When I was twenty, I spent the week with one of my college friends. He was living at home at the time, working as a waiter. It was Christmas break and he was gone much of the time, as was Jessica, his sister, whom I had a crush on. This left me sitting around most of the week, drinking liquor and dancing alone to music - his single mother was away for Christmas. I annoyed his sister early the day after Christmas when she came home and I was sloppy drunk, falling all over myself with a horrible caricature of charm, asking her to answer the door when the pizza man came. I couldn't keep my legs under me.

Phil came home later that night after midnight. I was sprawled out on his water bed, unconscious and naked, in the desperate hope for something. I woke up with my cock in his mouth but couldn't grow hard. When his efforts became painful, I rolled over on my stomach and crawled up on all fours, wiggling my ass. He retrieved some hand lotion and worked two fingers into me, loosening me up, and then pushed inside. What began as a slow screw rapidly turned into a violent fucking, fueled by the lust I harbored for his sister. "You like that?" he asked.

"No," I whined, but my body betrayed me and I moaned. That's all it took. My ass spasmed and pulled a load of cum from his plunging cock. When I couldn't fall back asleep, I moved to the sofa, where finally lost consciousness as the sun rose and slept until late afternoon. Phil told me to get up and shower before he left for work, saying his mother would be home soon.

I climbed to my feet just as the door shut behind him. Bathing and grooming myself took forty-five minutes in my weary state. I was in the process of making coffee and food when the front door opened and his mother, Sue, stepped through.

"Hello, Robert," she said, unenthusiastically.

"Hi there," I answered with a smile. She was obviously not naturally blonde, and not especially attractive, though very fit in a way that kept her an object of attention from men her age. Joining me in the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator.

"I'm surprised my beer's still here," she commented. "Would you like one?"

"I'm fine with coffee."

Sue laughed. "That surprises me. I think."

She took her beer and exited though the patio door to the deck and the comfortably chill winter weather. When the coffee was done, I glared at it, wondering what I was thinking and retrieved a beer from the refrigerator and joined Sue on the deck.

"How was your trip?" I asked, sitting at the far end of the table, across from her. At this time of my life, I felt more comfortable with older women. Something about them set me at ease, though I didn't know what.

We talked until the beer ran out. Venturing into the kitchen in search of more, me sipping the last of mine, she said suddenly, "You can't leave here tonight."

"Why not?" I asked.

She smiled. "I won't let you. Besides, you've been drinking." She pressed her finger absently to her lips. "We were talking about music. I want you to hear some Bruce Springsteen."

Following her into the living room, I sat on the carpet as I was wont to do. She flipped on the stereo and "Dancing in the Dark," began.

"Dance with me," she said.

I looked up at her reluctantly. She gestured impatiently with her hands and I rose. She slipped into my arms and began to gyrate wildly to the music riding my thigh. I held her and slowed her pace into a warm, comfortable rhythm. Time disappeared for a long moment and, when the spell broke, she reared her head back and I kissed her.

We rutted on the sofa like animals, my hands exploring her body, desperate to give, finding in her touch the solace I was looking for. "What about Jessica?" she taunted me, her slim form astride my hips.

"Phil fucked me last night," I blurted out, unthinkingly.

"What?" she shrieked and froze.

"He came home from work and I was asleep in his bed. I'd been drinking. My ass. I offered him my ass and he took it." I could feel more juice running onto my groin so I continued. "He slid inside me with that big cock of his and he took me. He fucked me." I rocked my hips upward into Sue and she dazedly fell back into the momentum of our coupling. "He fucked me so good." Sue moaned and picked up the tempo. "When I moaned, when I moaned I could feel my shithole contract and he lost control."

"Cum, Robert," Sue panted as she rode me faster. "Cum in me, cum in me."

"You want me to cum?" I asked in a whimper.

"Now!" Sue cried and lost herself in orgasm, freezing atop me as I bucked into her. She held her hand up for me to stop and I did. "I've got to go," she said, patting my side. "I've got to get to sleep. The kids will be home soon." She rose up off my erection and trudged off down the hallway. Something in me kept me silent and I finished myself off, relishing the feel of her oil on my hand, licking it off afterward, thinking of the filthiness of what had just happened, and relishing in it.

I lay for a long time in the dark and waited for someone to come home, but no one did. I had planned to tell Phil. I had planned to tell Jessica. But the front door didn't open. Finally, I rose and walked softly down the hall to Sue's doorway. I knocked on it as I pushed it open. She lay sleeping, face down on the mattress. The bed had a wooden footboard with two posts on it. I opened the top drawers to the dressers and found stockings in one of them. Very quietly, I tied a stocking to each post and wrapped the other end of each around her feet. She stirred and came too just as the knots were drawn tight.

"Where's your toy?" I asked softly.

"My what? What?" She began to fiddle with the stocking knots.

I hurriedly tossed through her other dresser drawers, within seconds finding a seven inch dildo. Climbing onto the bed, I gently but forcefully pressed Sue back into the mattress. I sat behind her, one of my legs across each of hers, and worked the dildo into her.

"Oh, good God," she protested, but gradually worked up in position to meet the thrusting piece of silicone. I talked to her as I played at her wet pussy with the toy, asking who she would tell, what she would do. "No one. I won't tell anyone. I promise," she answered, moaning beneath me. Forty-five minutes later, both arms sore, I rose to leave. "Come back," she groaned. "Come back. I'll suck your dick."

"Let me call you Jessica."

"Yes," she sighed.

I helped her untie the stockings and I sat on the edge of the bed while she knelt between my legs. I gasped as her mouth enveloped me. "Oh, God, that feels so good. I need you bad, need this so bad. Jessica." I repeated that word, again and again as she bobbed her head. When I cried that I was about to cum, Sue retreated and brought me over the edge with her hand, large gobs of cum spurting over my chest. I leaned further back and she began to kiss her way up the cum trail, gathering it on her lips. When our lips met, I zoned out as I eagerly met her kiss, feeling like a starving baby bird being fed by his mother's mouth. "I love you," I sighed when we broke our embrace.

"Who?" she asked.

"You," I answered, my eyes never opening, crawling back into her bed as she shut the door, touching, holding her in the dark, and finally sleeping until morning.