I'm lying in bed, under the covers, all dolled up. I'm wearing my white fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt and running down into my ballet slippers. My face is done up in tasteful, virginal makeup. A bit of blush, a bit of eyeliner, mascara. Well, there is the ruby red lipstick. I clutch the front of my white silk negligee anxiously, my dick hanging limply from my shaved crotch. The bathroom door opens and she walks in. Stripping off her bathrobe, she climbs into bed with me.

"Mommy," I coo.

"I'll do all sorts of dirty things to you, baby," she says in that smoky, dark voice. "But first you have to lick my hole. She tosses the blanket aside and I take my place between her legs, tenderly running my lips up and down her slit, tasting her insides with my tongue, sucking at her lips softly, bathing her with my lusting mouth. Growing confident, I began to kiss and probe her more deeply, gently at first with steady contentment. The smell of her intoxicates me just as her pussy intimidates me. She was the woman who gave me life, or at least I could no longer see her any other way. This was the hole that had birthed me, screaming and afraid, desperate to return. And now I murmured my prayers to it as I played with my lips and tongue and sucking mouth at the closest thing to God I knew. My fervor, my desire to submit to her pussy, began to give way as my inhibitions waned. I dined on her flesh, consumed her nectar, desperate for more. And by the time she grabbed my hair, I was ravenously eating at her pussy-flesh, devouring it as best as I could. Just as I wished to devour her.

"Baby," she sighed.

I climbed back up her torso and kissed her. "Mommy," I moaned, my hands playing at her ass.

"What would you like?"

"Will you make love to me?"

"Of course I will. Why don't you stand by the dresser?" I stood up and bent over the dresser, arching my ass up as best I could. Soon, I heard a voice behind me. "Mommy's going to fuck you so good."

"My little shitter needs it." I groaned in relief as I felt the cock slide into me. Not wasting any time, she picked up the tempo, grinding an and out through my tight sphincter. I screamed once, then hunkered down inwardly to take the discomfort. She kept it at an even pitch, speeding up as I loosened about her. By the time my love tunnel offered no resistance to her invasion, I was panting and gasping. "I need that cock so fucking bad. Take my shitter, my ass. It's a sheathe for your cock. It feels so good to have it home."

My screeches of pleasure died away and we settled into a fast rhythm that sent me spiraling into another world where nothing existed but me and, perhaps, the silicone cock fucking in and out of my pussy. When reality began to coalesce again, I tried to shake her, but she wanted none of it. Impaled and pleasured, I couldn't get away and didn't really want to. So I let her fuck me just as she wanted, for just how long she wanted, until she said, "I want you to be sore." I nodded, my head braced over the dresser.

"Does mommy want a good sucking?" I asked.

"Hmmm," she murmured, her thrusts taking on a staccato tempo.

"I'll suck it so fucking good."

"My . . . ?"

"Your cock. Don't you want a good cocksucking, mommy?"

When she pulled out, I stood, ignoring the small pools of cum on the carpet. Stripping off my negligee, I fell to my knees before her and took her dick in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. She grabbed either side of my head and began to fuck in and out of my lips. "You take that so good," she remarked and watched me, in silence, as she pushed me to take more of her dick, faster, then backed off to watch me try to take more of her dick, faster. When I pulled my head off, she told me, "You like having a dick in your mouth." I nodded. "Yes you do. Mommy loves watching you." She stooped down on the carpet. I leaned into her and she let her legs sprawl out on the ground in front of her. I nestled between them and lay back against her. She wrapped her arms around me and asked me how I felt.

"Well fucked."

"I know. It's one thing to get off, but having your love tunnel pampered for forty minutes by my dick. That's what I want you to feel."

"I'm yours," I said, shaking slightly.

"I know."

"I mean, you fucking own me."

"Are you scared? I don't want that."

"No, I love it."

"Good, baby."



"Can I have some milk?" I asked, spinning around on her.

"Come up in bed with me."

She lay on her back and I took a nipple in my mouth, cradling it with my tongue, swishing all around it as I sucked, drawing out milk that she had started producing for me. It was in these moments that I knew true peace. She became everything, my entire universe disappearing until there was only her and my love for her, and my need, and her grip on me.

"Mommy," I began to moan, getting excited, rubbing my dick against the mattress.

"Shhhh," she guided my head back to her breast and the warm, dark love overtook me as she stroked my hair. Frightening and wrong, but so right. These were my truth, not her breasts but the love and need, desperate need and unquestioning trust. "You need this milk. It's my love, and it gives you life." My entire body rang out with the truth of her words. "Your clit's really swollen. Do you want me?"

"No, mommy, please. Not that way. I'm always so scared, like I'll melt inside you and your juices will fuse us together."

"Then let me see you play with it."

I nodded and knelt on the bed beside her. "Cum on me so you can lick it off," she told me. Nodding again, I began masturbating. I was sore and couldn't harden fully after being fucked for so long. Surveying her body, I found her eyes eventually. She took her from my dick and stared into mine, her huge warm eyes that glowed with possession and power. Gasping and sputtering, I came. She smiled as she watched it arc from my dick, catching some in her hand. Greedily, I grabbed it and licked it from her fingers, then turned to her belly, cleaning up the trails of cum with sucking kisses. After going over her twice, she gently pushed me off her. I knelt again as she fondled me, caressing and rubbing my hairless crotch. Exhausted, ashamed, I felt that I was letting her. I knew better than to speak. Thinking about how she was my mommy, how I would always need her, and how here she was, treating my manhood like a toy, like the clit or boy dick we called it, I began to shrivel up, my balls tightening and cock wilting. Then something clicked in my head and I don't know what, but I stopped caring and felt at home with everything again. She must have noticed release of tension because she smiled. "Come to bed, baby."

She rolled on her side and I snuggled up in her arms and drifted off to sleep, lazily suckling.