"Why six guys?" I asked, our arms and legs tangled, sweat over our bodies, breathing heavily.

"Excuse me?"

"Why six guys? What does the sixth one do?"

"Do you want to be him?"

"I think I'd rather not.  Thanks though."

Mommy rose from the bed, the same bed I'd had as an adolescent.  "Goodnight, Michael," she said and left the door cracked behind her.

I stripped off my lingerie, except for my panties, and rolled over to sleep.  I woke with Mommy staring through the crack in the door.

"What time is it?"

"About two."

"Christ, I've got to get home.  Can I ask you a question, Mommy?"


"Who's your watcher?"

"My what?"

"Your watcher.  If you don't tell me, I'll guess, and I bet I guess right.  Shelia, isn't it? You two are complete opposites.  I bet she thinks you have a matching bra for every set of panties.  It's almost the truth.  I want to meet her.  Invite her out for drinks."

"Michael, I don't think that's a good idea."

"She won't mind, believe me.  Trust me.  Trust your little boy. When have I ever led you astray?"

"When you convinced me to let you put your dick in me."

I frowned.  "Mommy," I whined.  "It's the only place it belongs."

"Remember our deal."

"If I let you buy me women's clothes and makeup, I get to cum in my Mommy as much as I want, anytime I want."

"Steve's coming by this evening for dinner.  You'd better leave."

I pulled my hardening cock out of my panties, leaving the balls inside.  I played with my dick, my hand slapping on my shaved scrotum as my Mommy watched.  I could smell her perfume wash over me.  "Can I cum in my Mommy's pussy?  Please?"

"I don't think there's time."

"But I extra-special want to."

She stripped off her clothes and climbed into bed.  I entered her and held perfectly still.  "I love you, Mommy."

"I love you too, Michael."

The cum began to run from my balls into her.

"There's more," I said, and began thrusting.  She gasped and came instantly.  I kissed her.  "Take the rest of your cum, Mommy," I said, thrusting feverishly.  When I grew sore, I pulled out and straddled her chest.  Rubbing my dick up against her lips, I pushed it through her teeth.  "How does your cunt taste on my cock?" She just smiled and nodded.  After thirty seconds, I pulled out and lowered myself to suckle.  There was more milk than usual this morning, but never enough.  "I should go.  I'm glad I came, Mommy. I might have touched myself later today and not been a good boy and thought of that slut, Tracy. Good boys always cum for their Mommies."

"Who do you think about when your with her?"

"She mostly fucks me and sucks my dick. I call her Mommy.  She really likes putting her cock in her boy's shitter.  Shame you're such a lousy lay.  Shelia, though . . . "

"It's not going to happen."

"I'll get her number off your phone.  Or better yet, why don't I come by after Steve's gone. I'll bring wine."

Mommy rolled her head back in the pillow.  "White. You're the light of my life, Michael."

"You're my Mommy."

"You need a man."

"I'm not gay."

"You'd love it.  I swear."

Tracy and I had been together for years. I had started fucking Mommy during a split after she had strayed and never stopped.  I suspect she knew that I hadn't and that explained some of the inconsistencies in her stories and unexplained absences. I felt jealous at times, but not when my mouth was full of my Mommy's breast with her hand running through my hair. I suspect I had once seemed like a stepping stone to something more suited to her fantasies but, well, things change. She never forgave me for fucking Mommy, I never stopped, she didn't leave, and I didn't have to try very hard to keep her.  We hated each other and stayed. She was surprisingly low maintenance. The real reason was that she would collapse without me.

When I walked through the front door, stinking of cunt, Tracy turned toward me from the kitchen counter then back again.  She was eating chicken salad out of a can and talking to the cat, the one that hated her. I'd made the point before that she seemed to enjoy basking in the mutual animosity she claimed the two of them held for one another, and decided to make it again.

She turned to me with tears on her cheeks when I'd finished.  "You asshole," she said, shaking her head.  "You absolute asshole." 

"How come I never get to be the boyfriend who loves you?" I asked, rummaging through the unofficial liquor cabinet. 

"You whore."  She was shaking.

"Do you really think that I look like that woman in your video?" I asked coldly.  "A lot of people have that tattoo, you know."  I pinned her arms to the cabinets above her and kissed her.

"Leave, leave, leave," she breathed.

"You'll hit me if I try to."

"Fuck you," she said in a slight snarl, bobbing against my grip.

"I want to eat your pussy, then I want you to cum, and then I want you to thank me.  Then I'm going to leave."

Tracy's eyes rolled back in her head.

"Remember what mommy did to her baby?"

"Nooo," she mewled. My mommy-fucker hardened as I raised Tracy's small form onto the countertop.  I fell to my knees and pulled her panties off from beneath her skirt.  The counter was at chin level, perfect for me kissing and probing Tracy's cunt flesh with my poisonous tongue.  After the first set of contractions, I relaxed and ran my tongue in circles around her inner labia.  "No, you don't have to do that."  I began kissing her, increasingly ravenously, moaning into her pussy until she shuddered.

"Have as good evening," I muttered, and kissed her pussy one last time, then stood and ran upstairs to change. Upstairs, I showered and put on a ridiculously elaborate lingerie suit, complete with waist-length robe.  Figuring it would move things along, I dressed in entirely female clothes atop it, make-up and everything, a two hour process with a full-body shave. 

Tracy was sitting on the couch with a beer downstairs.  "Don't wait up, hon," I called to her on the way out the door.

Steve was gone and I got a hold of Shelia in no time.  ''Shelia, dear, my mom and I have cracked open a bottle of wine and though this is exceptionally poor form . . ."

"Plans, yes I figured you'd be busy.  We'll be right over to help you get ready. If they fall through, we can have a girl's night in" I hung up.  "You, up." I said to Mommy.  "Fifty dollars says she'll be there."  I grabbed my goodie case and headed towards the door.

My hand strayed between Mommy's thighs in the car, rubbing her to orgasm while I murmured to her.  "Let's get cigarettes," she said suddenly.

I pulled into a gas station and ran in myself.  I hated asking for cigarettes in drag, but the elderly male cashier merely murmured, "You look cute."  I caught him checking out my ass on my way out.

"I'm coming back for beer in the next hour," I told him.  "Please be flirty?"

He smiled and nodded.

Shelia opened the door in house clothes and her jaw dropped when she saw me.  "No time to explain.  You're Mommy's watcher and this is Mother's Day and I'm getting her a present.  Care to play the crucial role."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Michael, her son."

Shelia's eyebrows raised.  "Hello, Michael."

Mommy looked borderline terrified but managed to say, "Pull up a chair."  Shelia turned an armchair to face the sofa and I smiled, heading past her to the kitchen to open the wine.  I returned with one glass and handed to Shelia, placing the bottle at your feet, then planted myself beside Mommy on the sofa.

"So, what am I going to watch."

"Our love," I piped up and slid back into the sofa's arm, tossing my heels up on Mommy's lap.

"Show me your panties," Shelia stated flatly.

"I'm not wearing any," I hissed.

Mommy and I began to kiss as Shelia drank her wine.  I tossed her the pack of cigarettes and she lit one.  My little boy fuck nub peaked out from beneath my skirt and Mommy grasped it, giving me an inexpert handjob.  "Play with my pussy?" I asked.  Mommy didn't respond and I made a motion with two fingers the leaned back.  I whined deep in my throat when she penetrated me and began bucking against her hand, rubbing my clit.  I didn't bother looking at Shelia.  The smell of pussy in the room was overwhelming.  I stood and lifted Mommy off the sofa then pulled out my toy, the mid-sized one, and handed it to her.  I sat on the arm of the sofa and lubed it up the rose and kissed her deeply.  "I need a good fucking, Mommy," I said, then bent over the arm of the sofa.  It was high enough that my feet came off the ground when my stomach straddled the rail of the arm.  I lay flat on my belly and pulled my skirt up, submitting to my Mommy's cock as she ass-fucked me with our toy.  I lay for long moments, groaning in time with her, yelping staccato cries in time with her thrusts, then settling back in to enjoy my deep-dicking only to be roused by more cries rising unbidden from my throat.  I motioned for Mommy to stop, but she wouldn't.  I could feel myself spilling cum on the sofa.  Finally, I rose and she pulled out.

I took the dildo from her, and making eye contact with Shelia, licked the dirty lube from it.  Shelia had a hand in her pants that froze when she saw me looking at her.  I advanced on her and pulled her pants off, then her panties, then pushed the dildo into her, fucking her with it while her teeth barred again and again.  She struggled to get away, but I wouldn't let her.  Abandoning the dildo and Shelia, I returned to lie in repose upon the couch.  Mommy's mouth engulfed my shaved cock, and I screamed as she circumcised me with her teeth.  Using me as a hucow, not letting me orgasm, she drained me of cum till I lay limp on my belly.

"I'm going to get beer," I muttered, struggling to walk to the door.  Mommy's perfect whore, I took the gas station clerk's cock in the restroom then drove back to Shelia's.  The two were upstairs.  Exasperated, I flipped on the TV and opened a beer, waiting for morning.