I squealed helplessly David's cock blasted through my sphincter to fill my ass. "Fuck! Cock!" I cried, thrashing around on my mother's bed. "Fuck your whore, fuck your whore, fuck your whore. Fuck my fucking ass!" I was lost in that special place where I was alone and all I was aware of was my own body, and to a lesser extent the cock inside me, and nothing else. "Gawd, David, it feels so . . . Yeah, your cock. Your fucking cock makes me want to scream." David reached around and twisted the head of my shaved, uncircumcised dick back an forth and I did just that. "AHHHHHHHH! FUCK ME! Fuck-me-fuck-me-fuck-me. Can't you tell?" My head was thrashing uncontrollably. "I love your fucking cock!!" He pounded me harder, pushing me up the bed. I grabbed my mother's pillow and tossed it onto the floor. "Make me your baby. Make me your cockslut. Your fucking whore ass who needs your fucking dick so good. Yuh, my poor shitter's been clasping on nothing for weeks. My little boy pussy, your cock sheathe, my . . ."

There was a cough in the doorway.

"Mommy? See what a good whore I've become? Aren't you proud that your boyfriend likes my ass so much." I grinned. "Shoot your load, honey. Shoot your load in your whore's fucking ass. Show your girlfriend how much you need her little boy's pussy. She her what a good fucking hole I have. Shoot your fucking load!" I started screaming for theatrics that took on a life of their own till I was whipping my long blond hair about my head, chanting, "Shoot your load, shoot your load," till a stream of cum ran from my dick. "You bastard," I whined. "Next one." David continued pounding me as my shitter quivered. "Yeah, fuck me. Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck me so good like the stud you fucking are. Your little boy whore loves your cock like that. Right in his ass. Take a good look at it sliding in and out of me and imagine what it would look like slamming in and out of me. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Dah-dah-daddy!" My pussy began to spasm and I went limp as David shot his seed inside of me. "I'm a good slut, Mommy."

"Get out, Sean. Go somewhere."

"Not yet." I smiled. David rose from the bed and I fell before him as he began to speak and let him explain to my mother what had happened as I lifted his spent dick gently between my fingers, examining it for traces of my own shit and finding very few. I felt the hot skin pass through my lips into my warmer mouth and nursed on it quietly, wrapping it in my tongue and gently caressing it as I softly sucked, relishing the nastiness of sucking Mommy's boyfriend's cock after it had been in my ass, right in front of her, while her boyfriend tried to talk his way out of fucking me. And I relished the sense of duty too, knowing I had to clean his cock of my pussy's filth to show my gratitude for the outlandish fucking he'd tossed me. David stirred to life in my mouth and I held him fast with my gentle, kissing cocksucking as Mommy began to cry. My eyes narrowed with pleasure. I wasn't going to stop until he made me.

"David, David, David," Mommy wailed.

"Lily, it's just that I . . . Fucking Christ." I grabbed the back of his thighs and started rocking him into my face as his ass-fucker slithered to the back of my mouth, thickening. I wanted his cum so bad, to take him, to own part of him forever . . . Or until I shat it out like the jizz moistening the inner cheeks that David would part again to find a home for his dick.

"He's my son, my baby, you fucking whore."

Both of us were probably wondering which was the whore, but that didn't matter as much as getting a bigger cock in my mouth. I pulled my mouth back and David bucked forward. My zealousness increased but at 38, he simply couldn't grow hard again yet. I almost chuckled when he put a hand on the back of my head to fuck my face, almost except for the half-hard cock pressing against the back of my throat for entry. God, he had a monster. Porn-star sized, not record-setting, but big. I knew I had to get my mommy to stay in the room, so I reached down and started jerking off. I grew hard quickly and mewled and moaned around the face-fucking, cumslut-gratifying, nectar-oozing, boy-boinking dickmeat that had just rendered my asshole well-fucked and was now bringing me to the most delicious orgasm.

"Sean!!!!!!!!" My mother screamed.

David took his hand off my head but, before he could stop me from bringing him off, I pulled my head off his cock until it rested on my outstretched tongue before my open mouth. The sight was too much for him to give up. "I, I, I . . . " I smiled very widely, kissed his cockhead, then opened wide again for his seed, which sprayed all over my face.

"Go!" Mommy wailed. "Get out."

"I'd like to spend a week with David," I told her. "I don't think he minds."

"I'll kill you!!" She shrieked. "I'll call the cops."

I wiped the jizz from my face and sat on the edge of the bed. Using it as lube to climax with, I smiled. "I turn 17 at midnight. You forgot." I doubled over in orgasm.

"Happy birthday, Sean," David supplied.

"Yeah. Thanks," I answered, my head clearer. "I'll get some things."

"Fuck both of you."

"I think I'm leaving now," David said, pulling his clothes on.

I dressed as well and followed him downstairs, past Mommy, who slapped him hard and beat at his back till we reached the stairwell.

"We still love you, Mommy. Maybe we'll have you over for dinner late next week."

"Why?" she asked, weeping again.

"Because he was yours and now he's mine." I shrugged. "You're not going to win him back like this."

David groaned at the foot of the stairs. "Stop being cute and get your ass in the car?"

"My cute ass?"


We chatted constantly on the way to David's. "Do you think I'm gay?"

"How did it feel?"

"It was a relief. I have my own toy, I play with my ass all the time. Getting a cock up there was wonderful."

"Do you even have to ask?"

"But I don't want to be gay."

"Do you like girls?"

"They're too hard. I mean, I'm just looking for fun, and I haven't fallen in love, and girls are just not worth putting in the hours for."

"I think the real question is whether you liked sucking my dick."

"No. Not much. I'll do it again and see if I can develop a taste for it." I smiled. "There's just one thing. You can't make me cum. I want my Mommy to do that." David looked at me with raised eyebrows. "You can fuck me in the shower though."

He laughed. "We'll see what we can do, squirt." He put a hand on my leg and squeezed.

David jumped in the shower when we got to his place and I began snooping around. There was a bottle of pills and a bag of pot in his nightstand. I packed a bowl and hit it twice. Wandering in his walk-in closet, I found a sheer white lace nightie that did not belong to my mother. I stripped and put it on. There was a ribbon on the hanger with it that broke into two ribbons, about a foot long at either end. I finished the bowl and tied my feet with the two ribbons at one end and managed to tie my hands behind my back with the two ribbons at the other, finishing well before the water cut off. I lay there, considering the mechanics of things, wondering if I should have tied my hands in front of me. David came out of the shower, toweling off, saw the spent pipe, saw me, and smiled. "You fucked up," he said and sat beside me running his hands over the negligee massaging my skin lightly through it till I grew hard. He rolled me on my back, with my hands bound beneath me, and lifted the hem of my nightie, touching my shaved balls, massaging my penis.

"Please, please, please," I whined. "Please don't." My dick throbbed in his hand, rock hard. "Nooooo . . . " He leaned down and licked my balls, causing me to buck on the bed, as he jerked me off, then started sucking. "No, my clitty. Don't. Don't suck my dick." He stopped sucking and began bathing it with his tongue, rolling it from side to side, grazing his lips along the top of it, tonguing it for long minutes. "David, baby, you can suck it now. You can suck my clitty." And his mouth engulfed me. I had never had a blowjob before and had expected something different. I expected to feel the details of what his mouth was doing, but all I felt was soft, wet warmth. Drifting in the haze of my high, I let him suck me as I whined. "Baby feels so good now. Baby feels so good with her clitty in your mouth. Finger me. Finger me!! Finger my pussy." I screamed when I felt his finger enter my ass. Instead of massaging me, he thrust it in and out. Then two fingers. I whined and bucked under him, allowing him to ravage my boyhood with his mouth and tongue. When I came, I thought I would never stop. I thought I would never grow sore. He seemed to sense it and backed off, then kissed me goodnight. Cutting the lights off, he climbed into to bed, unfastened my hands and held me as I drifted off to sleep, my head abuzz with marijuana and what I worried was love.

I woke before David. We had remained close during the night and I felt his morning erection right where I wanted it, or very nearly so. I was loose after the night before and was willing to bet my spit and mucus would be enough, but there wasn't any sense in taxing him, so I slid out from under his arm and shuffled into the other room with bound ankles. I pulled up some cartoons on television just to be cute and waited, and waited. I began touching myself, being very vocal. David peered around the corner, half clothed, with a smile on his face. "Well, aren't you a bundle of steam?"

"I wanna cum."

He sat in an arm chair. "Come here. Sit in my lap."

I frowned and lifted my bound ankles.

"Not yet. First I'm going to talk about work, then I'll argue down your political opinions."

"You're probably a liberal."

"I view liberals as compromisers. I'm a socialist. Or I could jerk you off."

"Number three, please!!"

I scampered over to his lap and rolled my head into his shoulder with my legs hanging off his.

"Did you know that all properties of a material are dependent upon its electron density?" He asked as he slid two fingers into my ass.

"Oh, God, please don't."

He chuckled. "Does your pussy feel good this morning, Sean?"

"It feels great, honey. I love the way you do that. I want you to fingerfuck me all day. I can feed you grapes like some great Greek God while you play with my asshole."

"You are so irresistible." He leaned down and kissed me and I moaned into his mouth. My tongue darted through his. I fucked it in and out as he caressed it with his mouth while he pumped his fingers in and out of my hole. I thrashed in his lap, writhing in pleasure, waiting for it to end, dreading it. But it didn't. For an eternity we kissed while he fingered me until at last, I broke our embrace and spun to wrap my bound ankles around his neck. I locked my heels and draped down his torso, my head hanging off his knees. His hand hadn't left my boy pussy and when he started pumping again, I bucked my hips. His hand enveloped the head of my dick and I screamed.

"David! Don’t fucking do that so good! I want to stop fucking cumming."

"Never again? Because you haven't yet." He smiled down at me.

"David, you're screwing my ass!!!"

"I always like rubbing a girl's clit while I play with her pussy."

"My fucking clit?!! Fuck, David, you've got cumming to your . . . Need. God, I love it. I love the need in you. Play with my pussy, David? Bring me off? Make your little girl cum?"

"I'd love to make you cum, babydoll."

"Thank you, thank you." Another wave of intensity overtook me. "Fuck. Daddy. Fuck me with your fucking hands."

"You filthy whore. Do you really like a man's finger's in your pussy. Your horny cunt can't be satisfied can it?"

"No, no." There were tears in my eyes.

"You better believe that, slut. You'd better believe that you need servicing like a whore, that your clit aches for a man's touch all the time."

"It doesn't."

"You know better than do disagree. How does daddy's little cocksucker feel about getting fingerfucked?"

"No . . . " I whined.

"Shake that ass for me, buck those hips, you cunt whore."

"I played a good . . " I let off and cried as David began to speak.

"Played a good game, yes you did. But Daddy knows his little whore for the fuck rag she is. And he knows she needs this, needs him, to make you feel so good. Don't you know that Daddy wants you to feel good? Daddy loves his little whore-angel. You'll always feel safe with me, you'll always know I love my baby girl, that I want my baby girl to cum more than anything on this Earth. Can you do that? Can you cum for your fucking Daddy?"

"Daddy!" I cried, mouth agape, tears on my cheeks. I panted as my fuck-glut continued for minutes.

"If Daddy's good girl cums, she gets to suck his cock."

"Oh, Daddy!"

"Fucking cum, angel. You beautiful fucking whore."

I came, but "Mommy" was the word shrieking through my head as I shot cum all over my chest. A streamer landed on my chin and I lifted my head and gazed dazedly into David's placid-pools-of-brown eyes as I licked it off while he continued to finger my pussy through the last of its spasms.

David unbound my legs and I rolled out of his lap. He just stared at me, waiting, knowing I wanted to suck his cock as badly as he needed it. I smiled coquetishly. "Would you like a breakfast? A cup of coffee at least?" I shimmied into the kitchen, swaying my seventeen-year-old ass that my white negligee didn't quite cover. I steadied myself on the counter in the kitchen, my boy dick already growing hard again beneath the white lace. I set up the coffee maker and sat at the table. David joined me shortly, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Sean, we can find out who you want to be together."

I frowned.

"What is it, angel?"

"I want to be the whore who sucks, who gets fucked, who takes cock. I want to be your little girl." I looked down at my hard, uncircumcised, hairless penis. "I want to make my mommy proud."

"Stealing her boyfriend . . ."

"Was what I wanted." My asshole twitched. I reached down and grabbed my dick and began to tug on it. "David," I whined. "watch me cum? Watch me play with my little girl clit??"

"Pick a pace and keep to it." He smiled.

I chose fast one. Surprised by how erotic it was, I was soon bucking in my chair, my eyes glazed over. "I don't deserve to cum! I don't deserve to take your cock! I should suck it out like a good fucking whore!" I moaned with a note of misery and rolled to the side, ejaculating on the floor.

David unzipped his pants and pressed his half-hard dick against my lips, giving me a taste of the cum oozing from it. "Gentle," he said. I wrapped my mouth around it. And he gently emptied his balls into my stomach the third time I pulled at his cock. I drank it down and smiled up at him.

"Thank you, Daddy."

David retreated to his bedroom and opened the drawer where I had found the marijuana the night before. He returned with an orange pill. "Speed. Not crank. Trust me." I took it with the glass of can of coke he handed me out of the refrigerator. "We're going shopping and I want you in a good mood. It'll loosen you up too, take down those inhibitions. We'll find out what you really want."

We stopped at the adult novelty store first and David began choosing lingerie for me. We ran up a $250 bill, counting the costume, an extravagant blue fairy outfit -- I insisted on blue to match my eyes. At the downtown mall I found a little red dress -- who needs a little black dress when you have a little red dress? Then, in another store, a goth dress, royal blue, and a black velvet shrug. Only one pair of pumps for both, but also a slave bracelet -- the sort with a chain that hooks to a ring on the same hand -- with the likeness of a black widow on the back. I changed into the little red dress in the dressing room with black fishnet stockings, garter belt, and black panties with a very large bow on the back. At the makeup counter, David picked out the finishing touches. "I look like a complete whore," I said to the mirror. I blew a kiss at myself and giggled. "I love you, David."

"You not so bad yourself. In the mood for a Virgin Mary?"

"Want to show me off?" I smiled up at him.

"Oh yes."

The sun was dipping when we entered the bar. I didn't know if I passed or not, but I was definitely being checked out. I learned quickly to look after they did. I wanted a booth in the corner, but David led me to the bar. He ordered for us and I remained silent so I didn't give myself away. David kept slipping me his drinks and I was soon plastered. Memories are hazy after that. I remember one of the bathroom stalls, my hand on either wall as David sucked me while I mewled and whined. I was so fucking horny from the speed, and David didn't mind that my clit swelled but didn't grow hard. Then he made the rounds, introducing me as I smiled, dizzy from attention and wondering why till we arrived at the motel. There was a spot of lucidity as asked me if I was sure. More liquor flowed as men arrived. Strong hands, hard cocks, and my screams. David watched all of it and, in a haze, he asked me how I felt when they had left. "Too much," I moaned, spent and sore, sucked to orgasm more times than I could remember, fucked four hours, so much jizz in my belly. David kissed me.

"I'll be back for you by checkout."

I touched myself after he left, thinking of how much I loved my Mommy. I touched myself the next morning, thinking of the night before. I fell back asleep afterward and woke up to the telephone.


"Good morning, sleepy head."


"Of course. I want you to get ready. The dress is a bit . . ." he chucked. "It's a bit stained, but your lingerie should be good. No time for a shower. Makeup, and do what you can with your hair."


"Listen, Sean, I had to tell your mother about last night. She knows. Almost everything. Do you remember what happened? Do remember sitting in that man's lap, trying to go down on him under the table?"

"I didn't."

"Sean, you did. You were rambling about how you needed cock, got the attention of every guy in the bar. It wasn't as busy as you might be worried it was. Seven guys, all together."

"Seven," I whined, doubling over.

"She knows. It was the only way. You'll never know what that means, kiddo, but you owe me one. Now more's in store. Get going."

"David?" He hung up. "I'm sorry, David. I love you."

I opened the door with the blanket wrapped around me over my bustier, garters, and stockings with frantic cries if "Sean" on the other side. My mother stood in the doorway, in a T-shirt and jeans. David was behind her in a suit missing a tie. "Mommy," I whined.

"I know, Sean."

I stood, sniffling and weeping till she led me to the bed. Collapsing in front of her, I buried my head in her breasts. "Mommy!" I cried.

"My little whore," she said in a distant voice.


"You're a sissy, Sean. I understand." I glared up at her, angry. "Sean, it's okay. You like men, you really like men. I knew you'd love it. I always knew this was you. Look at you!" She smiled. "My darling, my darling daughter." I pushed her back on the bed, whining, and tucked my head into her shoulder. I could smell her cunt. I pulled down my panties and began masturbating, my free hand fondling her breasts. "That's a good boy. I know you need this."

"I do," I sighed. "I love my mommy. Good boys only cum for their Mommies. Good boys love their mommies. I love you, Mommy. I love my Mommy's fucking pussy. I love my Mommy's fucking pussy." I thrashed on the bed. "I'm cumming for you, Mommy." It splashed across her torso and I rose to pull her shirt off.

"Sean," she reprimanded.

"I want to feed my little boy dick to your pussy, Mommy. Please? It's the only place it belongs, the only place in the world it belongs."

"I'm your mother, Sean. It wouldn't be right."

"That's why. You're all I think about when I touch myself, this is my fantasy, my most personal fantasy."

"Me, baby?" She frowned slightly.

"Yes. You're my Mommy, you're the only woman in the whole world who can ever be everything to me. I'll never have another mommy, never have another woman that loved me since before I was born, never feel another pussy around my little dick that possesses me like yours, that haunts my dreams. I'm not lying. My very first erotic dream was about you, about you on top of me in that flimsy white nightgown you used to wear, sweaty, riding me. I don’t know if I came or not, but it was my very first. I don't remember any others, don't ever remember my dreams, but I wake up almost every morning with drying cum in my crotch like cold sweat, and it's always for you. I know it, it's always for you. Can I please feed my little boy dick to your pussy?" She didn't answer and I pulled off her jeans and panties. Lining my dick up, I shoved it in.

"Hurts," Mommy grunted. "No, Sean. Stop. You're hurting mommy. It's too tight! It's too tight!"

She tried to squirm out from under me but I wouldn't let her. With my knees pinned to her chest, I fucked her, whining and sobbing until her tight pussy was loose around my cock. "Your little boy's dick is inside of you, Mommy. You very own boy. It's me, Sean. How did it feel to cum with your baby boy's dick inside of you." Mommy's eyes were closed tight but opened and bulged with each orgasm. "I love my Mommy's fucking pussy. I love you so much, Mommy. I'm gonna cum," I sobbed. "I'm gonna cum in your fucking pussy, Mommy. My dick is going to cum in its home. I'm your baby! I'm your baby! Your baby is going to cum in your fucking pussy! Mommy! Mommy! I wanna cum in my Mommy! I'm cumming! I'm cumming in my Mommy's pussy!" I didn't ejaculate as I normally did. Instead, it was as though something opened inside me and the semen simply ran out in a steady stream. I could feel it around the head of my dick, encasing it, hotter than my Mommy's pussy. Everything was perfect for that one eternal moment that changed who we were to each other forever. Everything was perfect. Every need, every desire, everything I wanted in this world, it was all fulfilled. We were mother and son, and we would be mother and son, not mother and son and lovers. I knew that. It was only that, as mother and son, our relationship had evolved. We had what we had needed for so long. There would be no more anger, no more senseless arguments, we had what we had both wanted for how long, I don't know.

"Why don't you find out what your cunt tastes like on his dick?" David asked. When my mommy didn't respond, I climbed up her torso and, settling at the top of her breasts, started rubbing my wet dick on her lips, covering them with cum and pussy slime. She opened after a moment and kissed the head. Hardening, I pressed into her mouth. I arched my back, riding her face, squealing like a girl, my hands on the wall behind her. David moved around the bed for a different angle, then climbed up behind me and, without moistening it, he shoved a finger up into my still-loose ass. The sensation made me insane. I leaned forward and plastered my head on the wall and humped mommy's mouth while David had his way with my ass. "No!" I screamed. "NO!!!! Don't make me fucking cum. Don't make me feel so fucking good!" Neither of them listened and I bathed in the hellishly intense pleasure for minute after minute, thrashing, crying, begging, and demanding that they stopped until I shrieked at the top of my lungs and came.

"I'm proud of you, baby," Mommy said. "I can't wait to see you take a cock again."

"Mommy," I simpered, drooling spittle.

David sensed what I needed and stripped off my mommy's shirt and bra. I dove for her breasts, cupping the nipple in my tongue and drawing half her ample breast into my mouth on each pull, flattening my tongue to press at the nipple when it entered my mouth. She moaned and writhed a bit and then the motion on the bed told me David was going down on her, but it was my name she was crying. "Sean, baby, Sean?! Suck Mommy's titties. Heaven, love, it's heaven." She clutched my head tightly to her breast, smothering me but it still wasn't enough. I nursed as I listen to her sigh and moan, muttering my name among other words I couldn’t hear above my soft suckling. My name was all I needed. I could feel my eyes, glazed and unfocused, unblinking and transfixed along with glacial thoughts that slowly revealed to me that I loved my mommy and all I ever said I wanted was right here with me, that she was my mommy and she would be mine forever, but that there was a responsibility to that too because that meant I had to be hers forever or she'd be crushed. I basked in the sultry, heady, and all-too real-beauty and love, not a fantasy, but the truth of nursing at my mommy's breasts after having fucked her. When it came right down it, I couldn't care. I switched breasts, too caught up in needing that, of needing her, to give a fuck about who might get hurt or what good might happen. Mommy mentioning a winning lottery ticket and two grams of hard drugs in her purse couldn't have roused me anymore than my worries or dread. I would finish life, but not until I was done suckling. Mommy's flesh was becoming damp with sweat and I could hear words now in her heaving breath, "Nice, God. Nice. Thank you. I love, like before or never. I love again."

I lifted my head, noticing how inflamed her breasts were with an embarrassed smile. David had finished eating the last traces of my fucking her out of her pussy and was sitting on the bed, stroking her leg. "I love you, Mommy," I said. I didn't remember ever speaking those words without fear or in so genuine a tone ever before. I loved my Mommy and she loved me. It simply was. There was no thoughts about the future. We would love each other till we died. There was nothing to prove either, no need to exaggerate our attachment. She had been the very first thing in this world I had ever loved, she had taught me what love was before I could say the word. "I love you, Mommy."

"Sean," she smiled, tears in her eyes. We couldn't say what our kiss did. I straddled her and kissed until David left the room, neither of us reacting to his passage. We explored give and take, taught each other lessons about the repercussions of arrogance, the rewards of needing, and the things that would be withheld for the time being, lessons that faded without thought into our evolving relationship as mother and son. We parted and I slid down her torso, nestling my head between her thighs so I could best smell her pussy as I drifted off to sleep.