"Strip, lover," Debbie instructed in a firm voice, smiling.

"Yes, mistress," Colton sighed petulantly.

"Oh, you'll pay for that. I was going to let you walk in like a man. Now bend over." Debbie soaked the dildo with a generous amount of lube and placed it at the entrance to Colton's fuck hole then pushed it in with a stroke. "I want them to see how wet and sloppy your shitter gets for me, how hot this makes you." Colton gasped as it parted his shitter then groan deep in his throat with relief as the dildo sank deeper inside him. "Downstairs, love," Debbie instructed in a firm voice. The two descended the outside steps to the sliding glass basement door through which a late middle-aged couple and their teen son were visible. "Bend over." She jerked the dildo up, uncomfortably and Colton flopped forward. Without being asked, he opened the door. As the two stepped in, Debbie smiled. "Hi, I'm Theresa, Alex's wife, Colton's sister-in-law. She used the dildo to guide him over to the pool table, which he grasped the edge of with both hands.

Debbie began to slide her cock in and out of Colton, not eliciting much of a response from him, but drawing bemused stares from Connie and Larry and causing their 16-year-old son to unfasten his pants and begin masturbating. Debbie winked at him.

Colton's breathing became heavy and he began to groan a bit as his ass loosened. "Fuck me," he grunted. "Fuck me, mistress."

"You know the word I like," Debbie said, beginning to ram the dildo in and out of Colton's clutching shitter. "Who's your mommy?"

"You are, Debbie. You're my mommy. Fuck me really good, mommy."

"Have you been drinking?" Debbie asked.

"No, mommy. I just like your cock soooo much. It feels so good. Will you play with my dick?"

"You can, but only because I'll like the sounds you'll make."

Colton reached under himself and began twisting the head of his limp penis back and forth and immediately began jabbering and screaming.

"You didn't tell me you were a screamer, baby. A good mommy should know these things. Here, let me make it up to you. Up on the table." Colton obliged, pulling himself from Debbie's cock and hopping up on the table and lying back, legs bent upward. Debbie slid her rubber dick back in and began fucking him again. "How does this feel?"

"Pressure, pain, ecstasy, and," his eyes rolled back in his head, his body contorting in a wail. "I don't know what. I don't know what I feel, I just do it."

"How does this feel?" Debbie asked and dropped her head to his crotch, engulfing his dick, still fucking him. Colton's upper body began thrashing as he jabbered uncontrollably, nonsense and words he couldn't help say, the word "mommy" repeatedly as well as obscene requests on the behalf of his "boy pussy" and "little boy dick." Debbie lifted her head and smiled. "My cunt's hungry."

Colton shook his head. "No, mommy. Please no."

Debbie shook her head, clucking her tongue softly as she disrobed. "But it'll make you feel so good. Mommy'll show you." She climbed atop Colton and positioned her pussy and damp crotch over the head of his dick.

"It'll turn me . . ."

"Into a motherfucker," Debbie groaned with a smile as she slid down Colton's shaft.

"It's too much. We're too . . . . Fuck!! Everything!"

"I'm everything," Debbie said, bending down to kiss him on the collarbone. "Now do what you know you should and cum in my pussy, as much as it scares you, to show mommy that you love her no matter what."

"We. Will. Fuse." Colton grunted.

Debbie frowned. "I'll tell them all about you." She watched Colton's eyes wide with a lascivious smile.

"Bitch," he called out in an uncontrolled wail of passion. "I fucking hate how I love nothing and you're everything." Debbie picked up her pace, as Larry and Connie's son came in the corner. "I can't hate, can't handle, can't conceive everything. You'll conceive and we'll fucking . .. no!"

"Poor baby," Debbie answered with a breathy stammer. "The burden of love at first sight."

"You can't," Colton groaned. "You can't make me cum." His head began the thrash back and forth on the pool table as Debbie rode him, massaging her own breasts. Colton began to gurgle and whine, stammer obscenity laden half-sentences splattered with the word "no." Finally, he cried, "Oh, God no. OH FUCK YES!" and thrashed as he came.

Debbie fell forward onto him, breasts crushed against his chest. "You don't cum easy either," she smiled. "I won't be able to fuck again for days." Holding each other, breath slowing, they waited for the others to leave, and still did not move.