Something about the way she tossed her hair, the way her teeth shone when she smiled at me, the way her hand was offered in a down-turned, condescending sort of way. I wanted her, and what's more knew she wanted me. I fell obsessed with her over the coming days, the curves of her body, the way her bosom rose and fell as she breathed, glancing occasionally out of the corner of her eye at me. A business seminar, a meet and greet for the bosses and a paid vacation for the rest of us, provided we didn't behave as if it were so.

We always seemed to find each other so easily, but spoke so little. That last night, I couldn't let this woman slip forever from my grasp. We were sitting in the hotel lounge and I rose from my chair, walked over to her, and held my hand out. Smiling confidently, she took it. I led her to the small alcove where the fire escape stairs opened into the lobby.

"Debra," I said. "That is your name?" She nodded. "I want you. Holy hell, I know how absurd this sounds, but I need you, in ways that I don't understand. If I've ever felt so strongly drawn to a woman, I don't remember when. I don't even remember it happening."

"You're a sweet man," she said, eyes down and away.

"Debra, come upstairs with me." She nodded again, this time shakily and took the hand I held outstretched to her.

In the elevator, I pressed myself into her from behind, hands light at her lips, sating myself with texture of her blouse through my shirt, my knees shaking, the bulge my pants brushing against her lower back.

"Come with me," I instructed when the doors opened. I place a hand on her shoulder and guided her ahead of me to my room. Inside, we stripped. Me, quickly. She, reluctantly. "Take my cock in your hand," I told her. She did. "Feel that? It's throbbing for you." No sooner did the words leave my mouth than a warm haze overtook me. The haze of sex, yes. But so askew. Angry, lustful, desperate.

I forcibly turned her around and pushed her into the room, hard enough for her to lose balance. I walked up quickly behind her and she grabbed the first thing she saw, the dresser, and arched her head and body back. I grabbed the skin at her shoulders, where it met her neck and kneaded it roughly with one hand. "You're fucking beautiful behind belief. You know that, don't you? A goddess among women. A filthy fucking whore." Two fingers on my other hand slid into her as I said this and she let out a gravelly moan between clenched teeth.

My fingers didn't move inside her. I held still, enraptured just at the grasp her pussy held on them, dreams flitting through my head at how her warmth would feel around my cock. "Baby," I said, sinking to my knees. She thrust her ass back at me and I tasted her, my tongue flitting around her pussy, her juice nectar, her scent home. Unable to hold back any longer, I stood and fit the head of my cock to her hole. "You're mine," I said and slid in with one stroke that made her gasp. "God, Debra. Debra, you horny slut."

We degenerated into rutting. "Take my cock, take my cock," I grunted softly. The lust shifted gears on me. Drawn too deeply into her, into her pussy, into her possession of me, I grabbed her hair and tugged hear her back as my own swung back on its own accord. "Goddess. Whore. Bitch. Own me, you fucking bitch." It was as though I were no more. I had ceased to exist, leaving my hollow form behind, aware only of my bulging cock and the everything heaven of a hole that encased it. "I need you," I cried. "I need you." The tempo changed and she began to moan in coos. "I need you to fuck, your cunt. I'll worship it. Fucking worship it. My cock, yours." I felt at the edge of tears. "No, you bitch. No, you bitch."

She pushed me from her and gestured to the bed. I lay on it, and immediately was engulfed again. "It's not enough," she said as she rode me with a slow rhythm. She must felt something inside her or read my face. "Don't you dare cum."

I felt weak beneath her. And her eyes, so flat, sparkling with vanity but cold. I couldn't bear to meet them. I reached up to touch her and she brushed my arms softly aside, riding me with the same steady rhythm that held me in ecstasy but brought me no closer to climax. I could feel the pained expression on my face that perhaps conveyed the desperation I felt, though there was more. Only I didn't know what. This whore of a goddess was making me feel owned and used, not for her pleasure, but for mine. Mine, which she denied me. My head began to thrash on the pillow, "Debra. Fuck. God, God, God."

"Debra, Debra, Debra," she corrected softly.

"No," I gasped, a sudden sense of understanding rushing through me that passed before I could piece together what I now knew. "You fucking . . . . Debra . . . " I whined.

"Yes?" she asked throatily.

Blinking rapidly and staring into her eyes, I managed to speak again, "Debra?"

"I want you too. Do you feel you deserve to cum?"

I stared at her, so afraid to be dishonest that I searched myself before answering. "No."

"Good boy."

We locked eyes and the slow love making continued for several minutes before my head began to toss on the pillow, "Please?" I asked in a near whine then deteriorated into senseless, imploring babble. When the fit passed, I lifted my head from the pillow and glared back up at her with wide, angry, desperate eyes. "Debra," I implored in a low groaning voice.

"Lie back," she said. I did. "Tell me what you know."

"You're all I want - you're all I want - you're all I want. You're my goddess, my fff," I couldn't get the word `whore' out of my mouth. "Cmmmmm," I hummed shrilly. "You're everything." Traces of true excitement were appearing on her face. "You're my everything. You're my fucking savior."

"Cum, baby," she whined and with eyes closed rode me till she fell forward on her arms. After a minute, she said "You're leaving here tomorrow. If you don't cum in me now, you never ever will. You want to cum in me, don't you? You already belong to me. Now prove it to yourself. You'll feel better after you do. My pussy made you feel so good. Aren't going to reward it?"

"Oh, God . . ." I sighed in a gurgle and lost control of myself. Legs twitching, I ejaculated again and again.