Alyce had a bit too much to drink and was dead to the world after sex. I sat on our nuptual bed in our hotel suite, my mind feverish. We were leaving the next morning on our honeymoon and, besides, I only had tonight. I'd planned this since the engagement but was fearstricken now that the moment had arrived. I rose and dressed in the dark, in my tuxedo, everything but the bow tie, and let myself out. The ride across town passed all too fast. I considered passing the driveway, but summoned the nerve to pull up it. I unlocked the glove compartment and pulled out a jewelry box. There were no lights on in the front of the house. Why would there be at 1am? To my surprise, the back door was unlocked.

I crept slowly down the hallway, my footsteps creaking on the hardwood floor, to the bedroom at the end, on the left. The door was open and lit candles were spread about the room. Mommy's breasts were visible above the sheet. I sat in the bedside chair and waited.

Time passed. Finally, I rose and shut the door loudly. Mommy sat bolt upright in bed. She closed her eyes and smiled broadly. "I never dreamed."

"You hoped?"

"Of course."

"Mommy, I don't think I ever told you this. I know$1 I never told you this. But my first sex dream, it was about you. I was lying in bed and you were on top of me in that nightgown I haven't seen since I was nine or ten, sweating and riding me."

"Baby," she whined imploringly.

"And then when I went away to school, by the second year, every night, every day, I played with myself while I read stories about boys and their mothers. I would cum, my blood pounding the word, �Mommy.' But somehow it was separate. I didn't understand."

She smiled. "I always knew."

I pulled the jewelry box out of my pocket and opened it to reveal a diamond ring. "Mommy, will you be everything to me? You're the only woman who ever could." I dropped to my knee at the edge of the bed.

She took the ring from the box, weeping, and slid it on her finger. "I always knew. I always knew you loved me. But I never thought you love me as much as I love you."

I kissed her, devouring her, and immediately slid down the bed to her pussy.

"Oh, baby," Mommy sighed, lying prone, silent, and motionless as I offered my tender ministrations to her cunt. It spasmed again and again and still she didn't stir, but it didn't matter. I only cared that I could finially offer myself to my mommy's pussy amid a sense of mourning that she had deprived me of this for so long.

"Mommy?" I said finally.

Her head jerked up. "Yes, dear?"

"I belong to you."

Her expression didn't change, not even a blink.

"I want to feed my dick to your pussy until I pump my cum into your womb like any good son would."

Mommy grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifted them and spread them for me as I undressed. She began to cum as soon as the head of my dick touched pushed past her lips. "I'll always love you."

She nodded, teeth barred, the tendons on her neck bulging out, her head bouncing up and down off the pillow.

I felt no pleasure. None. I felt rapture, knowing I was fucking my mommy, but there was no physical pleasure at all. "That's your own son's dick inside you. Your baby is fucking you, making you cum," I said as she convulsed beneath me. After twenty or forty minutes, I finally began to mount towards orgasm and Mommy stopped climaxing. The look on her face . . . I can't describe it because I couldn't look at her because of the fear I felt. I knew I would lose myself to her by cumming inside her and I felt certain she knew it too. I began to imagine how she felt, watching her son labor atop her, frustrated, afraid, desperate to cum.

"How does it feel to know you're the sort of son who fucks his own mother?" she hissed in my ear.

"How does it feel to know I love you so much?" I gasped.

"You love my pussy."

"Yes, Mommy."

"You'll always be a slave to it."


"Not a slave, baby. A penitent, desperate to worship at the church of your mommy's cunt."


"You can shoot your load in mommy if you want to."

This threw me far over the edge. My body tensed and I my cum pulsing through my cock, shooting up my mommy's pussy. Again, no pleasure, just a sense of duty that passed into sublime bliss unlike anything I had ever felt. I scooped her up on my arms, into a sitting position and held her. "I need you, I need you, I need you so fucking much," I babbled on and on. She let me hold her until my arms relaxed then pulled back. I had known I belonged to her for years. It was part dark fantasy and part fear and I was never sure whether I wanted it so much that I tricked myself into believing it. The fear was too maddening for me to consider that it might actually be true, entirely and plainly true. Now I understood. "I belong to you." Mommy just smiled back. I drank of her mouth again and she fell back on the bed. I collapsed to her breatss.

"No teeth," she said as I clumsily sucked at her nipple. "Suck as much in as you can and push it out with your tongue."

I followed her instructions and soon a milk duct opened. I tasted one squirt of fluid. Darkness had engulfed me. A black oblivion of need. I nursed and nursed till Mommy switched me to the other breast. I scissored her leg between mine and was soon growing erect and spastically humping it. I pulled back. "Will you suck my dick, Mommy?"

"You want me to?" she answered eagerly. "Let me know if you change your mind."

I fell onto my back and Mommy took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to give me an agonizingly slow, gently, sloppy blowjob. When I whined, she lifted her head up and asked, "Are you okay?" I nodded and she resumed. An agony of pleasure made me cry out again. She raised her head. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No, Mommy. Suck my dick, Mommy. Please, Mommy. Suck my dick."

"I am," she said.

"Please ,Mommy, suck my dick."

She nodded, a bit startled, and took me in her mouth again. "Suck my dick, Mommy!" I cried.

She lifed her head. "I am, baby."

"Mommy, please, no matter what I say, no matter what I do, don't stop. Not again.. Please don't stop."

Mommy smiled. "If that's what you want."

Mommy's mouth became even more gentle, more tender, not sloppy and nasty like before, but a gentle nursing at my dick. My eyes were trasfixed on the ceiling and soon I felll into the haze the smell of her pussy could send me to when she held me when I was a child. "I love my Mommy," I said in a flat tone. "Mommy, you're sucking your little boy's dick. It's not . . . It's so much everything I want. It's going, Mommy, it's going to make me. God, Mommy. I'm your little boy and you're sucking my dick. Your own son. Mommy, it's so . . . God! Fuckiing God, Mommy! I love your mouth so much. It doesn't scare me like your pussy. But it's not . . . Mommy, it's not right iif you make me cum. No matter how much I want it, no matter how much I beg. You can't, Mommy. You can't swallow your own baby boy's cum. It's . . . I love you. I love my fucking Mommy. No, Mommy! No, Mommy! No, Mommy! You're going to make me cum, Mommy." Mommy's thumb moved to the base of my cock and I didn't. I leaked, but I didn't cum. "I love my Mommy's baby's cunt. Your pussy hold part of me now Mommy. My fucking soul," I moaned, forlornly. "It holds my fucking soul." Mommy tapped the base of my dick by my balls again and I watched her run her tongue around the head of my cock, lapping up my oozing cum. It frightened the shit out of me. I lay back and closed my eyes. "Mommy, please don't. Please don't make your baby cum.

"Don't worry," I heard her say with a mouthful of cock.

"Mommy, it isn't right. I should cum in your pussy. You shouldn't nurse it out of my dick like this." It wasn't roleplay by the time she finished. I was begging fervently for her to stop. When I had almost gone soft, I felt her hand wrap around my dick and her mouth on its head. She sucked hard while she jerked me off. I shrieked when I came. Without warning Mommy dove into my belly button, probing it with her tongue, eating me. I screamed and screamed and screamed.

She climbed atop me and mashed her pussy onto my limp penis, grinding against it, eyes closed, flooding my crotch again and again. I watched her in the dim candle light. She looked somehow boyish, and I found myself thinking that she was like the older brother I never had.

Finally, frustration at wanting to fuck again drove me to push her off. I grabbed her legs and lifted them over my shoulders. There was nothing at all tender or gentle about the way we fucked. We rutted, filling a need that had festered for twenty-five years.

"What a son," she gasped after an orgasm. "What a son."

"I love you, Mommy. I love fucking you. I love fucking my mommy!"

She came again, softer than during our first fuck. "Next one," she said with a smile.

"This is all I ever wanted. This is my ultimate fantasy! You're everything, Mommy, and I belong to you."

Her pussy spasmed again and I came. "Told you," she said with a smile.

I kissed her deeply. "I belong to your pussy, Mommy."

This time, she nodded slightly but said nothing.