I stood in the shower of my condo, shaving my legs and chest hurridly before the hot water ran out. I didn't dare put on makeup for the trip, though I was tempted. I had begun crossdressing about eight months before and without it I probaby would never have been about to seduce Mommy. She was waiting for me in a neighboring state, a ten hour drive. Things had come to a point where she was supporting my crossdressing habit. I had ordered a two hundred and fifty dollar outfit to arrive at her apartment -- a scarlet red corset with black bows and a matching mini-skirt, four inch black pumps, and a black lace shrug. Also some eyeshadow, a styling wand, and a nice tube of pink lipstick, nice enough that it stayed on for hours. I already had black, backseamed fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, and a really cute pair of black lace panties. She had worked hard at a decent job for most of her life and could afford such things now, even in retirement.

I peed my pants during the drive, for her. I figured she'd like me showing up after having wet myself. When I arrived at her door at 1am, she greete me with sleepy eyes. I kissed her, though she struggled against it, grabbing her ass and pushing her back into the apartment. She began muttering about I don't even know what, but I wouldn't take no for an answer. Finally, she returned my kiss half-heartedly.

"Go back to bed, Mommy. I'll get make myself pretty and wake you up in a bit." I climbed into the shower and began my ritual in front of the mirror. I could hear her moving around the apartment, and growled at her like a dog when she tried the door to the bathroom. "Mommy, I want me to be a surprise. You know your baby loves you. He's doing this for you, and for him. So he knows Mommy likes him nice and pretty."

"I just want you to be yourself. That's why I encourage this, why I like it."

She had already admitted to wanting a gay son, a statement I ignored after cojoling it out of her. The dressing was a fetish, nothing more.

"Mommy, your big, satisfying dick is in my bag with the harness. Do you think you can get it on without help."

"I can try, sweetie."

Learned helplessness was one of her specialties, but I didn't mind taking care of Mommy. She had taken care of me for years, though she lost her ability to really be a mother to me by the time I was twelve. She still tried to reach out, but I pushed her away, and she didn't know how to get through my defensiveness. I had loved her my whole life though, and this was merely an extension of it. We didn't get along prior to the evolution of our relationship. But now, we forgave each other immediately, contacted each other often, and loved in a richer, fuller way. The first time we made love, I felt like I was being molested -- again, but that's a different story. I left immediately afterward but was drawn back. Things had hit an increasingly pleasent equilibrium. There was no passion, just the deeped love I'd ever felt. My Mommy, my Everything, the only woman who could be Everything to me. And she was. She still saw me as a lover during sec, but I didn't think of her that was at all. She was my Mommy, simply my Mommy. That our love had grown and changed had changed nothing in my mind about who we were to each other.

Putting on enough lipstick to look whorish, I opened the bathroom door, nude. Hair in a shoulder-length mess of loose spiral curls. "Do you have the packages that came, Mommy."

She looked me up and down. "Yes, sweetie. Do you want to put them on now?"

"Yes, Mommy. I want to turn you on . . . right . . . ah . . . way." I approached her as I spoke the last words, and kissed her deeply. "I want to taste my home." I fell to my knees and pulled her pajama bottoms and panties off. Burying my face in her crotch, I kissed her pussy as I had her mouth. I never paid attention to technique when I did this, and I didn't particularly like it. She had grown old enough that her hair was coarse and she was too stubborn to shave.

Holding her ass, I possitioned my mouth as best I could and began to lick, kiss, and suck. When she began to sway, I pressed my mouth hard against her, gnawing at her pussy with just my lips, my tougue sunk as deeply into her as it would go, sucking and sucking and sucking. In the end, it was when I began to whine about loving my Mommy that made her spill herself on my face.

"Thank you, Mommy. Thank you so much for that. I love it when you cum for me. You're so good to me, Mommy. The best mother in the whole world. Who am I?"

"Baby," she said, panting.

"That's right, I'm your son. Who am I?"

"My son."

"Say my name. You remember my name, don't you?"

She shook her head.

"Michael. My name's Michael. Now who am I?"

"Michael, my son Michael."

"Good, Mommy. I'm not some pervert who likes to pretend he's having sex with his mother. I'm your son. I'm having sex with my real Mommy, the woman who's loved me all her life, the woman I couldn't stop loving no matter how hard I tried, the woman I'll always need. I'll always need my Mommy."

"Oh, Michael," she said, stroking my hair.

"Lie down, Mommy. Sleep if you can. I'll come to bed in a bit."

I turned the light out. Mommy had moved into an efficiency apartment to wait for a house to be ready that my brother was fixing up. I loved her so deeply, so much. I took my stuff into the bathroom and struggled, adjusting the corset. Finally, frustrated and clothes, I returned to the other room and climbed into bed with Mommy. She grabbed me and wrapped her legs around one of my tights and I slid my hand down to her pussy, the other massaging her breasts. She had begun to lactate for me, though I rarely got more than one squirt out of each breast.

"Do you want me, Mommy?"

"I love you. You know that don't you, that I love you, Baby."

"Call me Michael." I said. "Can I have your breast? I want to suckle."

She lifted her pajama top and I latched onto her. "Harder," she urged. "Harder."

I was drawing half her ample breast into my mouth with each pull. When I cradled her nipple with my tongue, she let out a loud groan.

"You're almost awake," I said. The sun will be up soon.

"You're right." She smiled at me and climbed out of bed.

"Would you like something to eat? Something to drink? I bought a bunch of coke because I know like it."

"I'm okay, Mommy," I said, pulling out a handful of Addorall, an ADD amphetamine from my pocket. I took four of them to get hornier.

Mommy produced a pack of cigarettes. "Don't tell anyone," she said, and we sat on the couch, her talking about the past three weeks since I had last seen her while I made sexual statements and talked of love. My legs where in her lap. Finally, I unhooked my garters and pulled my panties off. "What do you want?" she said with a tired smile as I fastened the garters again.

"I want my Mommy to play with my little boy dick." Every part of my body was shaved except the hair on my head. "Will you rub my clit while you finger my shitter?" Mommy put her hand on my dick and I guided it lower. She loved playing with my foreskin in a way that was painful to me."

"Like this?" she asked, smiling widely now.

"My pussy. Please, my pussy. Finger my pussy." Without licking her fingers, she stabbed two into me. My head lolled back. I gasped, but refused to reveal that it hurt. "My dick, Mommy. My little boy dick."

"Both at once?"

"Please, Mommy."

She obliged, entustically pumping her hand in and out of my fuck hole as she rubbed my clitty. "I love you, Michael. So much."

"I love you, Mommy. I need my Mommy. I need her love. For the rest of my life and my whole life till now, I need my Mommy, even when I'm not aware of it. It always calls me back, always calls me back to you and now, now that we've evolved, now that we've taken the leap, you are and always will be a veritable goddess among whores, women that I date. You've loved me since the very first day I was alive. What could they do to compare to that. You, Mommy. You." I began to grind my ass against her hand. "And I love the way you play with my slutty, hot pussy. I'm so sorry," I said smiling. "I'm so sorry to be such a whore, but I love it, love being your whore, Mommy." She leaned down and kissed me, sucking fervently at my lip. I fought her with my tongue, trying to pump it in and out of her mouth, but she wanted none of it. "Fuck your baby!" I whined.

"I am, I am," she said with a smile, drilling her fingers in and out of my shit hole.

"You're going to make me cuuuuum, Mommy. You're going to make your very own boy cum for you. Do remember when I was little? When I could barely get hard? Did you ever think about sucking on my pee-pee then?" I groaned, then smiled. "I can imagine it, how scared I'd be, how fucking terrified I'd be of my Mommy giving me everything I ever wanted. Do you like that idea, the fear in me?"

Mommy shook her head, but her parted lips and fervent eyes gave her away.

"Suck my dick now. Be a good Mommy and spoil me. I loooove it when your mouth spoils me. I promise to cum."

She just nodded and leaned down, voraciously engulfing my penis between her lips, sucking for air underwater it seemed, as though my hardening little boy dick were a lollipop made of heroin.

"You're a spectacular cocksucker, Mommy, the best Mommy in the whole world. Who but you would make my every fantasy come true. Did you know that my very first wet dream was about you?"

She lifted her head and shook it. "Tell me about it," she said, smiling.

"You were wearing this white lace nightgown you had at the time that didn't come down to your knees, straddling me, riding me. You make my every dream real." I stroked her hair and pulled her back down to my dick. "Please suck my cock, Mommy! Please!" She began again with more vigor, painfully even, but I was so lost in lust and pleasure, I didn't care. "Please suck my cock!! Please!! You suck it so good. You really love sucking your baby's dick, don't you, Mommy?" She gave me a hard look, pausing. "All good little boys dream of nothing else, you know? Make me cum, Mommy." My dick fired a small spurt into her mouth and she raised her head, cum hanging from her lower lip. "Please, Mommy? Please don't stop. It'll all be alright, all perfectly alright. You'll see."

She went back to administering pleasure to my shaved little boy dick that now wouldn't fit entirely in her mouth.

"Soft!!" I begged and she held me very gently, slurping quietly for long moments before devouring me again. A surge of pain engulfed me. "Mommy!!!!" I cried and gripped her head, fucking upward into her mouth despite her protests until I came.