I heard a gentle knocking at my bedroom door and flipped the TV off and climbed back into bed. I remained silent but the knocking came again, a steady, slow rapping. "I'm asleep," I called.

"No you're not, sweetie. I saw the light under the door. I want to come in for a minute." Without waiting for an answer, mommy mom opened the door and flipped the light on. She held an iPad in her hand. And she was wearing a white nightgown that didn't quite come down to her knees.

"What is it?" I asked in annoyance, my eyes glued to her breasts. I was shocked when she set the iPad on my dresser and began massaging them through her nightgown. I was shocked but I didn't say a thing and didn't glance away. Finally, she pointed up at her face. She smiled at me widely.

"I like them too." She picked up the iPad and walked to my bedside, lifted the blanket and slid in beside me. "It's cold," she said. I was naked and lay there stock still, rigid. She looked at the alarm clock. "Two more hours and you'll be fifteen. I want to read you a story I found on the internet."

"mommy mom," I whined through nearly clenched teeth. Somehow, I had never made the transition from mommy mom to Mom.

She giggled. "Don't be afraid. It's only a story. But I want your opinion on it." She put her free hand on my thigh and squeezed it, then began to stroke and massage my skin. I melted under her touch and the tension drained out of me.

"What's it about?"

"You'll find out if you let me read it. I'm going to skip into it a bit. I just want to know what you think about the part I was reading."

My vision blurred and my head grew hazy as mommy mom read, her hand at rest on my thigh.

Mom wrapped her silk panties around my cock and started fisting my stiff prick.

"You like jerking off into mommy mom panties? What do you think about doing to me when you do?"

"Fucking you." Truth was, I didn't think about anything. The word "mommy mom" repeated in my head again and again until I came, my blood thundering with the word, "mommy mom."

Mom straddled me. "I want to suck that cock of yours, but I want to taste my pussy on it when I do. Welcome home, son," she said as her pussy enveloped my stiff, pulsing dick.

"What do you think about that sort of thing, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Mothers and sons doing those things."

I wanted to roll over and put my head on her shoulder more than anything. "It's sick. It's wrong."

Her hand began moving on my thigh again. "I think about you when I finger my pussy, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"mommy mom," I groaned and turned my head towards her, mouth agape. mommy mom rolled over too and scissored one of my legs in hers. Her arm moved over me and around my back to hold my neck, massaging it.

"If you kiss me, I'll make you a man. I want to know you want it." She shifted and I felt the tickle of her hair on my thigh and the wet heat of her pussy. It slid up and down my leg and mommy mom eyes closed. I watched the tendons bulge out in her neck and she humped my leg, kneading my skin with her hands, pulling me to her. She kissed my forehead and pressed me under her chin. Her hand slipped and popped open the four small buttons at the top of her nightgown and eased a breast out. I sucked at its skin, running my tongue over her hot flesh, burning and warm myself. mommy mom guided her nipple to my mouth and I took it. "Use your mouth. As hard as you can. Suck it in and out. No teeth." My head emptied as I began to nurse at mommy mom breast. There was nothing but darkness, only black, barren need. An eternity must have passed before she muttered something about being sore and lifted her other breast out for me. Her pussy had absolutely soaked. Blackness. Warmth. Unending need. Eventually, she pushed me away from her and kissed me ravenously. "We only have an hour now, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"mommy mom?"

"I want you before you're fifteen. I want you to be a man. I want to be your first. You'll never understand how much I love you until it's too late if we don't."

"Do you want it to be too late, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"Too late, mommy mom?"

"Too late for what will happen. If you want, if you want to fuck me, you need to kiss me."

I kissed the nearest patch of her skin that was available to my mouth, the inside of her bicep.

"On the lips, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

I leaned forward and slowly kissed mommy mom cherry-red lower lip. A soft sucking sound rang out like a bell in my mind when I pulled away.

mommy mom eyes closed briefly. She was frowning slightly but her features were more relaxed than I'd ever seen them. I kissed her again, parting her lips with my tongue, pressing at her teeth which reluctantly opened. My tongue brought hers to life. She responded with calm, knowing confidence, stoic, teaching me that she understood. I responded that I was weird, that I was afraid with chaotic darting eagerness and shy retreats, making mommy mom moan loudly. We parted and hugged, panting on each other's shoulders.

"Thirty minutes, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." Her hand grasped my dick and I winced, painfully sore and swollen around the urethra and soft in her hand, oozing and oozing cum. She only smiled at me. "Are you hot for mommy mom?"

I nodded deeply.

"I'd suck your boy dick but I want you to cum in your mommy mom hot cunt your first time." Her fingers twisted the uncircumsized head of my dick at its base. "You can relax now, honey. It's going to come true. Just trust me, don't stir and don't say a word." mommy mom pulled the blanket back and I watched her uncertainly as she sucked her middle finger, smiling down at me. She winked and blew me a kiss as the finger slid into my ass. I jerked inside, having momentarily repressed all my memories of sticking things up there myself, even of the old, thick, short fountain pen in my nightstand drawer that I sometimes slid inside me before school, tapping its sharp head with my finger, making it pulse inside me as I jerked off. I jerked inside, but I did as I was told and stayed silent and still.

"Good boy," she cooed, smiling an easy smile and nodding her head slightly, rocking back and forth as she fingered me, her breasts rising and back arching, then dropping as her head tipped down. Soon, her whole body was swaying and her smile was much wider. My dick had begun to swell. "Watch the clock," she hissed.

My head fell to the side and I saw the time. 11:38. I panicked momentarily then drifted off before 11:40. At 11:46, I felt mommy mom pussy swallow my cock and remembered feeling some movement on the bed and gentle fingers on my dick previously. Her fingertips turned my chin ever so gently upward so I could watch her rocking her way to orgasm. When she gasped and sagged, I felt her pussy flood my crotch again. "You are such a wonderful son," she said with closed eyes. She took my hands and held them firmly in hers, working at my fingers until she held them flat on her thighs, riding me frantically as she stared down at me, her brow knitted in an emotion I couldn't recognize as her tongue arched out and it's tip caressed her lips, licking at them lewdly as her mouth opened and closed with words I didn't even think to try to make out till I heard her voice. "Cum, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Cum. Make your mommy mom your first. God, I love you." Her pussy twitched again on my dick. mommy mom smiled. "Next one." With long, slow, swaying motions, mommy mom screwed me, screwed herself on my dick. "One more minute. Can you make it one more minute? baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Oh, God! baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy!" Her pussy twitched again and I shot my seed inside a woman for the first time, my mommy mom. mommy mom. mommy mom.

"You're the love of my life, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. And now I'll be the love of yours. I want you to take a little time to think. Come into my room just as soon as you want. Do you hear me?" mommy mom asked, shaking my shoulder with my dick still hard inside her. "As soon as you want, come sleep with mommy mom. Do you need some time?"

I shook my head.

"Come to bed then, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Your room's for fucking. My room's for sleeping. For now. baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy You can nurse though." She smiled so wide, beaming at me. "Happy birthday. I love you."

"I love you too, mommy mom."

Her pussy spasmed again. She wagged her forefinger. "You just got tomorrow off from school." mommy mom fell forward and engulfed me in a warm love I had never felt. It was a sense of contentment, bliss, a fulfillment of absolutely every desire I had or would ever have, but more, it was a surrender and a surrender that felt so right that it was entirely perfect.

I woke the next morning in mommy mom bed and in mommy mom arms to the sound of her whispering to me about how afraid she was of ever losing me. She smiled and kissed me lightly and my erect penis twitched against her thigh. She pulled away with a glance down. "Why don't you get a shower, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy I'll make breakfast."

"I'm not hungry."

She laughed. "Fine. Then I won't." After a moment of silence, she nudged me. "Go shower. We're going to do more with your hooky day than lie in bed and watch movies." Warm and lost in mommy mom smell, I didn't want to for a minute, but it felt somehow better to listen. I rose from bed, feebly trying to conceal my erection from mommy mom with my ass. "You've got the cutest butt." I smiled and stumbled, so taken off guard. "Turn around," she said. I did, my penis standing tall. "You're blushing."

I laughed and covered my face. "I am not."

"You are so. You're blushing. Because your butt is cute." I doubled over, laughing, my hard-on twitching and mommy mom threw a pillow at me. She used to blanket to cover her breasts when she sat up. "I'm going to make breakfast and you can eat what you'd like you'd like. mommy mom pussy if you're ready." I just stared. "Hurry," she said.

"I need clothes," I answered, still smiling.

"mommy mom will pick those out. I'm going to fuss with your hair too. That blond mop of yours is sexy as hell, but not for today. I'm going to embarrass you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I'm not lying there. But I'll make it up to you tonight, okay? You have my word. Use mommy mom bathroom. And baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" I turned around. The blanket has fallen and her tits were visible. "Take your time. She lifted her arm and pointed down at my erection. Don't worry about the water bill. Take your time."

I almost moaned. mommy mom rose from bed, nude, and pulled her nightgown from a low overstuffed chair. "Shower, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said, slipping into it.

I locked the bathroom door behind me and turned looked under mommy mom sink for something to lube my dick with. I could find anything but there was a black silk bra on the edge of the tub. I cut the shower on and sat on the toilet. It rattled as I rubbed my cock. A voice began to speak at the door in a low rumble that I couldn't understand above the shower at first. I paused to listen. "Finish, finish, finish," it droned. A fingernail began tapping rhythmically at the bathroom door and I began playing with my dick again. The toilet rattled. "No matter what, don't stop. No matter what, don't stop. No matter what, don't stop."

"Yes," I whined.

"No matter what, don't stop. No matter what, don't stop. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Do you hear me? Answer. Answer. Answer right this second."

"Yes," I cried.

The lock popped and mommy mom entered. "Don't stop," she said. "Don't stop."

I tugged at my dick, too afraid to pull more cum from it but still trying. mommy mom sat on the tile surrounding the tub, watching me. He lips parted without smiling, a look of consternation on her face. "Don't stop, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. No matter what."

I nodded as I continued to play with myself.

"The shyness will pass. You'll be parting mommy mom legs in her sleep in no time. baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I absolutely love that you're using my bra. I have a pair of panties that would cover it completely. I know that's sort of a sissy thing, jerking off in your mommy mom panties, but we both know you're not a sissy and I'm not telling anyone. Why don't I get them for you? They'll feel better."

"No, mommy mom."

She smiled. "You like mommy mom watching you. Good. That's so, so good. Even on your wedding night if you want."

My body flooded with . . . something and I came.

mommy mom smiled, chuckling softly. "It looks like you'll be sneaking out of bed on your wedding night." She shook her head and rubbed an eye. "I love you so much, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. You'll understand someday soon. mommy mom wants to get in the shower with you." It came out in a painful groan. "Would you like that?"

"Of course, mommy mom."

I slid the shower door aside and stepped in. mommy mom entered right behind me. I tried to nurse, but she spun me round and held me, breasts pressed to my back. I stood there as she washed me, pulling back to soap my back and legs but not long enough to rinse them. She dipped me forward and let the water wet my hair then rubbed the shampoo in, then soaped my dick. I felt suffocated with the hot water pounding into my chest and mommy mom hands on my cock. She didn't jerk it off. She only twisted the head while the fingertips of her other hand ran up from between my legs to very gently massage my balls from bottom up to the base of my dick, then her hand would drop again and repeat its journey over my rock hard boy dick. My breath wheezed as it sucked in and out of me.

"You feel it, don't you? Our love growing stronger."

I was shaking like a leaf but couldn't feel fear through her touch.

"You need to let it in, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She turned me around and wrapped her hand around my cock. "You're my son. I'm your mommy mom. That hasn't changed. Nothing's changed at all baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, honest." She began jerking me off. "I'm not your girlfriend." I sagged, brutally hurt, and looked away. "I'm your mommy mom, and what you don't understand is that's so much more. But whether you understand that or not, you need to understand this. I'm your mommy mom and only your mommy mom. You're my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, my son, and that's all that you are. This, my hand on your dick and the rest of it, is us coming closer together."

"mommy mom," I whined, doubling over. "Please."

We'll have more than you ever dreamed. I'll be more than you ever wanted, so much that it would scare you half to death if I wasn't still just mommy mom."

"mommy mom," I whined again.

"That's a good boy. Do you want to cum?":

"mommy mom."

mommy mom pulled me to her, pulled my head to her breasts. I felt loved by her for the first time since the night before and came on her belly. mommy mom held me close, moaning in a long hum. We slid apart and she took the bar of soap from its dish and wet it with the spraying water. She worked up a lather, working and working the lather thicker before spreading it over my crotch. mommy mom lifted her razor from a shelf. "Shhhhhhh," she cooed before removing the sparse hair that had begun to grow around my dick.

She rinsed us off and cut the water off. "I spoil you so much," she said, bending over to towel my legs dry. "It's because I love you so much. Now go lie on the bed. mommy mom going to start the shower up again to shave." I began growing hard instantly. mommy mom laughed. "Go play with yourself on the bed if you have to. Not my bed though, sweetie." She bit her lower lip then covered her mouth. "Your room's for fucking, okay?"

I stared back in a daze at mommy mom, naked, her pussy filling the room with incense. "Yes. Okay, mommy mom."

"Maybe we should cuddle?" she asked, her voice strained and uncertain.

I smiled and bobbed up and down on my toes. Then, half expecting her to swat my ass with the towel, ran to my bedroom and dived under the blanket. mommy mom appeared a moment later, a towel around her torso and another over her head in a turban. She sat at the edge of the bed and reached out and laid a hand atop me.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, listen. I need you to know something, something very important." She slid under the blanket, shrugging the towel to the floor.

"mommy mom," I began as she guided my head to her breasts.

"Tell me after you nurse, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I took a nipple in my mouth and suckled like mommy mom had taught me to the night before. She held me and spoke and the world again disappeared to an endless night empty of all but the two of us. We feasted on each other, me on her breast and her on my love. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, you have to remember what is so obvious to you right now, that you need me, that you need mommy mom. And you have to remember how right it feels." mommy mom burrowed her face in my hair. "It would feel even more right if you played with your dick, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

I whimpered and gurgled into mommy mom breasts I took my dick in the hand that wasn't grasping her tit. In my excitement, I wound up fucking my hand rather than tugging my dick with it. mommy mom pushed my hand away and held her breast to my mouth. Her legs grasped me again, as she had last night. With both hands, I could get enough stimulation that I was soon twitching and unable to maintain the nursing motions with my mouth.

"Don't try so hard," she murmured then grabbed my head and held it forcibly at her tit, tightening her legs. "Let it happen." My eyes closed and I found a place where the pleasure of my hands at my cock felt removed. It added to the moment, but it wasn't the center of it. I thought about how much mommy mom loved me as I whimpered softly at her breast. Her words washed over me without me hearing them. I sagged and began to relax into a slow, steady rhythm of jerking off and suckling that tapered until something roused me. Joy and love bloomed within me, not the dark need, but bliss. mommy mom voice came into focus. "It's so right. Isn't it baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" I couldn't remember ever feeling so much love for mommy mom as I lavished her breast with the attention I'd so needed to give. I suckled voraciously, my dick and hand fucking each other. mommy mom released my head. "Kiss me," she murmured. I wrapped my arm around her and we began to make out. She rolled over onto her back and I climbed onto her arm, tugging my cock while our tongues slid over each other. "What do you want?" mommy mom asked when I pulled away. "Ask."

"Will you suck my dick?"

"I'll suck your dick anytime you want, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. But what do you really want?" She rolled towards me and kissed me again, this time grabbing my ass and playing with its puckered hole. Her fingernail didn't hurt when it entered me, and right away, it was gone.

My voice came out as though my body were wracked with sobs instead of sexual pleasure. "I want my mommy mom to love me."

"I want my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy to need me." She smiled. "Stand up." mommy mom sat on the edge of the bed and motioned me to stand before her. "Put your dick in my mouth and don't move." I felt mommy mom tongue swirl around the head of my cock and then nothing but tugging warmth. Hands grabbed and kneaded my ass as my frustrated gurgles rose to a cry.

"mommy mom I fucking need to cum in your fucking mouth! baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy needs to shoot his load." I grabbed her head on either side and began fucking her face. Immediately, I screamed and came. mommy mom inhaled deeply as though she might choke, then smiled with open lips and clacked her teeth together. I looked down to see my foreskin peeled back.

mommy mom slapped the side of my ass. "Get dressed. We're going out today. And listen, I don't want you watching television in your room anymore." She smiled. "It's not like you're going to have any privacy in there anyway."

"mommy mom?"

"Just behave and watch it downstairs. I need to do my hair. Find a way to stay busy for a bit. Then I do yours."

I sat on the edge of the bed, watching mommy mom dry her hair in jeans and no bra. My hands fiddled at my legs but I didn't dare touch my hard penis without explicit permission. When mommy mom saw me, she shut her hair drier off.

"Do you want to play with your dick?" she asked.

My head hung down to stare at it, erect and twitching. I grabbed it loosely in my hand but didn't jerk off. mommy mom sighed.

"I think you do. Why don't you?"

"I want to, mommy mom," I said, tugging on it slowly.

mommy mom walked to the bed and knelt at my feet, propping her head up on her arms, atop my legs. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, watch my face. Stare into my eyes." mommy mom eyes widened and her face broke into the biggest smile as I began to whine in excitement. Her hand reached down and began to pat my leg in encouragement as I fisted my shaved little boy dick. When she told me she loved me, I cried out but didn't break eye contact.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she smiled. "We're going to get along so well from now on. I can feel it." She leaned down to peck my lips but her mouth lingered, he probing my clenched teeth through my lips until I opened them and I was flooded by my mommy mom sucking, kissing mouth for a handful of seconds. "Don't get dressed and I'll kiss your butt later." She slapped the side of my ass. "I promise." mommy mom rose up, smiling down on my erect penis. She winked at me and I gasped. My dick twitched too. mommy mom took it in her hand and began pumping it up and down in a no-nonsense handjob. "You are going to have to learn, Mister, that when you live in this house, your mother is the one who makes you cum, whether I'm the one touching your little boy dick or you are, it's me, not some picture, not a girl at school, not a friend's mother, not one of my sisters, but me." She leaned down and kissed my belly button, caressing it aggressively with her tongue. I screamed and screamed as her fist slapped on my pubic mound. I came and she didn't stop and I begged her too because of the soreness. She eventually did. "Go play your Xbox," she said and lay back into the bed. Part of me wanted to stay with her, but I felt used for the first time in my life and I wanted to leave the house and never come back too. I settled on going downstairs to play my Xbox.

After two hours or so, I began to wonder where mommy mom was. I wanted her to make me lunch for some reason. I wandered around the house, softly calling out, "mommy mom" and followed the answering hums to the family room where she lay on the sofa, again in her nightgown.

She smiled widely at me. "Do you want to cuddle?" she asked and lifted her arm up. mommy mom scooted back till she was lying on her side on the sofa and I crawled in next to her with my back to her. Her hands moved up and down my torso and I instantly grew hard. She caressed my dick the way she caressed the rest of me, in smooth, even strokes. "It's okay," she whispered softly. "You can need me." I shuddered.

"I do," I whimpered.

"Roll over." I flopped over on my other side, facing her and stared into her eyes. When she kissed me, I moaned. "Sweetie," she said, "I don't want you to think of us as anything but mother and son. Our relationship has changed, it's evolved. We have a chance to be closer than most mothers and sons every do." She smiled and kissed me again.

"Could you suck my dick again, mommy mom?"

"You want me to? I'd love to. You're not quite the right height for me to sit on the sofa, so why don't you?" I sat up and leaned back into the cushions as mommy mom knelt between my spread legs. "Will you lick my pussy again if I do this?" I nodded nervously, hard as a rock. mommy mom took me into her mouth and sucked my dick ever so gently until I began to writhe and whine on the sofa. She smiled up at me. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, why don't you be a good boy and cum for mommy mom?"

"I want to, mommy mom"

"Then show me." She slid behind me on the sofa and began massaging me as I played with myself. Her hand reached around and cupped my balls. "Do you feel like a pervert?" she whispered in my ear.


"Good, because you're not. All boys want to fuck their mommies. How do you feel?"

"Really good!"

She squeezed my balls gently. "Is my little boy's hand making his cock feel good?" She peeled off her nightgown and pressed her breasts into my back. "I love you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she panted. "I love you so much. Do you love me?" she breathed into my ear.

"Yes," I moaned.

"Then shoot your load." I came instantly. "Good boy." I turned around, straddling her lap, and hugged her. mommy mom stroked my hair, one hand between her thighs. "You can nurse again if you want to, before you lick my pussy, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I latched onto her breast with my mouth and moaned, humping her stomach with my receding erection. "After you lick mommy mom pussy, I want to take you out on a date. A movie. How does that sound?"

"mommy mom," was all I said.

"I thought so. Now be a good little boy and lick me like I showed you."

I walked through the mall with an erection plainly visible in my shorts. It twitched when mommy mom reached out to stroke the back of my neck of tousle my hair. She reached down and took my hand to keep me from hiding it. "Don't be embarrassed. You're young. These things happen." She smiled devilishly at each of the women she passed. "He's my son," she said to a few. They smiled at my erection and looked away.

When the movie theater went dark, mommy mom reached over and unzipped my shorts. Then she reached into her purse and pulled out the black silk bra I had jerked off with earlier that day. Depositing it in my lap, she told me that I'd be able to focus on the movie better if I played with myself. She put her hand on my thigh as I masturbated. It took me a while, but I came. mommy mom leaned over and kissed me. "Good boy." She put her arm around me and hugged me to her. "Do you realize what's happened? Every last time you play with yourself from now on, you're going to think about me. Good boys only cum for their mommies. Remember that. And remember how much you love me. Think of all the things you'd do to make me happy, because I love you more than anyone else in this whole world. You know, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, as much as you love me, I think you need me more. You need more than for me to suck your dick and play with it. You need to fuck your mommy mom." My hand dropped to my lap. "You need to stick your dick back in the one place it belongs, the only place it belongs. You need to cum inside me to find peace." I couldn't believe I was making out with my own mother when we began kissing. I'd never even kissed a girl before. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I want you to take that dick of yours and play with it so I know how much you need me. Any mother would want to know her son needs her, as much as she loves him. And you're such a good little slut. God, I love the way you took to me like a duck to water. Now imagine fucking me while you touch yourself. Imagine fucking your mommy mom. You're my good little whore." I whined and she put her hand over my mouth. "Cum, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Cum one more time for mommy mom, show me you're mommy mom slut." She smiled at me and kissed me again then, in a deeper voice said, "Cum for me, you fucking sissy." She immediately covered my mouth with hers. Tears were welling in my eyes, but I did what she asked and came.

We got home late with a pizza, which mommy mom and I ate together before she asked me to go to my bedroom. My bed was a double and I climbed into it nude. mommy mom emerged through the doorway minutes later, wearing a loose-fitting plum-colored babydoll negligee.

"Do you think I'm beautiful, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."


"Don't flatter me."

"I can't tell. You're my mommy mom."

"Thank you for being so honest, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Do you want to fuck mommy mom again?" mommy mom asked and pulled up the hem of her nightie.

I wordlessly mounted my mother and she helped guide my dick inside her. Despite have cum so many times that day, being inside my mommy mom pussy was just too overwhelming for me and I came on the second stroke and collapsed with my head on her breast.

"That's a good boy," she cooed, stroking my hair. "Can mommy mom see how her cunt tastes on your dick?"

Exhausted, I climbed up my mother's body and straddled her breasts, leaning forward on the head board. I came instantly again as her mouth enveloped me.

"Thank you baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." Get some sleep now. You have another busy day ahead of you tomorrow.

I smiled as my head hit the pillow, asleep as she was still walking down the hall.

Sometime during the night, I was woken by hands grabbing my hips and being rolled over onto my stomach and having my ass pulled into the air. I screamed as something entered me from behind with a steady pressure. When it stopped pushing into me farther, my mommy's voice said, "I love you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She began fucking me despite my cries and pleas that she stop. The pain eventually receded and when I finally moaned, mommy mom let go of my waist and reached around to rub my cock as she fucked me. I screamed again when she touched me, this time in pleasure. "I knew you'd love this," she said. It did not end. It simply did not end. Somewhere in the haze of her pussy's smell and my exhaustion, I fell into a half-consciousness as she took my shitter. When she finally had enough of my ass, after what must have been hours, I fell over onto my back and just stared at her, a half-aware smile on my face.

She laughed. "I love you baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She kissed me with gentle passion and disappeared into the darkness.

I woke up after only a few hours of sleep, my ass feeling well-fucked from the night before. I stumbled into mommy mom bedroom, without stopping to consider if I should dress. I stood, staring down at her in her sleep, her breasts rising and falling, revealed above the blanket. I started to touch myself, taking care to remain very quiet. After long minutes, a few drops of cum oozed from my dick and I groaned. mommy mom rolled over and smiled at me.

"Do you want to sleep with me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

She lifted the blanket up and I slid in next to her. Her body enveloped mine and I became lost in the haze of her breathing and the smell of her pussy. I dozed for hours, waking up to mommy mom kisses on my cheek. I turned and she grabbed my lower lip between hers and sucked it into her mouth, hard. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on that too. Her hand wrapped around the inside of my thigh and I grew hard. When it became clear she wouldn't offer me relief, I began playing with myself, snuggling down to suck on her breasts, whining as I stroked myself to orgasm against her leg. She kissed the top of my head and rose.

Tapping a drawer on her dresser, she said, "This is my panty drawer. I want you to feel free to use them to jerk off whenever you want. I know you'll think of me and remember how much I love you when you do."

"Yes, mommy mom."

"You can wear them too. Wouldn't that be nice, wearing a pair of mommy mom panties, jerking off into them at the same time. Well, I bet you'd like it. Try it if you'd like." She retrieved a pair of black silk panties, tossed them on my crotch and watched my dick grow hard beneath them. "God, I love you."

I watched in fearful anticipation as mommy mom crawled up my torso and guided my dick to her pussy. "How does that feel, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Your little boy dick's in your mommy's pussy. Your very own mommy mom, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Your dick's in your mommy's pussy." I just stared, enraptured as she rode me till I came. I whined loudly and she rolled off the bed. "There's probably not enough for you to suck out of me. That'll change as you grow older. We have so many years ahead of us. Remember, this is forever. No matter who you fuck, you'll always want to cum in your mommy mom. They're sluts, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said as she dressed. "None of them will ever love you like I do. Do you want to run some errands with mommy mom?"

I nodded.

"Then there's something I want you to do before you get a shower. Or something I want to do. Lie back and close your eyes so you don't get scared." A finger entered my ass and I heard clipping sounds followed by something cold and wet around my dick. I thought she was shaving me but couldn't believe it had happened until I opened my eyes. "It's so much more adorable now, she said with a smile."

When we returned home, mommy mom opened her blouse and we lay on the sofa, my head clutched to her breasts, suckling as she watched a television. Every now and then, she would hug me tight and whisper how much she love me for long minutes. I fell asleep eventually, having sucked milk from her breasts for the first time. When she woke me with a hug, the sun was setting. My face was pressed to her breasts and my dick had grown hard in my sleep. She slid out of her skirt and panties and told me to sit on the floor. Scooting to the edge of the sofa, she smiled at me. "Come home, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I knelt before her and pushed my dick into her pussy. I hadn't grown used to the feeling of pussy around my cock yet. All I could feel was warm wetness. mommy mom hugged me close as I made love to her cunt. "You're such a good boy to fuck mommy mom like that. I love my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy's dick in my pussy. I love knowing I'm giving you everything you want." Her arms began to grow rigid behind my back. "Good boy. Fuck your mommy's pussy. It feels so right." She grabbed my ass with one hand and convulsed, my head pressed to her breasts, licking and sucking. "Stand up," she said. She put and hand on each of my hips and guided me to her mouth. I whined and screeched as she gave me an excruciatingly slow, gentle blowjob. I'll never forget the look of pleasure on her face when my limp dick pulled out of her mouth for the last time.

"I didn't cum," I whined. "I want to cum for my mommy mom."

"Sit on my lap, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I did and she lifted her legs and put them on the coffee table. She sank back into the sofa, holding me tight and slid a finger into my ass as I began playing with myself. I screamed in pleasure as she massaged my prostate, bucking back against her. "You're the hottest fuck I've ever had," she murmured to me, playing with my asshole as I writhed in her lap. I spun around, out of her finger's reach and straddled her hips. Leaning down, I kissed her for the first time. Not her kissing me, but me kissing her. We lost ourselves in long minutes of intimacy, moaning into each other's mouths. I pulled back and rose to my knees, in front of her face. She kneaded my ass as I furiously masturbated. When she squeezed my balls, I groaned deep in my throat and came on her face. Immediately, I dropped down to lick it off, kissing her, sharing the taste of my cum. She just smiled up at me when I finished. At length, she reached up and cupped my face. "mommy mom needs to get some sleep. I have to work tomorrow. Come to bed when you want."

mommy mom was unresponsive when I crawled into bed with her that night. She pushed me away from her negligee when I pawed at her breasts and held me in her arms instead. It felt oddly perfect and I tucked my head into her armpit and drifted off to sleep. I awoke several times to her moving about the bedroom the next morning, getting ready for work. At last, she sat at the edge of the bed. "Rise and shine, sleepy head," she mewled, wrapping her hand around the base of my hard-on. I smiled at her, nervous but happy. I went soft when she enveloped my dick with her mouth. She smiled up at me and continued sucking until I was whining and bucking off the bed. I felt my cum run out of my dick and mommy mom drank it down. "Like any good mother would," she said as she rose. "Don't forget your chores. They're on the board," she called as she clipped down the hallway in her pumps.

I drifted back to sleep and woke at 3pm in a panic. Running downstairs, I began emptying the dishwasher without looking on the dry-erase board above the stove. My laundry was downstairs and still not done, so I piled in a load of jeans. Passing back through the kitchen, I saw the board. The list was enormous. She wanted the kitchen floor swept and mopped, she wanted my bathtub cleaned, my bathroom floor mopped. My eyes teared up at the words, "Oh, and please vacuum my car. If you don't finish by the time I get home, you'll have to play with yourself tonight. There are three shoeboxes above the fireplace. Take what you want, but I don't want you wearing anything that doesn't come out of one of the boxes." My eyes teared up but my dick grew hard. I pounded my fists on my thighs and headed into the family room. I pulled the first shoebox off the mantle. It contained a pair of black slippers, silk or maybe something else like it. I'd seen them before, but not for a very long time. In the second box was a pair of black silk panties, and a black slip in the third. I had felt squeamish before when mommy mom mentioned wearing her panties, but after donning the slip and slippers, I put them on for the sake of modesty and almost immediately collapsed into the sofa to masturbate.

"I love you mommy mom," I sighed as my mind was set adrift by the touch of my hand on my little boy dick. I smiled widely and with a blissful tone bereft of sexual excitement, I began to regurgitate what she had told me. "I love my mommy mom. Good boys alawys cum for their Mommies. You baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy needs you so bad, mommy mom. I miss your pussy." My hair tossed against the sofa coushion. "I miss your pussy so much. I want to fuck my mommy mom. I love you. Your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy wants to fuck my mommy mom pussy. I want to feed my dick to you, mommy mom, to your pussy. I want to fuck you till I cum. If I fuck you, I know you'll let me cum inside you. Thank you so much for letting me cum inside you, mommy mom. I'll always love my mommy mom. I'll only ever want to put my dick where it belongs. It's starting to feel so good, mommy mom. My hand is making my dick feel so good. I know now. I know now. My mommy mom loves me so much because I cum inside her. That doesn't make sense. Why? My reward for fucking you is cumming inside you. But? It just goes in circles. We'll love each other more and more. Because of your pussy. I'll always love your pussy. It's so right." As I writhed, I began to feel the silk better. "I know you love me. I know you need me. I know my mommy mom loves me because she fucks my fucking asshole." My dick began to spurt and I sighed in rapture – "mommy mom."

Immediately, I jumped from the sofa and dashed into the kitchen to get started and saw the board again. It was unfair, but I knew mommy mom had a reason for being unfair. I grabbed the broom from the pantry and began to sweep in my slip that descended to my calves, my slippers, and my matching panties. I wasn't even done mopping when mommy mom came home.

"Can I vacuum your car, mommy mom?" I asked, a little choked up.

"No, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. You were supposed to do that before I came home." She kissed me on the forehead. "Don't worry. We'll still have fun tonight." Her lips moved to caress mine and I opened my mouth for mommy mom tongue, growing hard in my panties. "Let's rest for a bit. I had a long day too." She traipsed off to the den and inspected the shoe boxes. "I didn't have to look," she said and turned to me with a smile. "I know you so well. I've known you your whole life. Someday you'll see I know you better than you know yourself."

She sat in the sofa and I lay down, plopping my head in her lap, adrift in the smell of her pussy. She lifted up her sweater for me and I latched onto one of her breasts. I heard her gasp and breath heavily as I nursed until I reached for my dick. "Not yet, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Please? We'll have so much fun later. Sit up for one second." She hiked her skirt up and pulled me back down to her lap. I began to gum at her panties with my lips covering my teeth and she managed to rearrange us till I was facedown on her crotch between her spread legs and she was sitting against the arm of the sofa, one foot on the floor. "Lower, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I happily obliged. "You don't think think this is wrong." It didn't really come out as a question but her voice was still uncertain. "You don't think it's wrong, do you baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy mommy mom loves you so much. You're a baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy and you love your mommy mom and her pussy and I know you need this but it's not wrong." Again, almost a question. "My pussy misses you so much," she gurgled. "I know you love me, you'll always love me, you'll always want to come home to mommy mom. It feels so right. Please don't say it's wrong. It needs me, it needs me, it needs me. My pussy. Your home, your dick's home. I would love to fuck you, but I can't tonight. mommy mom needs some time to think." I hadn't really been listening but I looked up at her when she said this. Her lips were plastered across her face in a grimace that faded as she stared into my eyes. "That's a good boy. Eat mommy mom pussy. Eat your mommy mom hairy pussy." She began to twitch wildly beneath her panties when I returned to her. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, you love me, you love me, you love me. Now suck my fucking cunt." She slouched back into the arm of the sofa, pushing me down it. I knew she was cumming again and again but didn't understand her orgasms, wasn't eating her pussy for her orgasms. I was doing it because my mommy mom wanted it, because I wanted it, and the two intertwined in my mind till they made perfect sense in a way I know I'll never understand. When I finally crawled up her torso to nurse at her breasts, she held me very tightly and I knew we were in love. We always had been, yes, we were mother and son, but it had changed, it had been fulfilled. The dams that held our emotions at bay had crumbled. This was something I had wanted since I was seven without understanding why, something I had forgotten three years before when I began to play with my dick, and now I had found it at last. I began to shake with need for my mommy mom.

After only a few minutes, I began to whine and whimper into my mommy's breasts and soon my whole body was convulsing in excitement. "I wish we could fuck, love. I have some other fun planned out for us though. Be a good boy and get back to your chores. You can put them off if you'd like, but I won't let you feed your little boy dick to my pussy again till they're done."

"mommy mom?"

"Yes, love?"

"I need your, I need, I need you."

"You're a good boy," she said and held me close and I returned to nursing. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, mommy mom needs to change and get some things ready for our fun tonight. Why don't you . . . Why don't you take your hand off my pussy and empty the dishwasher. Just don't come in your room." mommy mom rose and left through the garage door and returned with two bags and a box that she carried upstairs. "No touching. You need to save that for later."

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" the call came forty-five minutes later. I raced upstairs into my bedroom and saw the most outlandish duvet on my bed, white plastered with enormous red roses. Then I noticed the camera and tripod. "Come, here baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She hooked a bluetooth around my ear. "Now I don't want you to talk directly to me no matter what. Say ‘mommy mom' all you'd like, but don't speak right at me. Like you're alone, okay? I'll talk to you though. No questions." She slapped my ass. "Just trust me, trust me like you never have before and you'll remember tonight for a very, very long time. Now get on the bed."

"Lie on your side at the foot of the bed and smile for me." She moved to the camera. "Here we go. I know what I just told you, but I want you to look right at me and tell me how much you love me."

"I love you so much, mommy mom"

"Not like that. Say, ‘I love my mommy mom so much.'"

"I love my mommy mom so much. I've always loved her, more than anyone ever." I began to grow hard beneath the slip and mommy mom must have noticed the movement in the fabric.

"How do you feel when you think about loving me?"

"I understand when I love my mommy mom, when I think about how much I love her," I blurted. The haze grew as I spoke. "It scares me, but it feels so good. My whole body glows when I feel how much I love her."

"What does your clit do?" She pointed at my dick. "Does it get all swollen, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy""

"My clit gets all swollen when I think about my mommy mom and how much I love her. It remembers her when I remember loving her. It remembers loving her."

"Rub it a bit for me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Without lifting up your slip."

I did as she asked, not tugging on it, just rubbing it through the slip. "I love my mommy mom so much. It's like, like she knows everything about me and loves me and feels me inside her like she used to." I saw mommy mom knees quiver. "All I need to know is that I love my mommy mom, that I fucking love my mommy mom."

"That's it, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Talk dirty to me."

"I fucking love you mommy mom. I want to fuck my mommy mom. I want to fuck my Mommmy." mommy mom stripped off her top and began massaging her breasts. "I want to suck on my mommy mom tits. I want to suck milk from my mommy mom tits while I play with my clit."

"You will again, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Tell me how much you miss it and make sure you use the word ‘love.' "

"I love sucking and fucking my mommy mom. I love sucking her on her tits, sucking her pussy, and sucking her tongue when she puts it in my mouth."

"Put your hand under your slip and pull on your dick, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. But don't let me see it. Don't let me see that beautiful cock for one second."

I began stroking my little girl clit and began spouting without thinking, "I love you mommy mom, I fucking love you mommy mom. I love my fucking mommy mom. Sooo much. She's everything. My dick belongs in her. It's the only place my dick belongs. In my mommy mom pussy. I'll only ever want to fuck her."

"You lying slut," she said, smiling.

"I'm such a slut. I'm such a slut for wanting to screw other women, other girls. I'll never fuck my mommy mom if I fuck another woman."

"You'll never stop fucking your mommy mom, no matter what."

"Can I fuck another woman and still fuck my mommy mom?"

"Another man, even. Your wife, even. Now cum for me, doll."

A wide smile crossed my face and with a childish, enthusiastic voice, I stared into the camera. "I'm going to cum for my mommy mom I love you, mommy mom I love cumming for my mommy mom I love cumming for my mommy mom mommy mom? mommy mom? I'm such a good boy! I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I sighed as I ejaculated in a pleasureless orgasm that proved my love for mommy mom.

"Rest for a minute. But, remember, don't talk to me like I'm here. Say what you want, but don't talk to directly to me. Talk to the camera, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. And mommy mom will answer."

"mommy mom, am I a good boy?"

"You don't even know what a good boy you are. You won't figure that out for a year or two, I'm afraid, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"You said I'm a slut."

"I'm not sure yet, but I will be. I'll know one way or another and you'll know whether or not mommy mom raised a good slut." mommy mom unfastened her jeans and stepped out of them, completely nude. "I wouldn't worry. Other women will like the fact that you're a good slut. What do you want baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" She spread her pussy lips open and I watched her screw a finger into it.

"I want to fuck your pussy, mommy mom."


"It's the only place my dick belongs."

"I've told you that and you've learned it like a good boy, but that's not why you want to fuck my pussy, I don't think. Tell me why?"

"I want to cum in my mommy mom."

"Why?" she growled.

"I want to cum in my mommy mom because I want to be a good boy and good boys always cum in their Mommies."

"Great minds think alike. Now crawl up the bed and look under the pillow." I did ask she asked and crawled up the bed on hands and knees. "You have the cutest ass." she said. I turned my head and smiled back at her, back at the camera. "I want a completely honest reaction when you find your present. No fear, no worrying that the boys and girls at school will know. You're hear with your mommy mom now and everything's wonderful, right?" I reached under the pillow and pulled out a small red, ridged cock and, with my other hand, found a jar of vasoline. I spun over and collapsed into the pillows, giggling, my legs in the air.

"mommy mom I love you so much! Thank you so much!"

mommy mom tapped her nose and pointed at the camera. "Tell me about some of the thing's you've put back there, dear."

"My very favorite thing to put back there is a ball point pen that I keep hidden in my desk. I put it up there and wiggle the sharp pen tip while I jerk off. This is longer, and thicker, but I only use spit with the pen. Now I have something that's longer and bigger. I always wished the pen was bigger, but I could never find anything that worked."

mommy mom adjusted the tripod until the camera was gazing down at the bed. "Make yourself comfortable, sweetie, and let me see you fuck that hot little ass of yours." After a little glancing around, I hiked up my slip to my waist and planted my feet against the headboard. Glancing up to make sure the camera could see my face first, I opened the vasoline and eugulfed my little cock with lube. mommy mom sat down in the plush chair in the corner and began rubbing her pussy as she watched. The dick went in easy, with just one thrust and I grimaced, though I didn't feel any real pain, and I groaned. My cock stirred as I screwed my shitter with my mommy mom. "How does it feel?"

"It feels so great," I whined. "It feels so great to fuck my ass, to fuck my ass, to fuck my ass with my mommy mom."

"It's your cock now, sweetie. Tell mommy mom what you want right now more than anything."

"I want to get fucked! I want to get fucked! I want to get fucked!" I was almost screaming, my head thrashing on the flowered duvet.

"Do you like having a cock in your ass? Tell me."

"I love having a little cock and a little cock in my ass."

"You have a nice big, swollen little girl clit. Tell me, tell me everything, you slut."

"I love having a cock in my ass. I want to get fucked! I want to fuck my mommy mom in my ass. I need the fucking cock – my mommy mom. In my ass. I need my mommy mom fucking my fucking ass till my little girl clit throbs and cums. I need to cum. The dick, the dick in my ass makes me so fucking good, feel so fucking good, so my little boy ass makes mommy mom horny. My mommy mom loves fucking me. My mommy mom loves fucking me. My mommy mom loves fucking me!"

"Rub your little girl clit like before. No tugging, you hot little tramp." I squealed and screached as mommy mom spoke. "Back when I was pregnant with you baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, when you were still in my tummy, I used to wonder if you would ever fuck me some day. I used to want it. Then you were born and I stopped thinking those things, but the last year has changed that. I remember how I throught that I was making you a dick so you could fuck me, and an ass so you could get fucked. I wanted you to know, to know all of it. baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, one last time, cum for me. Cum for mommy mom"

I grasped my little girl clit in my palm and in a series of high-pictched shrieks, did what I was told. I came for my mommy mom. Like all good boys do.

I woke in the early morning hours in my own bed with my head tucked under mommy mom chin. I wiggled down in her arms to quietly suckle, careful not to become so excited that I whimpered, afraid of waking her, unconscious that I was still wearing her negligee. In the morning, mommy mom left me in bed with my erection to dress for work. "I'm going to cum for you," I called after her and began tugging on my dick. "I love you. Good boys always cum for their mommies. I love you so fucking much, mommy mom."

"Do you see the gift I've made for us? Whenever you play with your cock, you'll remember how much you love me."

"What about you, mommy mom?"

"I get to help you become what you want to be."

"I love my mommy mom. I love my mommy mom," I droned on, not wanting to know what was to become of me, of us.

mommy mom walked back into my room and crawled up my new rose duvet and, mouth over my dick, she glanced up at me and hissed, "Don't go soft." My dick melted as her mouth enveloped it. Her tongue played at my cock within her mouth, stiffening it, but at the slightest graze of her teeth, it would go soft again. Still, there was no fear, none, unlike when I fed my dick to her pussy or when she took it. I felt nothing but love for my mommy's mouth. The sight of mommy mom mouth sliding over and around my cock, my own mommy's mouth, was exciting beyond words. If I bucked, she slowed. If I whined, she stopped to ask if I was okay. If I begged her to suck my dick, she would stop to tell me she was. After an eternity of pain as she lovingly, tenderly sucked my cock, I came in her mouth, still soft. "Like any good mother would," she said with a knowing smile as she pulled away. "I love you. Finish your chores if you want mommy mom tonight."

"Okay, mommy mom. I will."

"Wear something nice too. I want to go out on a date tonight."

"I love you, mommy mom."

She smiled back at me. "You're mine." She leaned down to kiss my lips. "I'm sorry. I couldn't let you get away. Not my own son. You need me, you love me, and you're mine. mommy mom cunt's eaten you alive and you don't even know it yet. My cunt loves you so much. I'm so giddy I'm fucking my son, I don't know what I feel. You're the best son a mother could wish for. Now be a good boy and do your chores." mommy mom rose to leave. "Dinner and a movie or dinner and a walk around town?"

"A walk," I answered, figuring we would be at home and in bed sooner that way.

I had to rush to get everything done and get showered and dressed by the time mommy mom got home that evening. I jerked off twice and each time felt my love for mommy mom swell within me, knowing that what I was doing was right, that I was a good boy for touching my dick while I reveled in the knowledge that I loved her and she me. It wasn't, or didn't feel as though I was worshipping her pussy. It simply felt right. When she came home, I was dressed in my one suit, the one she bought me for her mother's funeral.

"Take that off. We're going upstairs first." She stripped off her clothes as she climbed the stairs. Plopping down on my made bed as I undressed, she reached a hand behind each knee and lifted her legs up, spread for me. "Come home, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she cooed as I crawled between them. Overwhelmed to be fucking my mommy mom again, I came on my second stroke. I crawled up her torso and began rubbing my dick on her lips. She opened her mouth and I planted my hands on the headboard and sunk my dick into it to cum as I withdrew. mommy mom closed her eyes, breathing very evenly. I rose and left to give her a chance to nap.

In her bedroom, I rifled through her closet, looking for what I wanted her to wear on our date. I settled on a white silk blouse with black stripes I remembered from when I was younger and a black skirt and pumps and a fine-knit red cardigan and fox stole. I woke mommy mom an hour later by throwing her legs wide to lick her pussy. She lay perfectly still and quiet as the orgasms rolled over her. "Time to go," I said at last.

"Our reservation isn't until eight. Cuddle with me." She reached over to the nightstand where my toy lay from the night before and smeared it with lube. Motioning for me to lie on my side, she lay down behind me, bare breasts pressed into my back and penetrated me. The dildo fit comfortably within me and she began screwing me right away as she whispered to me. "Tell me how it feels, being a fellow prisoner, being consumed by our love, mother and son. Tell me how your shitter feels, knowing I own you and it."

"I can't stand the dildo. This is good. I know I'm me. Everything that keeps me afraid of myself is gone. I'm yours but I know that. Knew that." The toy dick inside of me was making my shitter convulse. My ass tightened and tightened upon it, the spasms coming with increasing frequency. "It's so . . .. everything. Everything? What's everything?"

"We are, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," mommy mom reassured me, continuing to screw my ass. "We're everything, all that you need to know right now is you and me."

"Gawd, mommy mom I love that cock in my ass!" I cried as something popped inside me, loosening me to her fucking cock. "I know, mommy mom. I know now. I'm everything and I'm yours."

"You're everything to me," she hissed, fucking my ass harder.

"I'm everything. But what am I? It's so obvious, but I don't know. I don't know what I am."

"You're a good little slut, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. You're mommy mom good little slut. You like cock, don't you. Tell me." She reached around with her other hand and began twisting the head of my dick and I screamed.

"I love cock! I love cock inside me. Your cock, mommy mom. I love my mommy mom in my ass. It feels soo good, rubbing all the right places inside me, making me feel so fucking horny. I can't get enough. I can't get enough of your fucking dick, mommy mom."

"You're so gay," mommy mom mused. "I know you'd love a man inside you. We'll talk about that some other time. After."

"I love dick, I love dick, I love dick," I chanted for mommy mom as she stroked my little boy cock and fucked my ass. "mommy mom mommy mom, do you love me?!" mommy mom didn't answer and the heaven of pleasure I had been cast adrift in had to serve as answer enough. "I love you, Mommy!!!" I screamed as I contorted in her arms. "Fuck!! I'm cumming, mommy mom. I'm cumming, mommy mom Fuck! mommy mom, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

"You're such a good boy," she whispered in my ear.

"mommy mom" I squealed. "No! I'm making me cum!"

"Good boys always cum for their mommies," she reminded me softly.

"I love you so much," I shouted in a pained gurgle.

"You're begging."

"I don't care."

"Beg for what you want."

"mommy mom, please let me dick my hole. Let me fuck my ass. I always want a cock in my fucking ass."

"I love you so much. I love my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy so much." She had begun to suck my earlobe and nibble at my neck, arcing her back to press her breasts firmly into me.

"mommy mom I can! I can, mommy mom"

"Of course you can, dear." Her hand glided up and down my dick.

"I love the slut my mommy mom made me, love my mommy mom, love my mommy mom, love fucking my mommy mom with my ass till I, till I . . . "

"Cum, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"mommy mom," I wheezed in an orgasm that wracked my body like a sob. The cock in my ass slowed and when I spun, it popped out of me. I wrapped my arms around my mommy mom neck and, shaking like a leaf, began speaking without thinking. "I need you, mommy mom. So much. God, so much. You'll never know. Please, mommy mom. I need you. Let me need you. Please, mommy mom." mommy mom was smiling and her eyes were closed, letting my words wash over her. When I clutched to her lower, still shaking, my head between her breasts, she answered.

"I'll always be here for you. I'll always love you. Always." She held me close. "Don't you want to feed?" she asked after a moment then looked down at my tear-streaked face. She smiled and wrapped a leg around me and pulled me up onto the inside of her other thigh, then wrapped both legs and arms around me, pulling me close and tight, pulling my mouth to her breasts. I obligingly wrapped my lips around one of her nipples and whatever else existed in me but my need of her disappeared as I began to nurse.

mommy mom and I held hands across the table at the restaurant. I wanted her so bad as her fingers traced over my knuckled, I ached. Not just sexually. I loved my mommy mom so much, it was unbearable. She ordered a double strawberry daiquiri and a virgin strawberry daiquiri when the waitress came and swapped them out to give me the liquor.

"Were you a good boy while I was a work today?"

"Yes, mommy mom. I used that gift you gave me to help me remember how much I love you."

"Do you love me? I wonder sometimes. I wonder sometimes if you could possibly love me the way I love you."

"You're everything to me, mommy mom. You loved me since before I was born. No other woman will ever mean to me what you do."

"You don't understand. You don't understand because I don't talk about it. If I live, it's only through you. If I'm happy, it's only through you. Oh, God, now so much more so than ever. If I have a reason for being on this planet, it's you. baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, they're just words. I know they're just words which is why I don't say them and I know our love might seem to play out differently, but that's me guiding you. I love you. I have no heart. I only have you."

"I'll always love you, mommy mom."

"I know." She winked. "I know that now. Tell me about school starting. Just two more weeks."

"Can you homeschool me?"

mommy mom laughed. "Not on your life, you dirty young man. Are you worried you won't have anyone to sit with at lunch? When I was your age, I was always terrified I wouldn't have anyone to sit with at lunch."

"I don't care," I mumbled.

"Be honest, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"I don't know. I haven't worried, but I do."

"You don't work and play well with others your own age." She smiled.

I laughed. "No. And I don't want to!"

She patted my hand. "That's fine. We'll work something out. I want you to have friends."

Another pair of daiquiris came with our entrees. I migrated over to mommy mom side of the booth and she called for the check when I straddled her lap and tried to kiss her. "You're such a wonderful young man." She said, her fingertips on my chin to keep me at bay.

"One kiss?"

"One kiss." She didn't seem to mind when I kissed her passionately in front of the whole restaurant, heedless when the bill was set on the table. Finally, her head tilted back in a long purr. "You have no idea what you do to me."

"Are we going home, mommy mom?"

"Not yet." She reached in her purse for her credit card and slid it into the folder with the check.

I leaned down and kissed her again, our lips playing at each other's, saying things we would never voice aloud, our tongues expressing how we felt within each other's mouths. I picked the daiquiri up from the table and offered mommy mom a sip then took one myself. The waitress was smiling when she came for the card. My mouth moved elsewhere, biting mommy mom chin gently, sucking at her earlobe. Then I slid down and she reached out an arm to support my weight. My butt lay between her legs and she kissed me. He hand touched my erection through my pants and I moaned into her mouth. When she broke our embrace, I stared up into her eyes. "I love you, mommy mom."

"I love you," she answered and we sat together like that, whispering to each other, till the waitress returned. mommy mom gently rubbed the lipstick from my face and urge me off her lap. She placed a tip on the table and we walked out hand-in-hand. Leaving the car in the parking garage, we headed out into the city. Five blocks down was a dance studio.

"Would you like to learn to dance?"

Ordinarily, I would have been reluctant, but in the haze of the liquor, I answered honestly. "Yes, mommy mom. Please?"

The first floor was occupied by a ballet class. We waited patiently at the counter and eventually a woman in her early sixties arrived. "Yes? What can I do for you?" Everything about her suggested flamboyance.

"Do you have any private instructors available?"

"Not at this hour, not without an appointment."

mommy mom looked down at me. "Please. I want to dance with you so bad."

The woman behind the counter smiled broadly.

"I'll pay $250 if you can come up with one," mommy mom said.

"What would you like to learn?"

"What would you like to learn, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"I think you two would love Salsa," the woman behind the counter supplied. She motioned us to follow upstairs to an empty mat. "It'll be easier without the shoes, dear. Who wants to lead?"

I stared blankly at mommy mom till she answered, "I'll lead."

The next hour passed in a giddy haze of perfume and kissing and half-listening to the instructor as mommy mom danced me around the room. "Can we have a half hour to practice what we learned?" mommy mom asked when the lesson was through. "In private."

The instructor suppressed a laugh. "The light switch is on the wall over there." She walked downstairs.

"Lie by the wall," mommy mom said. "No noise." The wall was covered in plate glass mirrors. I lay with my head to it and mommy mom unfastened my belt. She lifted her skirt up and removed her panty hose and without so much as a kiss, took my dick back home to her pussy. I looked up and saw her staring into the mirror on the wall. "Close your eyes," she said, and I did. All I could think about was how my dick was in my mommy mom pussy again, how, again, I was filling my role in life. mommy mom and I were fucking. Arms pulled me up into a sitting position and I instinctively wrapped my legs around mommy mom ass and arms around her back. I found her breasts bare and began to suckle as she rode my bare cock. We moved together in a slow natural rhythm as she clutched my head to her chest. Eventually, she pulled my head away, holding it by the sides with her hands. I opened my eyes and stared up into hers, dripping with worry and compassion. "Do you want to cum in your mommy mom pussy? Will you give me my cum, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

I panted, my breath catching in my throat. It was all I could do to stifle my scream. "I love you, mommy mom." Her pussy contracted yet again.

"Next one," she said. mommy mom looked at the mirror and smiled. "Tell me you want to fuck another girl."

"I don't, mommy mom. I swear I don't."

"Tell me where your dick belongs."

"In your pussy. Your pussy is the only place my dick belongs, mommy mom. Good boys always cum in their Mommies."

"Tell me you want me to cum."

"I don't, I don't know."

"Then what do you want? Right now?"

"I want you to know that my dick is inside of you, that your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy's dick is inside of you, making you cum."

mommy mom vagina contracted again and I ejaculated. "Told you," she said. I heard a rustle of noise in the stairwell but, before I could react, mommy mom waved her hand dismissively. "mommy mom wants to see how her cunt tastes on your dick," she said and took me in her mouth. I knew better than to whine or screech, so I lay perfectly still and tried to relax as mommy mom gave me one of her torturous blowjobs. So tender, so gentle, so loving, teasing me hard again and again only to slide her teeth over my dick to steal my erection away. As the intensity climbed my head began to thrash back and forth and my legs kick at the mat. mommy mom lifted her head. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, mommy mom," I whined softly and she returned to sucking my cock. I bit my lip and relaxed as best I could, my breath softly panting in and out. The relaxation lent me peace and my dick fought more to grow hard but I thought nothing of it when she kept it soft with gentle brushes of her teeth. I focused on how much I loved her and was transported away inside my head to a safe, warm place where I felt nothing. "I love my mommy mom. I love my mommy mom." The words breathed softly forth from me in a perfectly steady rhythm even as I rose to orgasm. "I'm going to cum for you, mommy mom," I said and felt my orgasm recede as I returned to reality. Again, I found the warm, safe elsewhere place in my head and stared at the ceiling with unfocused eyes. My mommy mom was such a good mommy mom for sucking my dick. I knew this. And I knew how grateful I was and felt ashamed of wanting to cum. I loved her mouth so much. I couldn't wait to thank her afterward and tell her how much I loved her, but I knew this was for both of us and I shouldn't expect anything but this, to know how much my mommy mom loved me, and how much I loved her. I smiled so wide at the thought. "mommy mom loves me."

"That's right," she said and returned to my dick.

"Can I cum, mommy mom?"

"Yes, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she mumbled, her mouth full of my little boy cock.

I was so happy, knowing I could cum. Tears of love swelled in my eyes and rolled soundlessly down my cheeks. When the cum began to run from my dick, mommy mom made a happy sound that had a hint of a chuckle to it. It came slowly, I came slowly. When there was no more in me, mommy mom didn't stop until I said, "I came, mommy mom."

She rose up. "What's the matter, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" she asked, brushing the tears from my eyes.

I smiled and shook my head.

"You can tell me. You can tell me everything."

"I love you so much."

Her mouth descended on mine and we kissed for long minutes until the shuffling sound in the stairwell returned. "Get dressed, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said, as she began buttoning her blouse. I pulled up and fastened my pants as my mostly nude mommy mom straightened herself for public. She fixed her lipstick in the mirror on the wall and kissed me once more, leaving a large, thick smear about my mouth. She fixed her lipstick again. "I'd suck dick for a cigarette," she muttered to her reflection as she zipped up her skirt. I heard a soft cough from the stairwell.

"Can we come back next week?"

"I don't see why not." She held out her hand and I took it. "You have to practice with me at home. Five hours a week. Are you sure?"

"Yes, mommy mom."

She led me down the stairs where our instructor waited at the counter. "We'd like regular lessons. Once a week?" The instructor just smirked. "We'll practice at home. Five hours a week. We'll be excellent students. I promise."

Our instructor smiled. "You can pay by the lesson or for ten lessons in advance. $400 for ten lessons."

"With you?"

"Six hundred."

"For both of us."

"Of course."

"Sounds lovely." mommy mom pulled her credit card out of her purse.

"Are you sure you two will practice?"

"Yes," mommy mom grunted. She turned and smiled at me. "We need outfits. Maybe some makeup for you."

"Well, aren't you a lucky boy. With your blond hair, I can't recommend red enough. Here." She rustled around in a drawer behind the counter and retrieved a business card. "You can find something on the internet, I'm sure. But this is the tailor I recommend. You might want alterations and, if you ever perform . . . "

"Where can we?" I blurted.

The instructor smiled. "It's a question of when. But not for a few months when we have a solid routine for you. If you decide you can perform, if you can show me what you showed me tonight, I could collect $200 a head, easy."

My mouth opened and closed soundlessly.

"We'll talk," mommy mom said and took the tailor's card with a wink. "Wigs?"

"I don't care much for them myself. Let it grow out for a few months and get it styled." She looked at me again. "Maybe black with matching lipstick. Get some press on nails. Some contouring to sharpen the nose, and nice, smoky brown eyeshadow with a dot of black at either corner. "

"Show her your clit, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." Still drunk and relaxed from cumming in mommy mom pussy and mouth, I unfastened my belt and pants and opened my fly. The instructor smiled at my shaved dick. "Do you like cock in your ass?" mommy mom asked. I nodded.

"Oh, I already knew that," our instructor smiled.

"I'm afraid that's as close as we can come to a show."

"Trust. I think I understand. Are Tuesday evenings good for you?"

"Nine o'clock Tuesdays?" mommy mom asked through gritted teeth.

"Ten weeks?"

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, do you promise to practice five hours a week?" I nodded my head. "Wonderful, now put your little-girl-clit away unless you want to show our new dance instructor your asshole.

I paused, considering. "Yes, mommy mom." I smiled finally and zipped my pants up.

"Do you know our best bet to get my son an outfit tonight."

"There's a novelty shop off Browning, but they're unlikely to have something like that. Still, I'd pay them a visit. And a costume shop off Pierce, probably a much safer bet."

mommy mom smiled. "We're getting the real thing, but thank you."

Out on the street, mommy mom asked if I'd like another drink to keep my energy up. "It's a shame I can't take you into a bar yet." I nodded and mommy mom led me into a small shop for a small coke that she doped in the bathroom. We headed farther into the city and stopped in front of Satin and Lace. mommy mom smiled. "This must be the place. Listen, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, there's a small park two blocks down. Go there and wait for mommy mom." She'd didn't appear for almost an hour. I had finished my drink and was telling a tall, thin man with a small dog how much I love my mommy mom. "He's cute, isn't he?" she asked the man with a wink. But he's not ready."

"I love you, mommy mom," I said unthinkingly, looking up at her. "What's in the bags?"

"Would both of you like to see?" mommy mom began pulling lingerie - - - panties and panties, hosiery, bustiers, chemises, even a corset out of the bag before stuffing it all back in. "You can look at it later. I even bought you a costume. A blue fairy costume. Trust me, you'll look darling in it. Say," she asked the man with the dog, "do you live far from here?"

"Not too."

"I wouldn't ask this but my son's taken a liking to you and we could use a lift downtown. I want to buy him a gown for our Salsa lessons."

"Sure thing," he said. "Follow the dog." He jerked the leash and the dog lead the way to row house in a nice neighborhood. "I'd ask you in, but I think I know the answer. Let me get my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy settled and I'll be back out. The black SUV's mine." He clicked his keychain and it unlocked.

"Give us ten minutes, please. I want to get him dressed."

"Whatever you need."

In the backseat of the SUV, mommy mom handed me a pair of black panties with a large bow on the back and slipped a bustier over my head. Working quickly, she fastened hose to the garter straps and began dressing me again. "I can do it, mommy mom."

"mommy mom wants to help," she breathed. I tried to kiss her, but she wouldn't allow much more than a peck. "He'll be out at any minute."

mommy mom climbed into the front seat and, sure enough, the stranger returned. "How about I don't tell you my name?" he asked, sliding into the driver's seat.

mommy mom smiled. "Sounds absolutely, positively lovely." The stranger produced a glass vial and mommy mom nodded. He unscrewed and held a lump of power under each of her nostrils for her to snort.

We stopped at Nordstrom's a few miles away. "Remember," mommy mom said, climbing out of the car. "Salsa. And I'm paying so I'm choosing. Oh, and," she smiled, "this is daddy."

The next hour was a whirl of dresses and changing, with this stranger quietly standing off in the corner. mommy mom settled on a bright red dress with a very high hemline and cut-out waist panels with a red choker. "I love it, mommy mom" I exclaimed and hugged her. She took my arms and practiced a few of our Salsa steps. "Now it's time to learn something new." She turned to the stranger.

"Take us home, dear."

At mommy mom urging, Daddy made me a drink and soon mommy mom and Daddy were sitting on the sofa and I was sitting on the carpet in my new dress and my drink, smiling for no reason.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, mommy mom wants to teach you how to suck dick." I blinked. "Come here, sweetie. Don't be afraid. This skill will serve you very, very well in life. Daddy, could you pull out your cock? Now, dear, don't be in too much of a hurry. What I want you to do first is start kissing his stomach and inner thighs. That's a good boy. Now take him in your mouth and suck. You like that, don't you. Tell daddy how much you like sucking his cock."

"Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Daddy."

"I love the way you do it, sport."

"Now loosen your lips and put your tongue flat against his dick and lick his cock as you bob your head up and down. When you get tired, pull back with just the head of his dick in your mouth for a minute or two and flick your tongue across the head. Good boy. Wonderful. Does it feel good, Daddy?"

"It feels great!!" Daddy moaned. Music to my ears.

"Now I want you to bob your head in a capital D shape. Come straight down on his cock, the pull back and around and forward and straight down again. Men love that because their dick gets to hit so many parts of your mouth. Now stay gentle, very gentle. We want to torture Daddy, don't we? Suck his dick as long as you can. If he moans or quivers, slow down until he calms down." She smiled and lifted her own drink. "Isn't our son a fantastic cocksucker?"

Daddy was leaning back into the sofa and barely managed a "yes."

"Can't I let him fuck me, mommy mom," I moaned after ten more minutes.

"No, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, you're too young. Now keep sucking Daddy's cock. This is a favor every mother needs to do for her son, and I'll explain why later."

In five more minutes, the head of Daddy's dick was in my mouth and I was flicking my tongue around it when mommy mom told me to let him cum. "Do the D shape, sweetie, fast." Daddy erupted in my mouth seconds later. I pulled my head back and coughed through my nose, then swallowed. "You are such a good boy!!" mommy mom cried. She smiled at Daddy.

"We'll find our own way back to our car. Thank you so much for being so helpful."

"It was a pleasure."

"mommy mom?"

"We'll do whatever you want when we get to the car, then when we get home, then I'm taking a half day tomorrow, and then . . . you get the idea, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

The walk back to the car was wearisome. Once inside, I straddled mommy mom lap and kissed her deeply. "What a son," she sighed with closed eyes. "We'll get in trouble here though."

As soon as we pulled into the garage at home and the door began closing behind us, I jumped on mommy mom again, kissing her frantically, unbuttoning her blouse, clumsily struggling with her bra. She pulled the lever on her seat and it reclined as I nursed at her breasts. "Cum on them, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I pulled my panties down and hiked my skirt up and began masturbating furiously as mommy mom reached down and squeezed my balls. I whined and whined as I spurted cum on mommy mom tits, then lowered my head to suckle, while she held me against her. "mommy mom pussy is going to drain your soul out of your dick tonight," she told me and I whimpered into her breasts."

She half-carried me inside and upstairs to my bed, and paused to strip my dress off me and then turn out the lights, then she pulled my panties down and pushed me back onto the rose duvet. mommy mom stripped and mounted my cock. "I want you to dream about me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I want you to dream about this, about your mommy mom fucking you. Shoot your load, dear." I came instantly but mommy mom didn't stop, merely smiled. "I want your every thought to be about your mommy mom pussy. It's what you miss, what you love. You love me when you love it. You miss me when you miss it. It loves you like I do. My pussy loves you so much, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." My face contorted and I came again. "So soon? That's a good boy though." mommy mom clasped her hands behind her back and I watched her ride me, the ceiling spinning from the alcohol, until I went soft inside her, until her pussy ground over my limp dick. "I love you," she said at last and lowered her mouth to clean my little-boy-dick. "Get your toy. We're not done." I handed it to her. "All fours." Obediently, I flipped over on my forearms and knees. mommy mom took my toy in her hand and the dick entered me and I screeched and squealed as mommy mom fucked me. She continued long after I lay still, mindlessly accepting the cock pistoning in and out of me. "Roll over, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I did as she asked and she reinserted the cock, holding my legs over her shoulders. "Let's see if you have one more cum in you. Play with your little-girl-clit for me." I did as she asked and began to squeal again. "You look so pretty in your new lingerie. I love seeing my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy become my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy girl, a wanton slut and the hottest fuck in three states. Cum for me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Can't you get hard? Did mommy mom fuck it all out of you? baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I'm afraid mommy mom just isn't going to stop. She knows how much you love cock. You've told me again and again." I played with my dick absentmindedly as the darkness grew thicker. "I love fucking my baby's asshole. Maybe tomorrow, I'll strap on your toy dick and we can have some real fun. But this will have to do for now, right baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" I made an indistinct sound. The thrusting cock within me slowed and mommy mom voice softened. "I know you need me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. And as much as you need me, I love you. This is forever. What we've begun can't be undone. You don't have to worry about that, and you shouldn't be scared by it. mommy mom loves you." I smiled. If she said more, I didn't remember it in the morning.

mommy mom woke me up by running her hand over the soft skin of my ass. I was still wearing the black lace bustier, garters, and stockings from the night before. "You just can't get to bed without a butt-fucking, can you?" I mewled. "I thought I could take a half day today but I got a call. I have to go in. But not before I take that beautiful ass of your again." I rolled over and saw mommy mom was wearing my toy strapped to her waist. She reached out and cupped my shaved penis and balls. I gasped from her cold hand but was soon moaning. "I bet, if I get your little-girl-clit swollen enough, you'll beg for my cock." I smiled and said nothing. "How's my hand making you feel?"

"It feels really good, mommy mom."

"Your clit?"

"Yes, mommy mom."

"Do you want to fuck your mommy mom."

My clit swelled at her words. "Please?"

"Do you want mommy mom to fuck you?"

"Yes," I said hesitantly.

"Don't you want to feel that again, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy To feel my cock sliding in and out of your fuckhole, to feel me inside you, to feel helpless and mine? Don't you want a nice dick in your ass?" I shifted on the bed. "Do you want mommy mom to rub your little-girl-clit while she pounds that cute ass of yours? Do you want to invite your friends over so they can watch?"

"Oh, mommy mom," I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as she rubbed my erect clitty.

"mommy mom wants to take your ass."

"I know," I gasped.

"I want to fuck my very own daughter."

"mommy mom," I whined.

"Making love to you will feel so good, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She released my dick and slid two fingers under me, into me, and began jerking off my ass. It was slightly uncomfortable but I didn't complain. "You're so tight, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, so tense. Would a nice, long fuck with mommy mom help you relax?"

"I don't want to fuck," I gasped.

"Oh? What do you want?"

"I want to cum."

"Is that right?"

I started bucking my hips against her fingers, ignoring the pain of her nails, enjoying the thought of getting fingered like a girl as much as the actuality. The bucking ground the walls of my fuckhole against her invading fingers and soon I was moaning and yipping like a small dog. "I want to fuck and cum. I want to fuck and cum. I want my mommy mom . . ." I held the words back.

mommy mom leaned down between my spread legs and kissed me, her fingers massaging my ass, her breasts on my chest. "My baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said. "You feel like my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"I'm baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I said, staring fearfully up into her loving eyes and I continued to undulate my hips. "I'm baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy getting fucked."

She shook her head. "Not yet, but you will be."

"mommy mom?"

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"I love getting fucked. I want that cock in my ass." Her hand brushed around my dick. "Fuck me, mommy mom"

"You want your mommy mom to fuck you?"

"Yes, mommy mom"

"Do you really want your very own mommy mom to fuck her dick into your ass and take you?"


"Tell me why."

"Because I need a dick! I need a fucking cock!"

"Show me where," she said and withdrew.

I lifted my legs and spread my butt-cheeks. I looked up at her and she shook her head so I flipped over on my knees, resting my head on the ridiculously large mound of pillows atop my rose covered duvet. I spread my ass with my hands.

"Tell me one more time what you want."

"I want my mommy mom to fuck me." When she said nothing I withdrew my hands and folded them under my head and began waggling my ass back and forth, whining slightly. "Please?"


"My ass needs it."

"What do you need?"

"I need to get fucked by my mommy mom."

"You know the magic words." She positioned herself behind me as I continued to whine and whimper. Her cold, lubed cockhead found its sweetspot and I gasped as she slid into my ass, unable to process that I was helplessly getting fucked by my own mommy mom as her rhythm increased, unable to understand I was hers until her hips began to smack against my ass. Then something tightened inside me.

"God, mommy mom Fuck!" She didn't respond, just continued to fuck me at a leisurely pace. "mommy mom, I like that fucking cock. Yeah, I like that fucking cock in me. I forgot how my mommy mom can make my shitter feel so good. mommy mom? Oh, fuck. mommy mom? I'm going to fucking cum on your big, hard fucking cock." My ass tightened and tightened, spasming, but growing ever tighter. My voice rose in pitch. "I love my mommy mom. I fucking love my mommy mom in my ass. I love that dick. I want a cock in my fucking ass!" mommy mom reached her hand around my thigh. My little girl clit had grown soft and didn't grow when she began twisting the head of it back and forth, but I screamed. "Fuck me!!!!!!!"

"You slut."

"Fuck me!!!" I began to swell in her hand. "Fuck me!!!! Fuck me!!!" mommy mom cock screwed my shitter faster and faster as my orgasm mounter, pushing me up the bed, burying my head into the mound of pillows. I grabbed one and threw it off the bed to get back in position to receiving her pounding cock. Her hand returned to my clit and I screamed again, shrieking, "Fuck!!!! Fuck!!!!! Fuck!!!!"

"Not so dirty."

"I love your cock!!"

"Now you know how I feel about you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"Christ!!!" I squirted my cum on the duvet but mommy mom didn't stop fucking me. "mommy mom," I whimpered.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"I love you."

"I know. I can tell. All good girls cum when they get fucked by people they love."

"I love you, mommy mom."

"And I love fucking your hot, tight ass." She began pounding my fuckhole as fast as she could and I hunkered back down to accept her invasion, my ass twitching around her ramming cock. Soon, I was panting and groaning again but softly to keep from encouraging her. I lay there and watched my alarm clock, occasionally unable to stifle a whine or gurgle for ten minutes before I began yammering softly, saying things I couldn't understand as more cum ran from my clit. She fucked me for ten more minutes at her furious pace, then slowed to long, slow strokes, then finally stopped. "I've got to get to work, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said, pulled out, and rolled me over. She sucked my cum off my clit then rose to her knees and smiled. She lifted the duvet and swatted the shit from her cock. "But first, I want you to suck my dick." Sitting down crossed-legged, she said, "Like I showed you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"Okay, mommy mom," I said with a numb smile and crouched down over her dick as she lay back. I exhaled slowly on the inside of her thighs, teasing them with my tongue, then moved to her lower stomach when she leaned back on straight arms, watching me. I ran my tongue then my mouth up and down her cock, kissing it, smelling the heady aroma of my ass. I kissed its head, flicking my tongue about it and mommy mom reached out with her hand and slowly but firmly urged me downwards almost the entirety of her cock was in my mouth. I was gagging.

"Breathe through your nose and relax. Take it into your tummy, not your lungs. Just open your throat."

I stopped gulping in air from around her cock and began to pant through my nose, my asshole beginning to twitch. Slowly, my mommy mom pressed down into my throat and with an inch of it past my tonsils.

"Swallow, sweetie, again and again." Her hand wouldn't let me up and I did as she asked, my throat muscles rippling around her dick. "You're such a good slut. Your friend from last night would have loved that." She gripped my hair in her fist. "My own son, decked out in women's lingerie, learning how to suck cock from his mommy mom. This is a dream come true, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She lifted my head up. "Do the D-shape. Let mommy mom help." Her first tugged my hair and I planted my hands flat on the mattress as she took my mouth, fucking it lower and lower onto her cock with each rotation till it was pressing into my throat. I gagged and coughed but she continued until I relaxed and accepted that it was her dick and I was to suck it as she demanded. I wrapped my arms around the back of her ass and held onto her as she began to fuck my face, screwing up into my mouth in time with my bobbing head. "That's what men like, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I began to flush all over, my dick hard against the bed, grinding it in as I began to enthusiastically suck mommy mom hard dick, tasting my ass and loving it. When mommy mom let go of my hair, I began to minister my attention to the head of her dick, relaxing and catching my breath. "I wish I could cum in your mouth."

"Yes, please," I said and immediately returned to her dick. I began stroking it in and out of my mouth again with mommy mom gently bucking in time.

"We'll find you a boyfriend who can." My dick was rock hard. "mommy mom would love to see you get fucked, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Can you imagine that, getting taken by a nice young man, having your ass used to gratify his cock while mommy mom watched from the closet. I bet you wouldn't be able to think about anything but how happy I was for you. Like I am now. I love you so much." I began to gurgle and mommy mom grasped my hair again and forced the whole length of her cock in my mouth and I came, helplessly nursing at the dick in my throat. When she released me, I lifted my head and gazed into her eyes, dazed. "My good little slut," she said with a soft smile. "I have to hurry and get dressed now. Get a shower and put on a pair of panties and practice your steps for me. We'll dance when I get home. Oh, and baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, we're making you a friend. I want so, so much to see you take a boy's dick."

"mommy mom," I whined.

She chuckled airily. "Don't worry. He won't tell if you won't." I stumbled and almost fell when I climbed out of bed. I hurried to the bathroom and instinctively sat down to pee. I stripped and started the shower. "I love you, babe," I heard from the hall as I climbed in, feeling slightly humiliated through the worn out, well-fucked soreness. But it was what mommy mom wanted.

I put on my dress and panties and lay numbly on my side on the sofa and watched television for two or three hours before finally playing with myself. I came for mommy mom and then rose to practice my steps, stepping forward and back, twirling, bending as far backward as I could without falling as the noon sun fell through the curtains that late August. My mind wandered as I practiced, to what I knew was true, that I was mommy mom slut, and a slut too for wanting to sleep with other women. That was what made me a slut, that mommy mom and I both knew I would do with another woman what I did with her. I decided that if my dick belonged in my mommy mom pussy, that I should avoid fucking anyone and should only let myself be fucked, that I would be a good girl that way. Or at least a good boy. It was a riddle that didn't make sense. If I wanted to be a good girl, I couldn't be mommy mom slut who let other boys fuck her, which was what I knew I wanted. Then I understood that this was what mommy mom was helping me become, that I had to trust her. My dick rose and I sat on the carpet to play with it again, bobbing forward and back. I somehow knew I wasn't supposed to cum, that I had to call mommy mom and get answers. I grabbed the phone in the kitchen and dialed her.

"mommy mom, what am I?"

"Oh, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she gasped. "You're whatever you want to be."

"Am I your slut?"

"When you want to be."

"I want to be your good girl, mommy mom."

"Oh, but you are. Don't you see that you're a good girl who likes to feel desired, who likes to be encouraged to be the slut you truly are. It's both, honey. You're good, with a wild side. And I love it."

"Should I fuck other girls?"

"Is that what you want?" she asked in a flat voice.

"I don't know," I whined. "I know my dick only belongs in your pussy so maybe if I let them fuck me. Would that be okay?"

"Men can do that, sweetie."

"mommy mom . . ."

"We'll see. We'll see. We have our whole lives ahead of us. This is forever, remember? You'll always be my son and mothers and sons never fall out of love with each other."

"mommy mom?"

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she panted.

"I need to put my dick back inside you. I need to put it back in the only place it belongs. I miss your pussy so much, mommy mom."

I heard a rhythmic thudding sound. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, why don't you explain it to me while you touch yourself?"

"I am, mommy mom."

"That's a good boy. Tell me what worries you. Trust mommy mom."

"I do. I should. I know I should. I should love and trust my mommy mom because she's the only woman who loves me like a son and wants the best for me, wants me to become what I want to be, wants me to love who I am. I want my mommy mom to show me. Tell me, mommy mom? Tell me what I want to be."

"You want to be my good girl."

"Yes, mommy mom."

"You want to be my dancing partner."

"I do, mommy mom."

"You want to be a slut for my cock."

"Yes, mommy mom."

"You want to bury your dick in your home and pump out every last bit of your cum."

"I do, mommy mom. I do."

"You do."

"Yes." I paused, understanding. "I do."

"That's a good boy. Now tell me you love me and you can cum."

"I love you mommy mom I love my mommy mom I want to fuck my fucking mommy mom I need you so bad, mommy mom So bad!"

"mommy mom loves you."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I almost fell off the kitchen stool as I came.

"mommy mom got to run, sweetheart. We'll talk tonight. Do you feel okay with everything?"

"Yes, mommy mom," I whined.

"I wish I had more time. I love you more than you know. Bye, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

I did my chores after getting off the phone, taking a break to head up to mommy mom bedroom where there was a full-length mirror to look at myself in my dress. I danced in front of the mirror, watching the fabric hug my hips and thighs, the cut-out panels on the sides revealing my pale flesh. I'd had enough of having a dick in my ass for the day. Well, until mommy mom got home that night. I grabbed the bag of lingerie from my dresser and began to tuck it away, all the panties in one of the top drawers and the other stuff beneath it. I withheld a few things to try on, admiring myself in the mirror again, but in the end, I settled for just a pair of panties. I was startled to hear footfalls in the hallway and looked out of mommy mom bedroom to see her walking towards me with a smile. "Come to bed," she said with a smile and motioned me into my bedroom. Just like the day before, she stripped beside the bed and lay back onto the pills, grabbing the backs of her knees and lifting her legs. I pulled off my panties and crawled up between then. "You're such a good boy," she said, stroking the back of my head. Her eyes bulged, the tendons stood out on her neck, and she bobbed her head up and down on the pillow as I slid into her.

"I love you mommy mom. Good boys always cum in their Mommies. I love fucking my mommy mom mommy mom I love your pussy so much. I'm your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy, mommy mom. Your own little boy is fucking you. That's your little boy's dick that's making you cum. I'm scared, mommy mom. I love you so much, but I'm to scared." I continued to fuck her pussy as the fear mounted till I withdrew and lay on her arm and began to nurse. I found peace at her breast. My mind blank, I suckled as I held to her limp form, my dick soft and wet on her leg. "I need you, mommy mom." She only moaned in reply. When I began to whimper into her breast, I detached myself and spread her legs.

"Fuck me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she whispered.

Her pussy was so tight around my dick. She must not have had a toy of her own or had sex with anyone in some time, the way it held me, the way I could feel it clutching my cock. Soft and wet in parts, with muscles that clung to me as I fed my little-boy dick to it, to her, consumed by the knowledge that I was inside my mommy mom pussy, that my dick was inside my mommy mom pussy, that I was fucking my mommy mom, my very own mommy mom. It was so right. I was made to fuck her. She made me to fuck her, made my dick so I could come home again, so I could come home to the one place my dick belonged, so I could feed her cum to her pussy, the cum she made in me. But it scared me, losing so much of myself to her, more and more each time I came inside her, becoming more and more hers. I fought through the fear that surfaced when my astonished pleasure that I was fucking my mommy mom faded to my mounting orgasm. mommy mom came and came beneath me the whole while. I bucked atop her. "mommy mom" I screamed. "I'm going to cum in you, mommy mom Your little boy is going to cum in you! I'm going to cum in my mommy mom I love you! I love my Mommy!!" My voice betrayed little of my arousal. It had a euphoric glee to it that was detached from my burgeoning desire, but so revealing of how much I loved fucking my mommy mom. "I love cumming in my mommy mom" I cried in high-pitched rapturous joy as I felt my cum begin to run out of my cock in a soft orgasm as I continued to feed it to her pussy. The world disappeared and everything I had ever wanted, everything I could want, and all I would ever want was given me. When my orgasm subsided, I pulled out of her pussy. Seeing it beneath me, my passion unslaked, I fell into it, licking and sucking as mommy mom sighed. I didn't feel her cum, but after I withdrew, she smiled at me.

"I have never, ever been licked like that before," she said. I climbed up into her, pulling my dress back down over my ass. "Do you want to cook or clean?"

"Clean, mommy mom." She rolled to her feet and dressed. I followed her down into the kitchen. "Can I have some wine?"

"Sure, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Open a bottle. And pour mommy mom a scotch. Just a bit." I set my wine before me and her scotch at the opposite end of the island in the kitchen. "And cross your legs," she said with a smile. "Even when you're wearing panties, you need to do that. No, completely. It might pinch, but you'll get used to it." She was rummaging around in the freezer. "Let's avoid cooking and cleaning tonight." She pulled a frozen lasagna from the freezer and read the side and then set the oven. "Let's go practice. Bring your wine." She turned on the stereo and tapped her phone till the room filled with Salsa music. Holding me close, she danced the simple steps we had learned in slow motion. My eyes were even with her lips and I gazed up into hers as she whispered to me and brushed her lips against mine.

"You're everything," I confessed.

"You're mine."

I nodded.

"What are you wearing under your dress, sweetie?"

"Just panties."

"Which ones?"

"Black lace."

"Take them off." She dipped me. "No, better yet, let me." mommy mom dropped to her knees and lifted my dress up to my waist and slid my panties down. I stepped out of them. "You really seem to enjoy nursing. Would you like to?" I nodded. "Then sit on the sofa." I did as I was told. "Hike your dress up, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I did, revealing my already hard dick. My mommy mom opened her blouse and hiked her own skirt up and straddled my lap. My head was right on level with her breasts and I buried myself in them, latching onto the left one first, drawing as much of it as I could into my mouth then forcing it back out again with my tongue, which didn't leave her nipple. mommy mom shirted and I felt her pussy envelop me. She reached her arms under mine and leaned forward, holding me to her. She didn't ride me, just held me inside of her as I nursed. My dick twitched in her warm pussy as I drank what milk she had made. I began to rock my hips, grinding them into her. "Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh," she murmured and I stopped. I was in heaven, numb and smothered, consumed by need, shaking like a leaf as I suckled at mommy mom breasts. I began to whine and whimper and my dick twitched faster, letting me feel more of my mommy mom pussy as it pressed against the walls wrapped in blood vessels or sinew or I knew not what.

mommy mom flooded my crotch and I moans, "I love you, mommy mom."

"You always will. I want you to always remember this. This, now. I want you to remember this and touch yourself thirty years from now. It's my job to make sure that you do." She leaned forward, smothering me further. I squealed and squealed but couldn't cum. "Lose yourself in me. Forget yourself. Forget everything. Your dick isn't in my pussy. It's home. Don't worry, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. You'll get another chance to do this. I promise. I promise you everything you want from my body, my heart, and my shuddering, fearful soul. I love you." The last came out in a hiss. Gradually, I relaxed and my body sagged. Oblivion followed. My every need was being met. My dick was in my mommy mom pussy. It was home, and her breast was in my mouth. Every dream I'd had paled to this, and mommy mom knew it, knew what she was giving me. I hoped. When the cum oozed forth from my dick in another pleasureless orgasm — I didn't care that it was pleasureless. The real pleasure was cumming in my mommy mom, not the orgasm. She continued to hold me tight as I relished her breast in my mouth and my hot cum around the head of my dick in her warm pussy. When she finally pulled away, there were bright red marks around each of her nipples.

She smiled at me. "I want to film you again. Not like before, but an interview. I want to ask you questions and have you answer. But first, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, do you mind if mommy mom sucks your cock?" I shook my head and she descended it on it. I lay, slouched in the sofa, drained and at peace, while mommy mom nursed tenderly, gently, slowly at my dick for a half hour, quietly submitting to the torture of her blowjob. The timer on the oven beeped before I came. We headed upstairs to my bedroom shortly after eating and lay nude together and talked until drifting off to sleep. I woke alone and jerked off, basking in my love for mommy mom.

School began the day after Labor Day. mommy mom took us out of town for the weekend, to the beach. I shamelessly built a sandcastle the first day while mommy mom watched the surf. That night, we found a restaurant on the strip and ate at the bar. We held hands, walked, talked, and kissed like lovers and, whomever noticed, few people commented. Drunk, back at the hotel, she peeled my clothes of me and sent me to shower. I got out and she disappeared behind me into the bathroom. I sat at the table with her laptop and pulled up music videos while I waited for her. I crawled into bed eventually and fell asleep to the sound of mommy mom drying her hair.

The next morning, I was coaxed awake by mommy mom kissing mouth. "You didn't wait up for me last night."

"You took so long."

Her passion was tender and left me shaking with desire as she explained to me with her kisses that I was helplessly hers. I waited in anticipation for more. "Can I suck your little-boy-dick, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

Yes, mommy mom. Be gentle." My erection dissolved the moment her mouth took me inside her. She smiled up at me, mouth around my dick, and began her loving testimony to her love for me, to what a good mommy mom she was. I knew if I moved or made a sound she would slow or at least stop, so I relaxed as best I could, casting my mind adrift in my euphoric love for her to drown out the pain and need of my desires. When my limp little-boy-dick ejaculated, I sighed. "I have some more cum for you, mommy mom." She smiled broadly and took me within her again to nurse it out. It was almost as wickedly pleasurable as letting her cum around my cock, knowing as she did that I was fucking my mommy mom, that my dick was inside my mommy mom, that I had found the one place my dick belonged, her pussy, and fed it there until she came, with her little boy's dick inside her. There would be time for that later. Fucking mommy mom. She laughed in a half-gurgle when she pulled her head back, more of my cum in her belly, and I knew she had cum too.

mommy mom laid out an expensive skirt and top for me to dress in and headed downstairs before breakfast ended. I sat at the table again, in front of the laptop, and idly toyed with my dick as I browsed around the internet. As my dick swelled, I realized that I needed a good fucking as much as anything, perhaps more than anything. "I'm going to cum for my mommy mom. Good boys always cum for their Mommies," were the first words out of my mouth when I grasped my dick. "I want a cock, mommy mom. My ass needs a cock. I wanna get fucked. I want to be jerked back onto your hips while you pound your little girl's ass. My ass misses your cock, mommy mom. It's spasming on nothing, hungry for it. I love you so much. Won't you fuck your little boy? Won't you let me be your good little slut and fuck my ass?" For whatever reason, I stood. "I love you, mommy mom I love you, mommy mom I love my mommy mom I love my fucking mommy mom I'm going to cum for you mommy mom" My erection receded and I sat down again, returning my thoughts to my horny asshole. "Wouldn't you like to give your slut a good fucking, mommy mom? Wouldn't you like to nail your little girl's ass?" I smiled so wide. "My mommy mom loves fucking my tramp ass. My mommy mom likes fucking her dick in my ass and making me cum while I buck back against her hips and whine and scream and moan like the little boy slut who loves cock that I am. Thank you, mommy mom. Thank you so much for showing me this is who I am. I'll always love you. You're little boy will always love you. I love you so much, mommy mom. Good boys always cum for their Mommies. I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy, I'm a good boy . . . "I trailed off as I came.

I rose and showered. mommy mom was back by the time I was out and watched me dress. She applied a few dabs of makeup. "You're so pretty," she reassured. "No one will know the difference."

"I'm horny, mommy mom," I whined.

"That'll have to wait, dear."

"If I lick your pussy, will you fuck my ass?"

She froze. "I just came." I smiled back at her. "That's a no. Your ass will have to wait."

"Can we go dancing tonight?"

"It might be hard to find the right sort of place. There's a bar downstairs, but they won't be playing our music. We should ask our dance instructor to show us a few contemporary steps as well."

"Yes, mommy mom."

She smiled. "You're such a well-mannered girl. I like that." She sank into the chair by the table. "Do you like your new outfit?"

"I love it!" I exclaimed with joy.

"Let's go find a table that overlooks the boardwalk, drink expresso, and feel superior."

I advanced on her. "I want a kiss, first." I straddled her lap and we began necking. I immediately grew hard in my panties and I reached under than to pull on my little-girl-clit, moaning into mommy mom mouth. When she noticed what I was doing, she lifted my skirt up to watch me jerk off through my frilly black panties. "mommy mom" I cried, pulling away from her mouth to my knees on either side of her legs. "mommy mom, I'm going to cum for you like a good girl." She leaned in and kissed me passionately.


"I love my mommy mom. I love my mommy mom. I want to fuck you, mommy mom I want to fuck my fucking mommy mom" She smiled, rubbing the inside of my thigh.

"Yes, you do."

"I want to fuck you, mommy mom I going to cum for you!"

"Like a good girl?"

"Yes, mommy mom, like your good girl. I'm going to fucking cum in my panties, mommy mom"

"Do you still want me to fuck you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"I want to cum! I want to cum!"

"Do you want me to fuck you?" she prompted again.

I didn't want to give it to her, but I knew it was what she wanted. "I want my mommy mom in my ass! I want my mommy mom to fuck my slut fucking ass!"


"I want to cum for my mommy mom" I cried and doubled over onto her shoulder, shooting my cum inside my panties.

"You did, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." She held me close. "Are you okay to go out yet or do you need mommy mom breast?

"Have some?"

mommy mom groaned and opened slipped the straps to her dress from her shoulders. We moved to the bed and mommy mom piled pillows on her lap so I could lie and nurse while she watched. Adrift in the haze of her pussy, I suckled what milk her breasts had to offer. When I looked up into her eyes, she leaned down and kissed me, her tongue teasing its way into my mouth with ever more aggressive probing till it was fucking in and out. "I need your fucking ass, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she told me. "But later. We'll come back for a relaxing afternoon before heading out tonight."

"I love fucking you, mommy mom," I said, staring straight into her eyes. She gave me a confused look.

"I love fucking you. You know that, don't you? I love fucking your ass."

I almost laughed. "Yes, mommy mom."

"Good girl. Let me get straightened up and we'll go out for coffee."

We shamelessly groped in the elevator, mommy mom kneading my ass as we kissed, breaking our kiss when we picked up a passenger two floors below, but resuming it again. On the ground floor, mommy mom slapped my butt, hard, as I exited the elevator ahead of her then she took my hand and we strolled out of the hotel. We didn't have to walk more than ten blocks before finding a two-story restaurant overlooking the boardwalk.

"Windowed in," mommy mom sighed.

"Come on. It'll still be fun."

mommy mom ordered us two expressos and a fruit salad to pick at - - - I was trying to stay as slim as I could. We sat, reaching out for the other's hand occasionally, a finger trailing along a forearm, as she talked to me of the coming school year and how important it was that I make a boyfriend. Three weeks ago, I would have had nothing to do with it, but now I simply nodded and nodded as mommy mom explained to me what boys that age liked. "Coquettish above all," she told me. "Be a tease, but not overt, not explicit. You're a boy, but it's 2016. If you show up at a football game and flirt with a boy from the other school, you shouldn't take any flak. I think a little black dress would be perfect. It fits their fantasies at that age. You're going to have to think of a pretext to get him home. He'd panic at a flat-out invitation. Maybe you could get him stoned but not smoke much yourself. That'd make him more pliable. I'll buy a bottle of Baily's Irish Crème. Tell him your mom's out of town and you have the world's best bottle, that you bet him a tank of gas that he'll love it. Make sure you find one with a car. If he asks what happens if he loses, tell him he has to be your best friend or something juvenile then laugh and wave your hand in front of your face like this. Actually, you could probably do better than that. Use your imagination. If you can't manage that, we'll get you into another dance class for couples. You'll go in drag. Just pick the one you want and stay with him for six weeks, not six straight weeks. Six weeks. Believe me, any boy in a dance class is not getting laid until college. He'll be easy prey. We'll build you up from there." She winked at me.

"I love you, mommy mom."


Just then, our waitress arrived. "Would you two ladies care for anything else?"

"Expresso, please. Would you like another expresso, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"Just one more."

When we got back to our hotel room early in the afternoon, I slipped off my shoes and panties, undressed, and lay back on the bed. I reached a hand under each of my knees and lifted my legs as high up and as far back as I could, spread for mommy mom. She smiled. "I'll get ready." I fingered myself and rubbed my clit as I waited for her to strap on and lube her cock. She knelt at my feet and I lifted my legs again, exposing my ass for her cock. I cried out as it sank into me and mommy mom put her hand over my mouth, immediately settling into a gently fucking rhythm. I slipped my legs under her arms and locked my ankles at the top of her back, inviting her to fuck me harder by tugging her into me. Were the headboard not mounted to the wall, it would have been thumping loudly with the eager violence she fucked me with. I gritted my teeth and mouthed jabbered words as she took my hole, fucking me furiously. "Do you like the way your mommy mom fucks you?" she panted.

"Yes!" I whined between clenched teeth. "Give me that cock. Give your slut that fucking cock. I love it so much. Fuck your pussy, mommy mom Yeah, that's so good, so good. Fuck my ass as hard as you can. I! Love! Your! Dick!"

"You hot fucking slut. I know you do. You like your mommy mom screwing that hot ass of yours."

"I love my mommy mom" I cried and a stream of cum ran from my clit.

"Don't ever forget who your ass belongs to. Don't ever forget, no matter how much it gets around. Don't ever forget what it feels like to be so completely mine. Do you like it, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Do you like being possessed by your mommy mom?"

"I feel so completely . . . God. I'm yours but more. I'm your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I'm the one you fuck when you get horny. I'm the one you want. I'm the one who drifts of in perfect surrender to your cock, your love, your need, your everything."

"To me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Your surrender to me. You're helpless right now, aren't you?"

"Yesss,' I whined. "It's so perfect!"

"This is the moment you'll always try to remember, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. The moment you belonged to me so perfectly willingly and still without a choice. Your body, your heart, you're mine. I'm your fucking mommy mom." She picked up the pace to a frantic rut. "I'm your fucking mommy mom and I'm going to screw your ass whenever I want. Whenever I want. It's mine. You're mine. Our love binds you to me, like my love always bound me to you. More than ever, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. More than ever, you know what it is to love your mommy mom."

I gurgled in helpless fear.

"It makes sense right now, I know. It makes perfect sense. Your hot ass is giving way to my cock, twitching and milking it while your clit throbs and oozes cum. You feel it, don't you. All because of mommy mom. All beyond every bit of your control. All because of the way I fuck my baby's ass. Your mommy mom. Fucking you. And you love it."

I nodded my head unevenly, my face contorted.

"You'll always remember your mommy mom fucking your ass and how beautiful it was. Beg for it. Beg for more."

It was permission.

"mommy mom, my slut ass loves your cock. I love getting fucked by my mommy mom. I love getting fucked by my mommy mom. I love getting fucked by my mommy mom Give me that dick! Give me that cock of yours! You fuck me so good. You fuck your son so fucking hard and deep and fast and long, and it only makes me want more."


"Give me your dick really good. Screw my ass. Screw my horny ass. Give me that dick till I can't walk. Please, mommy mom. Pound my ass for me? Pound my fucking ass? Take my horny slut-hole. Make me your little girl."

"Play with your clit now, sweetie."

"Mommy!! Fuck!! God!! Christ!!" I screamed as soon as I began rubbing it. "Cock! God! Cock! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass, you cunt!!" My head lolled to the side. "I'm my mommy mom cunt. I'm my mommy mom cunt," I chanted as I rubbed my clit against the inside of my thigh with the tips of two fingers. "Fuck my ass!!!!! That's all I fucking need! My mommy mom!! I'm Christ! I'm Christ! I want to cum so fucking need!! Cum, mommy mom Fuck your cunt!"

mommy mom was pounding my ass as hard as she could, my ankles locked behind her back, holding her in time with her rhythm. Her eyes were bulging out of her head as she skewered her cock in and out of my ass. "Fuck," she groaned.

"Can't cum! Can't cum! Can't cum! mommy mom mommy mom mommy mom" My clit was swelling more and more and I began twisting the end of it. "Take my fucking ass. Fuck!!!!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I began thrashing up off the pillows. "Your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy needs to cum," I whined plaintively, my eyes rolled back in my head. "Fuck me!" I cried with a long rattle in my chest. "Your cock! mommy mom" My voice was high and whiny, a shriek. "I need to cum! I need my mommy mom to fuck me! I need to fucking. Oh, God! Oh, Christ mommy mom mommy mom? mommy mom?! Mommy??? I LOVE YOU!" My voice wilted as my clit began to leak copious amounts of cum on my fingers and hand. The swelling began to go down. "mommy mom, I love you so much. Good boys always cum when they get fucked by their Mommies."

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God" She fucked me still. "Thank you baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." Gradually we ground to a halt, my ass well-fucked and my little girl clit soft again. She pulled out and, without a word, dropped to eat my belly button, stroking her tongue, probing over the sensative areas while I writhed and screamed. When she took my clit in her mouth, I thought of what lay ahead, her gentle, loving, sucking mouth, the tortorously slow climb to orgasm that I needed to remain still and quiet for.

"mommy mom, no."

She ignored me and continued to roll my clit about her mouth with her tongue. It began to swell and the light scrape of her teeth came and I wilted in the warm, wet, gentle embrace of her mouth upon my little girl clit.

"mommy mom?"

"Do you want me to stop?"

I smiled. "No, mommy mom." I lay my head back in the pillows and stared at the ceiling, trying to remove myself from the sexual element of the situation, thinking about how much I loved mommy mom instead. My screaming clit seemed far away as I drifted in a haze of knowing, knowing that I belonged to my mommy mom, that I loved her, that I would always love her. And, in that haze, I understood how right everything was, how perfect the moment was, how wonderfully and beautifully natural. "I love my mommy mom," I sighed. mommy mom paused and looked up at me and I down at her then I collapsed back into the pillows again. "I love my mommy mom so much." I spread my legs and spread my arms and luxuriated in the feel of the sheets on my skin, lost in a pastel blur of color so far removed from mommy mom loving mouth. Giddy with love, euphoric with bliss, my whole world made sense. Blackness encroached and I woke with my head held to her breast.

"Did I cum, mommy mom?"

"You sure did," she said with a wide smile.

"I only ever want to cum for you."

"I know, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she answered but my mouth was already wrapped around her nipple. After many minutes, I began to whimper and soon my entire body was quivering and twitching wildly. I crawled up into her arms, my legs scissoring one of hers, and we began to kiss while I gently humped her thigh. "Lie back, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she said eventually. She knelt and took her dick off then straddled me. My dick, my clit, was helplessly soft after the fucking she had given me and didn't respond to the warm wetness of her pussy. Her face seemed to take on a strangely boyish cast as she ground her pussy over my shorn public mount and clit, flooding it again and again with her cum. Her hands didn't touch me but rather rested on her own thighs. I felt afraid and molested.

"mommy mom," I said, but she didn't respond. When I tried to push her off me, she rose and climbed off the bed.

"You're the hottest fuck in three states," she told me. "I'm going to get ready for tonight. Put on your boy clothes, the nice ones. She laughed from the bathroom. "No shower for you. Oh, and I bought you a present. It's in the card in my purse. We're coming out of the closet tonight, babydoll."

When the watered, I stood and lifted her purse from the chair by the door and set it on the table. Sitting down, I lifted the flap and found a powder blue envelope. There was a romantic greeting inside signed, "Forever yours as you are forever mine, mommy mom." There was another card inside. A driver's license with my picture. I didn't understand at first as I studied it, then I saw the birthdate: 06/06/1999. "mommy mom" I cried with a smile in my voice. Then, worried she didn't hear me over the pounding water, I screamed, "I love you."

The water stopped and she emerged from the bathroom, toweling her hair. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, have I told you yet that, while you were growing up in my pussy, I knew I was making you a dick so you could fuck me? I wanted to let you know so you can understand that's the reason you have a dick, but more, that's the reason you're here on this world. One of them, at least. To fuck your mommy mom."

"Thank you," I said, suddenly choking back tears.

"It's right, isn't it?"

I nodded, my head falling.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" she asked with a tiny touch of panic in her voice.

"We can't be together."

"You mean we can't marry, raise a family?"

I looked away.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I'm your mommy mom and you're my son. Whatever happens, I'm your mommy mom and you're my son. Do you understand? That's what we are to each other, and it means everything to me, but that's still all we are to each other."

I nodded, still looking away.

"That's not it, is it?"

I shook my head.

"Love, wait a few years. Please? Be patient. We have each other, and you know we always will. Ten years from now, if you can bear that eternity, things will be very different. You won't be a child, if that's what worries you. People will still stare sometimes, but not often, and no one will ever suspect unless we want them to. I won't hold you back. I promise never to keep you from happiness. Every bone, every cell in my body rages and screams when I think of you with another woman, but I know you'll find one. I know you'll find many over the years, not just the next ten years, but the next thirty years. You'll be married, have children of your own, but that won't mean we'll love each other less. And we won't deprive that love. I know whether you do or not. You really do belong to your mommy mom. You don't truly know because you haven't tested that tether yet. Our love is forever. She walked over to me, knelt and kissed me, her hand sliding under my ass to my well-lubed fuck hole. Her finger swirled inside me while I fucked my tongue in and out of her mouth. "This is and will always be part of that love. I started when I knew I could still make you understand that, when I knew you would never feel guilty for the evenings I keep you from your wife, and everything else owning your heart means. You will betray me, slut that you are, but I will always, always forgive you." She sucked me and I could hear my body screaming from that far-away place I had found, passing through the electric black of mommy mom sexuality to the purity of my love. I was roused by the taste of cum in my mouth. mommy mom was standing over me and my head was back while she coated the insides of my lips and teeth with my cum. I poked her tongue with mine and her head pulled up and her lips pursed. I lapped and sucked at her tongue as it pushed farther into my mouth, my cum leaking down it from her lips. I begged for it soundlessly, urgently sucking both her lips into my mouth. Finally, she pulled back one last time and, sealing her lips upon mine, stabbed her tongue deep in my mouth as I choked on and drank my own cum, our mouths sucking in time against each other.

"Thank you, mommy mom."

She smiled, her face still hovering above me. "Let's go dancing, love." She dug my MacBook from my bag and placed it in my lap. She gathered her things as she spoke "I'm going out for a bit. It's already 7:30. I'll be back with food by ten. I saw a sign for a martini longue. That might be a good place to look at. Be sure to dress as a boy. I'll do your hair and makeup." She paused at the door, a painful, loving smile on her face. "You're so beautiful. Your face, your heart, your legs, mommy mom ass, mommy mom. Oh, and mommy mom heart now that I think of it. But your legs and face are still yours for now. Cum for mommy mom at least once while I'm gone. I feel it, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Sometimes, I swear to God, I know and I feel it."

"mommy mom?"

"Yes," she said flatly. "I will always, until I die, be your mommy mom. What is it, love?"

"Call me baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

Her shoulders sagged. "One more thing to love about you. Bye, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." The door shut and I noticed I was hard already.

I lifted my legs and rubbed my clit with a finger in my very well-fucked ass, cooing and gurgling words of love and devotion. My ass twitched wildly, loose around my hands except for what felt like a pair of tonsils that I rolled around with my finger. I was so afraid and when I realized why, I squealed out my promise. "I belong to you, mommy mom. I'll always belong to you." The fear evaporated and everything was as it should be again. I was fingering my ass, tugging at my little-girl clit, enthralled by my love for mommy mom. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy's cumming for you!" I cried and squirted blood streaked cum on my stomach that I lazily scooped up and dipped my fingertips in and ate, exhausted and still needing more.

mommy mom woke me when she returned, airy and happy. "You owe me one. I'll explain later. There's a crab cake on a bun in the box. Some fries, too. I'll make you a drink so you're nice and relaxed tonight, not worried about what people think. Eat, then we'll get a shower. Together, if you want. I found you something you will simply not believe is real online when we were planning this trip. You're old enough for a garment bag, I think. A gal can never have too much luggage. That reminds me, I have two words for you. ‘Fuckity hell.' I want you to start saying it when something annoys you or disappoints you. Sometimes, I mean. Obviously. It's so perfect for you. She unzipped my garment bag and All I could see at first were black pants and a black jacket. The jacket was double breasted and the legs of the pants were subtly laced, to be drawn skin tight. The shirt on the hanger was white with black buttons and beneath it was a boldly large red cravat. "I wanted to buy the boots, but you already have dress shoes. Oh, and there are these." She pressed a pair of black panties into my hand with a pink bow at the waistline and five half-inch strips of lace flaring out from the crotch to form a bikini-shaped back. She smiled. "I bought the cane too, for the suit. But I didn't bring it because I didn't want to get carried away and have you take it out with us. Not here." She shrugged. "Or not with me."

As I was finishing my meal, mommy mom started the shower and stripped. "Come on, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. mommy mom will do everything." I nodded and rose. True to her word, mommy mom washed every inch of me as I stood still, still exhausted, in the shower. She shampooed my hair and murmured something and I instinctively dipped it into the streaming water and she rinsed it for me. "Our love is so perfect." My reply was a long, relieved groan. mommy mom stopped the water with her finger screwing my ass. "I do love my pussy," she said, her breath hot on my shoulder even in the stream. "I love you so much, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Stop pretending. Stop pretending you don't know. Stop pretending to be who you think you are and be who you are."

Tears swelled in my eyes. "I'm so afraid of always belonging to you."

"Always?" Her voice was a bit amused.

"Yes, mommy mom."

"Why will you always belong to me?"

"I don't know, mommy mom." My stomach clenched tight in discomfort that make sense and I was happy as I shook like a leaf. "I need you," I cried.

Her hands moved over my skin and I helplessly grew erect. "When you stop needing me, you won't belong to me then, I suppose. But I'm not going to let that happen anytime soon. The truth is, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I just realized I want your need more than your love. I knew you loved me a year ago. All boys love their Mommies, but to know that you still need me, every bit as much as you did when you were so little. Not an infant. I'm not being that sick. But I remember the way your eyes would grow wide when I smiled, like I was the sun that rose and set in your world. We've talked about this before, haven't we? I'm happy to be that. It's what I wanted you most for. I never knew that till after you were born, but it was what I had wanted, to be everything to you. I'm sorry you're afraid, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Really. But you're not afraid of needing me. At least, I don't think. Not directly. You're afraid of how much I mean to you, because of what that means you might lose if you lose me." Her touch was gentle but my shaking wouldn't stop. mommy mom leaned close to my ear. "Don't you think it scares to know that I would die for you, that I'm sure of it. I would die for you and more. I'd let you kill me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, if you hated me enough to, and I'd write a letter to the judge and jury before you did, begging for clemency, letting them know it was all my fault. We'll take turns being afraid until we're sure enough we're right about what we know to be afraid together. Sound good?"

"Yes, mommy mom." I was crying.

"We don't have to go out. We can cuddle. Let me get in my PJs. We have an hour or two still to change our minds."

I climbed into bed nude with mommy mom and after kissing for a bit, slid down her torso and lay with my head on the inside of her thigh, adrift in the smell of her pussy. Time stretched on and on. Her body shifted and my head stirred. "Make me a drink, mommy mom?"

"Godddd," she groaned. "Quit making me feel guilty about it. I feel like I'm getting you liquored up to fuck you."

I chuckled. "You're just being self-conscious. I know you do it so I'll want to grope in public."

"Don't grow up too fast," she sighed and rose to fix a rum and coke, my drink whether I wanted it or not it seemed.

"Will you suck my dick, mommy mom?"

She smiled widely. "You want me to?"

"No, maybe not. There was blood in my cum, earlier."

The rum bottle rattled when she set it on the table. "Your drink can wait." She turned to me knelt before me, sliding her arms under my thigh, lifting them up on her shoulders, and swallowing my little-boy-dick. I leaned back on straight arms and rocked mindlessly into her mouth, my own mouth agape and quiet, my eyes closed. My thoughts stirred as she gently toyed with my cock with her tongue, hardening it then softening it with the lightest touch of her teeth. I loved having such a good mommy mom, a mommy mom who was so good to me. I didn't feel grateful. I felt lucky. I loved her so much I began to quiver. "Are you okay?" She asked, tongue spinning my dick in circles.

"Perfect. It's so perfect."

"What is?" She sucked at the very head of my dick.

"Our love." Her mouth froze and I knew she had cum. Her tender ministrations resumed and my breath eased in and out of me in long, slow gasps. "I love you," I gurgled when I came.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she whined, tears in her voice.

"I know. I always know." I lowered myself back on the bed. "I belong to my mommy mom."

"Yes," she sighed. She set my drink in my hand and began dressing. "Then you don't have a choice. We're going dancing."

"I know, mommy mom."

We took a cab to the martini lounge, hands clasped on her knee in the backseat. "Do you love your mommy mom?" she asked the cabbie.

"Yes. I guess I still do. I still visit her because I want to, not because I feel I should. That's enough, I hope."

"That's all you're willing to admit to."

"Maybe," he said, a smile in his voice.

"Do you still need her?"

"I get by. You know how it is."

"Yes, I do. I'll give you a forty-dollar tip if you can keep a promise."

"I have to hear what that promise is."

"Call your mommy mom tonight. Wake her up. And tell her that you need her still. Tell her that, in a world like this, you will always need a mommy mom."

"I don't know if I can take advantage of a woman who's been drinking like that."

"I haven't had a drop."

"You've been up to something. And with your son?"

"Yes, I drank blood and cum from his dick earlier."

"You've got a deal."

The martini lounge didn't check licenses at the door, thankfully, though mommy mom had assured me ahead of time she could talk our way in. It was laid out wonderfully, a room full of leather sofas, a billiards room, and a ballroom. Four drinks in me, I didn't protest when mommy mom lead me to the dance floor and led me in a slow modification of our salsa steps. She ordered a drink when the waitress approached and we sat when it arrived.

"What do you do think?" she asked.

I smiled widely, suppressing a foolish laugh.

"You look beautiful tonight. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

The dance floor all but emptied when a more up-tempo song began. "Come on," mommy mom said, patting my leg. "This is for us."

Five weeks of lessons and the hours of practice paid off. I saw the faces but didn't realize they were all watching us till the song stopped and we struck our final pose. The room burst into cheers and applause. mommy mom laughed and we both bowed before returning to our table to find a woman in her late thirties with very thin legs and very long blond hair.

"May I borrow your friend?" she asked with a carnivorous smile.

"He's my son, and yes you may."

I spent the evening with my head pressed under the chin or held into the breasts of one woman after another until the early morning hours had me giggling and waltzing down the boardwalk the hostess that had ushered us out, mommy mom clipping in her heels down the cement behind us. "Sit, stop!" she called after us. The hostess lifted me off my feet, and I laughed lifting my calves back. She staggered and managed to get us to the sand before we fell. She rolled over me, stared into my eyes, and softly said, "I want you." I grew hard instantly and rose after her to land on a bench. Her beautiful face, twenty-five at the eldest, held me rapt till mommy mom sat between us. mommy mom put her arm around my shoulder, pulled me close, and plunged her tongue into my mouth. I moaned as mommy mom tongue danced with mine, accepting the force of her kiss, her tongue deep at the back of my mouth, invasively reminding me whom I belonged to.

"Lick my pussy, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Please?" I paused. "Now?" she added, eyebrows raised. I sat on the pavement with my legs straight out, beneath the bench, and my mommy mom slouched to its edge, pulling her skirt up, then wrapping her hand around my head as I started massaging her clit with my tongue. I heard some rustling and mommy mom voice say, "Wait. Let's talk price." I looked up to see the hostess standing with wide-opened mouth and mommy mom hand on her wrist. mommy mom leg nudged me.

"I want to lick your pussy too," I told her and mommy mom hand guided my head back between her legs.

"He's really very good at it," mommy mom gurgled.

"We should really go," the hostess said in a low voice.

"Not just yet," mommy mom said and locked her ankles at the small of my back, undulating her hips. Her pussy squirmed and I followed her clit as best I could. I sunk my tongue inside her one last time, sealed my mouth on her cunt, and whined as high and loud as I could.

"I love my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," she cried, each word coming out of her like a bird chirp. I sucked my mommy mom cum out of her and leaned back, relaxed and a bit more centered, transfixed by her pussy. I belonged to my mommy mom. It tore at my mind. I wanted to fuck her so much, to be home again so I could know peace and purpose. Her hand cupped my face and I looked up to see her smiling at me. "Couldn't you just kiss that face for hours?" The hostess tugged slightly at mommy mom wrist.

"For a hundred fucking dollars," she groaned, looking away.

"He'll lick your pussy. Let's go for a drive while you think it over. What was your name again?" It didn't matter.

The hostess and I piled into the backseat of her car and mommy mom drove. My hand immediately moved to rest on her thigh, below her skirt. Once we were out from the harsh lights of the parking garage, I straddled her hips and we began to kiss. She slouched down in her seat and leaned her neck back. "You're such a good boy," she murmured, her hands at my belt. She put her hands on my thighs and began rubbing her thumbs over my shaved pubic mound, massaging it as I grew hard. Content to do this, her fierce eye contact keeping me at bay when I moved to kiss her. "Want me," she said. mommy mom laughed softly.

mommy mom made drinks back at the hotel and guided the hostess to the sofa, outside the bedroom of our suite as I stripped within, counting the money mommy mom had pressed into my hand. It was only eighty dollars. I shrugged and returned to the living area. The hostess and mommy mom sat on the sofa, two pairs of shoes and a pair of panty hose on the floor. I stared at the hostesses bare, tanned legs.

"Give her her money's worth," mommy mom said and I dropped to my knees as the hostess slouched on the sofa. mommy mom placed a hand on her thigh and tugged her legs open. I slid my legs under the sofa as I had on the beach and began to lick her pussy. The last thing I saw was mommy mom leaning over to her as her skirt moved to obscure my vision. Her pussy twitched around my mouth again and again and when the skirt was pulled away, I saw her and mommy mom kissing. Tears welled in my eyes, and then the anger came. I rose to my knees and sunk my dick into the hostess's pussy and watched her turn her gaze to me. mommy mom watched too, smiling slightly. All I could think about was how much I loved my mommy mom and how good boys always came for their Mommies. I told myself I was fucking my mommy mom and confused frustration engulfed me.

"Fuck! mommy mom" I spat and wilted.

mommy mom rose from the sofa, a look of concern on her face. She turned her head. "Get out, please. Now, please." Her hand cupped my face again. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Now you know. Now you always know. I didn't plan it." I nodded my head as she pushed me back on the carpet. The door opened and closed. mommy mom lifted her dress and straddled me, mashing my limp dick with her pussy. She used me, grinding and gliding her pussy back and forth and around my little girl clit that swelled as it grew slick with her wetness. She came again and again. I didn't remember anything else the next morning except the two of us fucking on the bed, hard and fast, her dick slamming in and out of me as I whined and begged for more.


Two years later, mommy mom and I had still hadn't settled into a routine. There were arguments the first year, but those had ended. We never fought. It was always simply too easy to end things with sex. My hair was well below my shoulders, nicely highlighted and cut to be done up. I shaved daily. My play clothes vastly out matched my school clothes in quantity and style. My underwear drawer read like a small stack of Victoria's Secret catalogs, though instead of silk and satin it was lace and gossamer. mommy mom and I were rarely apart in the evenings or on weekends. I had settled into a rhythm of staying out from underfoot but still consuming her attention. I suspected it irked her some, but whenever I wanted her eyes on my ass, I could have them there. When the weather was warm, more often than not, I'd strip too my lingerie when it was clear we were settling in for the evening. Neither of us had ever suggested I wear a bra, so I had a large collection of chemises, negligees, babydolls, bustiers, corsets, and some items without a label that comes to mind. I'd lie on the sofa while mommy mom sat in a char either reading or watching television. I'd pull my little girl clit out of my panties if I was wearing any, keeping my balls inside, roll it between my fingers a bit, and then ignore it as it grew hard, keeping it within her view as I fidgeted with nothing, get up for something to drink, bend over to pick something up, smile at my mommy mom, lie back on the sofa, rub my clit, climb upstairs to play games for a bit, head back down, purr and moan while I shifted on the sofa, touching myself without jerking off, tell mommy mom I loved her, and ask her when she was going to bed. If I had done my job right, she would open her eyes wide and ask, "Are you going to bed?" She'd follow me upstairs and we'd fuck, which generally entailed me feeding my little girl clit to her pussy, I'd bask in just knowing I was fucking my mommy mom for the first half of sex before the excitement kicked in, and with it the fear. When I realized I was going to cum inside her, I'd become paranoid about losing myself to her even further. This usually led to nursing, though some nights I'd fight through it, and then to kissing, and then generally to more fucking, which is when we'd switch roles, though not if mommy mom was too tired to fuck me for as long as I needed, in which I'd nurse more and then masturbate in her arms while we kissed and spoke about how we loved each other, how proud she was of me. Sometimes I'd cum in her pussy, sometimes on her belly, and sometimes I'd cum on her breasts and then lick it all off. I'd cum in her mouth after cumming in her pussy or cumming with her cock in making me whine, whimper, sob, gurgle, scream, or squeal. Otherwise, I'd cum in her pussy. I always came in her pussy. Good boys always cum in their Mommies. I never fucked her from behind and she had stopped riding me till I orgasmed. Through the first half of sex, I would ceaselessly remind her that her baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy was fucking her, that her own son, her very own son was making her cum, that her baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy's dick was in her pussy, the one place it belonged, that her baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy boy loved fucking his mommy mom. This would fade over to whines and shrieks about how much I loved her. We were entranced with each others orgasms, and I with my own. I won't speak for her because she came so much. It seemed that every thirty or forty seconds, her eyes would bulge out and her head would starting bounding up and down off the pillow. I often couldn't even get inside her before she came. And sex? It was interminable. If it lasted longer than forty minutes or so, I'd pull her up in my lap and we'd lock arms and rock vigorously against one another. If I could cum, I would push her back onto the bed. If I couldn't, I would pull her atop me and then she'd rock gently against me with closed eyes but stop when I became excited and, with a tired, happy smile, climb off and pull me out onto the patio to smoke marijuana or just flopping back into the pillows and waiting for me to mount her breasts and rub my dick on her lips till she let me press through her teeth so I could plant my hands on the headboard and fuck her face and she could drink my cum. One night, I looked at the clock when she was stripping and it read 12:40. It read 4:20 after I had fed her my cum and lay down in her arms to kiss a bit before sleep.

So maybe it was a bit of a routine, but it was still heaven. I loved mommy mom so much, needed her so much, and she gave me everything I could ever need from her just by letting me feed my little boy dick to her pussy until I came inside her, and she loved me for it. Everything was wonderful. It was as though the world had been parted and a special place had been created for the two of us.

mommy mom had recently installed cameras around the house, each discretely hidden, so she could keep an eye on me from work. It was my birthday present to her, she said. I also went out to dinner with her in a preposterous black dress covered with bows, a short skirt flared with a petticoat, stockings, black boots, and fingerless lace gloves. She had begun to push estrogen, but I was reluctant. College was looming and I was terrified. There was a school in town but it wasn't a good one and the only other college with a realistic commute was private. mommy mom had told me that she'd take me on as an apprentice – she worked as a real estate appraiser – but that I'd have to do things to make extra money. She wanted me to start dating men when I turned seventeen. She said, for one date a month, a full evening, she'd add $400 to my monthly salary. We hadn't agreed to that yet. She also suggested we could make extra money by arranging shows. We'd already fucked in front of our dance instructor and mommy mom felt sure she could arrange an audience. That would bring in more money, which I could pay for some of our dates with – mommy mom had already assured me that I'd always have nice things to wear – and maybe a car payment. mommy mom was letting me drive her old Toyota. Business was good and she'd bought herself a silver Lexus sedan. She told me if I bought an old, affordable sporty BMW, for some of her more casual outfits, I could borrow her Lexus for some of my more formal outfits. They'd both be family cars.

mommy mom promised me that the cameras were never recording, that she would only be able to see what was happening at the moment, but I didn't believe her. I knew what she really wanted. She wanted me to finally meet a boy. As a good boy, I felt I should. I went cross-dressed with mommy mom to one of my school's away games. Football. We showed up high, drunk, and on painkillers that mommy mom had surprised me with. I was still petrified that the kids from my school – I had ditched all my friends and hadn't made more – would recognize me. But as soon as mommy mom hand rested on the inside of my thigh, my libido took over. We kissed and kissed and then I caught the eye of a boy from English class, sitting with a friend.

"I'll be right back, mommy mom," I said. I climbed the bleachers uncertainly, shaking. When I approached him, Charlie, he smiled at me, giving me the courage to take the final dozen steps. I sat down next to him. "Hi, Charlie. Recognize me?"

"I think so," he said, studying my eyes, smiling, cute.

I kissed the air lightly and he dropped his gaze, turning his eyes to the side at me, still smiling, then down again.

"I've seen you walking home."


He was so painfully awkward. Was he a virgin?

"Can I give you a ride home tomorrow please?"


"Me, Charlie."

"I don't know if that's . . ."

I rolled my eyes. "Hand me your phone." I began keying in my number. "This offer expires in two months. Give me a call and I will pick you up and take you home, get you high, get you drunk, and get your clothes off. Don't be a dumbfuck. The only one who will know is my mommy mom. Oh, and Charlie? I'm not looking for a boyfriend. So don't get carried away in your head." I stood and returned to mommy mom who was rising from her seat. We kissed again and she smacked my ass as I headed down the bleachers ahead of her.

"What's his name?"


"Do you have a date?"

"Not yet."

"Do you need advice?"

"I think so."

"Don't make him wear a condom. You've never been cum inside before and I don't want you to deprive yourself of it."

"Mommmy," I groaned. We still weren't out of the stands.

"Is he gay?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, and make him cum in his pants if you can. Boys love that."

A titter of laughter rose on our right.

"Mommmy," I groaned again.

"Do you like getting fucked?"

"Yes, mommy mom," I mumbled.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"

"Yes, I like getting fucked, mommy mom. Stop it." The drugs were in full gear. "Just because you want me to fuck a . . . a . . . a boy who doesn't care about me doesn't mean I want him in my ass."

"Now, tell the truth."

"I want him in my ass! Okay, mommy mom? I do. I want him in my ass!"

"I knew I raised a good little slut."

"Fuck you, mommy mom. I'm going home, getting a shower, getting drunk, and going to bed."

"No you're not, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"I am too! I'm getting sick of fucking you when all you do is treat me like a God damned . . ." my mouth dropped.

"By all means, finish up, dear."

"Like I'm everything."

"You are."

"I know." Tears were in my voice.

mommy mom leaned down and kissed me and my whole world disappeared. There, at the foot of the bleachers of a high school football game, I understood that I loved my mommy mom more than I had ever guessed. She was my soul. She had replaced whatever had been there, all those dreams and desires and fears and needs, with herself. Everything in me grew out of my mommy mom. All that she was, I could become. I was my mommy mom baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, and about the only thing I could do about it at this point was enjoy it because it was the life that had found me. Nothing else mattered because there were no other options. Nothing else mattered because there was nothing I wanted that I didn't have. Nothing else mattered because all my fear had been driven out by love. Nothing else mattered because there wasn't anything else. There was mommy mom and mommy mom was everything. We were right for each other. That thought had never occurred to me before.

I smiled up at mommy mom and asked in a small voice, "Take me home and fuck me?"

mommy mom nodded with a smile and steered me to the car. She put me in the back seat. "Cum for me," she said as she turned the ignition. Tell me your fantasy and cum for me.

"I want a cock," I moaned, lying down across the seats in back.

"That's a good start, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Now why?"

"I love a good fucking so much."

"Do you want mommy mom?"

"I want Charlie's."

"Then cum for me and tell me why. There's no guilt. It's only natural that a tramp like you would want to get around."

"Watch me suck his cock?"

She shook her head. "No."

My fingers were in my clit. "But I'm such a good slut."

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, never act like this with a man."

"I need a cock in my fucking ass," I groaned.

"And don't cum on your skirt. It's dry-clean only and you've only been wearing it for four hours."

I sat up, between the two front seats, and scooted to the very edge, watching mommy mom make passing eye contact in the rear-view mirror. "I want his prick in me. I want to drain his balls dry, till he can't fuck anymore, till he can't even get hard in my mouth, till everything about fucking doesn't matter and he can be mine. I want to stroke his hair and tell him tell him that trying to be a decent person is a lot more than a lot of people do, that wanting the morally right thing to be the correct thing counts for something, even if you can't follow through on it all the time. I want him to put his chin on my shoulder and close his eyes so I can promise him that everything he wants is right and tell him how much I love having his dick cum in my ass, and telling him everything he knows about me is right until we leave our bed. And I want so, so to suck at the head of his cock while I jerk him off and slide a finger in his ass to make him cum and tell him afterwards just how much cum of his I swallowed, exaggerating just a little, but only if I was disappointed."

"I know, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," mommy mom said in a voice choked with tears. "You're such a good girl."

"I'll be his baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, mommy mom. I'll be his baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy and he'll use me like his whore. He'll use my ass to gratify his cock and I'll love every minute of it because I'll know his whole existence has been reduced to needing to cum inside me."

"Be his mommy mom. Be his mommy mom, I'll coach you later."


"He's never been laid, he wants to fuck his mommy mom. But he can't reconcile love and sex yet, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. If you're his baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, he'll freak or be mean. But his mommy mom? As a slut? He'll die for it. Now tell me what you're looking forward to most?"

"I want to take his virginity."

mommy mom eyes sparkled when they met mine in the mirror and she shook her head.

"I want to feel his cum running out of my ass, mommy mom I want it so bad. I want to feel fucked and feel his cum leaking out into my panties while I suck his cock over a drink before sending him home!"

"That's a good fantasy."

"Will you watch? Please, mommy mom?!"

"Text me. I'll tune in for that. I'll work late that night. You're planning on driving him home?"

"Yes, mommy mom," I said, staring down at the cum in my hand and on the floorboard.

"You get one day off school for this, to get ready. And use my car. It'll help. And I pick your outfit. And, Wednesday, at dance, you're going to learn some solo moves. Get him on the sofa and high. Smoke too, but just a bit. Trust me. Don't inhale after two. No booze at first. Then cut on some music and show your stuff. He'll be entranced. Get him a drink and straddle his lap. Under no circumstances are you to suck his cock. He'd probably be so scared, he'd pretend to be asleep. But get it out of his pants." She laughed. "We'll see if Cynthia can teach lap dancing. He won't have the nerve to take it out. Lap dance first, then get your panties off. Give him a good look at your ass while you do your garters. No, you'll be too nervous. We'll find something you can rip off. Crotchless would, again, be too much for his first time. Even panty hose. Get him in your ass, facing away, and put his hands on you. If the little prick lets them drop, get them back and don't ride him till they stay put. When he starts to squeeze, get down on the floor, bare your ass, and say, "Fuck me, Charlie? I like your dick."

We fucked in the tub that night. mommy mom undressed me pulled me into the bathroom, put me on knees in a tub lined with a thick comforter and filling with very hot water. She knelt behind me and pushed me forward, my torso falling over the edge onto the cold tile the tub was set in. I lay flat, my head pressed onto the tile as mommy mom loosened my ass with her fingers as the water level rose. Over the past two years, we had switched to a much larger toy. Vasoline was mandatory to get all ten inches of it inside me, and the rising water didn't sweep it from her cock. Something else entered my ass first though and I groaned as my bowels were flooded with scalding warmth. Then came mommy mom. I was nauseous from the heat of the water and begged not to cum in a whiny, gasping, pleas that I could barely hear anymore when mommy mom tapped the button for the jacuzzi jets. I continued to gasp and plea until something inside me broke and I lay my face back on the tile and babbled about loving my mommy mom.

"You're so fucking hot, baby! Charlie's going to love your ass as much as I do! God, I love you, you fucking tramp!" She was fucking me very deep and hard, the water flying out of the tub only to be replenished by the spigot behind her. "I couldn't have asked for better daughter, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Your sweet fucking ass. Oh my God, I could fucking die. Right here, right now, fucking my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Tell me how much you like my fucking cock!"

"I love you!" I cried.

"Not me, my fucking cock, you slut."

"It's in my hole!" I coughed and began to wretch. mommy mom reached beneath me to grab my clit in her fingers and began twisting the head. I began to scream in time with her thrusts. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" My eyes were filled with tears, I felt on the edge of passing out, but my whole body screamed with pleasure. When mommy mom deftly peeled back my foreskin with a flick of her fingers, I screamed again and half a night's worth of liquor spewed from my mouth. Her hand moved to my belly button, massaging it as my ass spasmed on her cock. The sloshing water was already washing my vomit away from my face. "I love you," mommy mom. It was her finger on my navel. It was my training. I resented it, but I didn't even want to resist at the same time. "I love my mommy mom."

"How's my cock?" she growled.

"Perfect, mommy mom. It's mine. I love it when you make your cock mine. Fuck me. Fuck me forever." My voice was rising to a whine and cum was running from my dick into the tub. "I love my fucking mommy mom!"

"Good girl."

"Make me your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy girl!"

"Good girls get fucked by their Mommies."

"I know!"

She laughed. "You will."

The water cut off and mommy mom rose. I remained in the tub, pushing myself up to my knees and gasping for air, fingering my ass lightly. After drying, mommy mom held out her hand and helped me out of the tub. "Come here," she said and led me into the bedroom. We lay down together and I nursed, all confusion, all pleasure, all worry, everything resolved. It was all perfect in that dark oblivion of need. When I began to get hard, mommy mom pulled my head back and rolled me over. "All good girls get fucked by their Mommies," she said and fit my clit to her pussy. She rode me slowly, our hips moving in time, till I became anxious to cum and began bucking up beneath her. The look on her face encouraged me and I kept at it till she was thrown on all fours atop me. She held up her hand. "I'm sore, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. One minute."

"Let me kiss it and make it better?" She smiled and rose up my torso, spinning around at the last minute and dropping to my clit. Instead of her usually tender, gentle, loving blowjobs, mommy mom . . . I don't know what she did. She sucked, licked and nibbled at my clit, sucking cum from it like a straw, until it was so soft and shriveled she couldn't even twirl it around my shaved pubic mound with her tongue. Finally, just to stop her, I let my tongue fall from her pussy. She turned and we crawled into each other's arms I immediately lost consciousness.

I kept my eye out for Charlie at school, struggling to avoid him. When I didn't hear from him in the first week, mommy mom suggested I buy a few red and white roses and slide petals through the vents in his locker. After three days, the text came. His pretense was that his friend Paul couldn't take him to the mall that afternoon. I answered that I couldn't for two days. He answered that he could get a ride by then. mommy mom calmed my irritation, warning me that calling Charlie rude would make him feel too defensive.

"You're going to have to ask him out."

"What do boys my age like to do?"

She chuckled. "You need to look at it a different way. He likes you. He does. He thinks he's inconveniencing you by asking for a trip to the mall when he has another way to get there. That's rude to him. You need to need help, and it has to be real. It'd be nice if you needed a dance partner. We'll get Cynthia in on it. Your cousin's getting married. Her father's rich so it'll be formal and fancy and you have to learn a few dance steps. But don't tell him that. Tell him that you have a favor to ask and it's too embarrassing to tell him what, that no one will ever find out, that it's twenty minutes in the car and, when he sees, he can back out and you'll take him straight home. Get high on the way. Don't kiss him, don't anything. Make contact. If he gets hard, tell him he's sweet. If he smiles, kiss him. More likely, he'll get nervous. Then cozy up to him. You get the idea, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy None of these things will happen, but this is the frame of mind you need, and trust your instincts."

Charlie agreed to my mysterious favor and mommy mom decked me out for the day in a white suede dress with a short skirt and a neckline that should have shown a hint of cleavage. There was a matching white suede shrug that covered my shoulders, the top of my back, and my arms down to my elbows. I wore white fishnet stockings, a gold tennis bracelet, and black patent leather pumps, and no panties. My blond hair was pinned in a simple up-do. I pulled up to curb after the buses left the loop in mommy mom silver Lexus, rolled down the passenger window and idled ahead, scanning for Charlie. "Hey, you," I said, spotting him. His draw dropped. "Hop in."

I lit a joint mommy mom had rolled for me and took two or three tokes then passed it to him. "It's all yours," I said and cut on some loud pop music with synthetic sounding vocals so we didn't have to talk. Charile finished the joint and stared numbly off into space, furtively glancing at my thighs. I turned the music down. "Don't worry. We're not gong to do anything scary."

"About this favor," he began.

I laughed. "If I could blindfold you and lead you into the builiding, you'd be fine with it. Hey, that's not a bad idea. Open the glove compartment. I think there's a scarf." Charlie popped the glove compartment open and pulled out a black scarf that he smiled vacantly into. mommy mom is a genius. "Okay, so we'll get to the corner of the block and I'll blindfold you. You'll be fine. It's a decent part of town."

I parked on the curb around the corner and fed the meter. Charlie and I made our way up the sidewalk and I snatched the scarf out of his hands as we neared the corner. I wrapped it in front of his face and tied it tight behind his head then took his hand. "Careful," I said as I opened the door and led him through.

"I've been waiting for you too," Cynthia's said from behind the counter. "Let me get too started."

"Can you explain to my friend?"

"What's his name?"


"This way, Charile. We'll take the elevator. I'll wait till the doors close." She chuckled. "I'm kidding. Not really."

When the elevator doors closed, Cynthia repeated a lie I hadn't heard. "Charlie, we're going to teach you to dance. Your friend needs a partner and I have a wager with her mother. I told her no boy would want to learn how to dance and she said one lesson, and you'd be hooked." The elevator dinged and I removed Charlie's blindfold. "Now, your partner here is actually quite accomplished. She's going to get you started and I'll be back in an hour." Cynthia walked over to a small table where a bottle of wine sat with two glasses. She filled each glass and tapped some buttons on the wall. Dark dance music that I hadn't heard during my lessons with mommy mom filled the studio. "I thought you might like Prodigy." She turned the volume up above conversation level and trotted down the stairs.

"I didn't know," I mouthed at Charlie and shrugged, blushing. He gestured towards the wine. I downed my glass in a gulp and smiled broadly at him. He poured me another. I drained half of it, set it on the table, and spun away in a pirrotte. Charlie sipped his wine as I danced for him, runnig my hands down my body, holding myself, swinging my hips. When his glass was nearly empty, I motioned him to me. I grabbed his hand and put it at my waist then took his other in mine and coaxed him into a foxtrot, laughing foolishly as I did. He laughed too. Through gestures, I showed him a few steps and motions. When we returned to the wine, I took his hand in mine and wrapped it around my wrist. His thumb found my pulse, which was racing, and I swayed on my feet, laughing foolishly. Twenty minutes later, we jogged down the stairs together.

"Wine's gone, Cynthia. See you Wednesday."

"Take care, sweetie."

By the car, I tossed Charlie the keys. "I've had twice as much as you. But careful!"

I lit the second joint as Charlie pulled into the early rush hour traffic. "Take me home, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I need a drink."

"Your house?"

"Yes," I smiled. "I want to thank you."

Panic flashed through his eyes.

"Dinner, stud." I tapped the ash from the joint and held it between Charlie's lips. "I love fucking, don't you?" Charlie broke into a fit of coughing. "That's the real bet," I said softly.

I pulled out my phone and ordered some Chinese food at a place near home that we picked up on the way. I stayed inside, making small talk with the clerk to rouse Charlie's interest some more.

"Are you hungry yet?" I asked as I let him in.

"Not very."

"Let's work up an appetite then." I led him into the living room where a camera lens discreetly protruded above the book shelves and another with the electronic paraphenalia by the television. I tapped out a quick text to mommy mom and said nothing then turned off my phone. "Do you want more wine?"

"I hardly got anything out of the first bottle," he said with a smile.

"I was nervous. Wait." I traipsed off to the kitchen and fixed him a double gin and tonic in a large glass. "It's almost as good," I said, handing it to him. I opened my handbag and out came the last joint. "Just relax, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I want to dance some more, for you. Just relax."

I began gyrating my ass for him and watched the lump grow in his jeans. I smiled, pretending not to notice and dropped to forearms and knees spinning my ass in time to the music, running my hands over it, hiking my dress up. I sat in his lap, and ground my ass against his hardening cock, then spun around and straddled him. When I kissed him, he responded eagerly. "I want to fuck," I told him and unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled some lube from my handbag and began jerking him off. He moaned when I hiked up my dress and impaled myself on his cock. "That's it, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Your cock feels so good," I whined as I again gyrated my ass, this time with Charlie's dick inside it. "Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Fuck, Charlie, your cock! It's in my fucking ass." I began rising and falling on my knees, gratifying my clutching asshole with his virgin fuck meat. Riding his cock was almost as pleasurable as having his cock inside me – knowing that Charlie was trapped, that he wasn't going to get away until he came, that his world revolved as much around my pulsing shitter milking his cock as I rose, only to engulf him in my ass as I slammed down around it as mine revolved around being in love with the feeling that I was the first girl to coax cum from his prick. I placed my hands on Charlies shoulders and leaned back, still humping my horny ass on his dick. "You're going to cum in me, Charlie. Your very first. Oh, baby! I love your fucking cock!" I leaned my head back and squirmed my ass against his crotch with wild abandon. He began to slouch and I righted myself, sliding my legs behind his back. I kissed him, biting his lip. "I'm a bitch. But I'm your bitch. Tonight. All night. How many times can you shoot your fucking load in me?" Charlie emitted a wordless gasp. "Thank you, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Thank you for that," I murmured, holding him close, in his lap, my arms and legs locked behind his back, my head in the crook of his neck. "Did you ever know you liked such trashy girls?"

"No," was all he said.

"I want to thank your cock now, Charlie. Take off your shirt for me." With my help, Charlie and I removed his shirt and I used it to wipe his cock clean. I knelt on the floor and untied his shoes than slowly undressed him the rest of the way. When I was finished, I spread his legs and climbed between them, kissing and sucking and licking the underside of his penis till he grew hard again. "You have a beautiful cock, Charlie. I'm going to love sucking it so much. I can't wait, already. I can suck your cock anytime I want and I can't wait. No more torture, Charlie. I want to drink your cum" I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and slid them easily down to the base, the pulled my head back and sucking hard, I lifted myself off his cock, beginning to lean forward again when my mouth only held half his young dick. With just the head of his penis in my mouth, I plunged my head down again and Charlie came inside of me. Sucking back his cum, I began circling the head of his cock with my tongue, maintaining eye contact. "Did you do that to make me happy or because you wanted to?"

"To, to, to make you happy."

"You don't have to be scared of me Charlie. I'm not going anywhere. I can't imagine what it must feel like, cumming with a girl for the first time and her not getting up and leaving. Truth is, I'm worried about the same thing. Do you like me, Charlie?"

"Yes, I had a lot of fun today."

I crawled up on the sofa with him, still in my dress and pushed him back to the side. I cuddled up beside him. "Charlie, I want to know you like me because I think you're great fun. Am I great fun, Charlie?"

He tilted his head down to kiss me. "Yes, you are."

"Oh, goodie. Come upstairs with me then. I can't wait to show you my room. Actually, you go on ahead. I want to touch-up my lipstick." I pulled out my phone and sent mommy mom one more text then headed upstairs. Charlie was standing nude at the foot of my four-poster queen-sized bed with the white duvet patterned with large roses. I stripped out of my dress, revealing elaborate white lingerie beneath. Kneeling on the bed, I waggled my ass at Charlie. He took the que and slid into me. I let him screw me silently once the slid up the bed some, lying flat on my stomach. When I felt his hands on my legs, I knew it was time. I huddled up on forearms and knees as Charlie took me again. "I love letting you use my ass to Gratify your cock, Charlie. I know I'm nothing but a whore to you, but I have a question. If I'm a whore to you than how come the only thing that matters to you, the only thing that matters in the slightest, is cumming in my ass? Fuck your whore, Charlie, your goddess fucking slut. Give me that cock stud." Charlie fucked me furiously. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I said in a measured tone, "I want you to shoot up my ass with your cock. Shoot your load. Now." Charlie pulled out of me "That's such a good boy." I smiled down into the duvet. Charlie collapsed beside me. I lay beside him and patted the crook in my arm. He obediantly crawled into it. I stroked his hair and whispered softly to him. "Carlie, everything that happens between us is just between us, and all of it is as right as it feels. Does this feel right, Charlie? Does this feel like something you want, something you could grow to need. Do you wonder what I get out of this? I get to be what you want me to be. It's practice but it's a reward to. I get fucked, yes. I get to suck your beautiful cock, yes. But I get to be what you want. I want you to get hard again. I know you can, but only one more time before we eat."

Charlie was already hard. I urged him onto his back and mounted him. His stiff ass-fucker speared into me as I eased myself against his hips. I began masturbating as I slowly rode his cock. "Charlie! Your dick feels so good in me. Gawd, my clitty. When I rub it like this. It's so perfect, so right. Your little tramp is going to squirt, Charlie. I'm going to squirt all over your chest. Fuck, need your cock! Need that dick in my ass. Love . . ." I began squirting. He flinched when a spurt landed on his neck. "your fucking cock in me. Oh, Charlie." I rose off his dick and began licking my cum off him, starting at the top, licking over everything twice to make sure I got it all up. When I reached his cock, my mouth engulfed it. Just then, we heard the sound of the garage door beginning to open. Charlie didn't seem to care. "Get under the blanket," I told him and crawled under it to continue to nurse on his fuck pole. I worked slowly, making sure he lasted long enough.

"Why are there boy's clothes in the family room and a gin and tonic on the coffee table and why does the whole house stink of marijuana?" mommy mom called, her footfalls on the stairs.

"Don't worry," I giggled around his dick.

"You! Why are you in my daughter's bed and is . . . is she blowing you right now? You little tramp! You aren't even going to answer, are you? You're just going to keep stuffing your slut mouth with this young man's cock, aren't you? What's your name?"


"Well, Charlie, it would seem that my little girl has her heart set on drinking your cum. This is . . . confusing. I'm proud but I am angry! How do you feel about all this Charlie?"

"I don't know."

"You have to feel something. Your penis in my daughter's mouth, for God's sake. Don't disparage her dick-sucking skills by saying you feel nothing."

"I feel proud, proud that you're going to watch me cum in your little girl's mouth."

mommy mom chuckled. "What do you think about her right now?"

"You raised a wonderful daughter."

"Yes, I know. Would you like another dancing lesson next week?"

Charlie came before he could answer and I snuggled up beside him in bed. "Of course he would."

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, how do you feel about all this."

"Happy that your raised me to be the slut I always wanted to be, mommy mom."

"Charlie, I'll drive you home."

"Oh no you don't!" I snapped.

"Nikki," mommy mom sighed.

"Don't think that's going to change the fact that . . ."

"Oh, cut it out. You're acting. And it's perfect for you, isn't it?"

"Yes, but still."

"Nikki, I'm going to take Charlie home."

I was on my feet, wiggling back into my dress. "He'll fucking stare at your legs and probably get hard."


"I didn't drain his balls completely, mommy mom" I whined.

"Well, that's another matter then."

"Hear that, babe? Let's go eat that Chinese food. There's an open bottle of gin too." This last, I said to my mother.

She glanced at Charlie. "You're probably hoping I'll finish it so you can use it on my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy girl once you can't get hard anymore with me passed out on the sofa. "We could all use a drink, I guess. You, mister," she said to Charlie, "are not leaving here tonight. I'll call your parents."

Mom made martinis that I thought tasted vile with the marijuana high and Chinese food. "They're good after the first," Charlie told me.

"mommy mom, do we have a pool? We need a pool. Or at least a hot tub."

"Better yet, a spool. They're heated two or three foot inground pools."

"Make Charlie another martini while I lay out the rest of our evening for him." mommy mom took Charlie's glass and rose obligingly. "Charlie, mommy mom is going to watch us fuck. Now it can be later when the lights are out and my bedroom door is cracked, or we can be adults about it, for teenagers." I touched Charlie's forearm and he leaned towards me. I kissed him. "Roleplay with me, Charlie. Stand up. Now, we're coming home from prom and . . . pretend you know how to dance." I turned and winked. I pulled up my skirt as I neared the island in the kitchen. "Charlie, I saw you looking at other girls all night. Do you even want me?"

"Yes, of course I want you."

"Then take my ass right here or you won't have it at all tonight." I bent over and grabbed the edge of the island.

"But your mother's right here, Nikki."

"mommy mom doesn't mind seeing her girl get fucked, do you mommy mom?"

"I don't mind. I like it. I've already seen her suck dick, Charlie. Yours and others. I want you to tell me all about it though, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Every last thing you think and feel. Charlie, fuck my baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

"His hands are between my legs, mommy mom. It's still slick there, slick from before. I can feel his dick on my ass, finding its way, finding its way there. Oh, god, it hardly hurts at all. I'm hoping he just grabs my waist with either hand and fucks me as hard as he can."

"Charlie," my mom interjected. "Take the rest of your clothes off for God's sake." She walked over to lean against the stove for a profile view. I stared into her eyes as I spoke.

"His cock is in me and it's running up and down over the veins and bulges in my ass, sending little lightening strokes of pleasure through me. Oh, mommy mom. I'm going to moan soon and, when I do, my ass will spasm and milk my lover's cock and he'll moan too. Watch, mommy mom."

mommy mom had produced her phone from somewhere. "Say ‘cheese.'"

I moaned and Charlie moaned in time. "I love getting fucked mommy mom, but I hope he cums soon so we can neck some more." I flipped my hair then my lay torso lay flat down on the counter. "I want to get him hard again so he can fuck me."

"Charlie, what are you intentions towards my daughter."

"I intend to fuck her again, whether you want to watch or not."

"I meant, Charlie, I was wondering if you two were an item.

"I've made him part of me," I gasped. "Charlie, just tell her what she wants to hear."

"I have deep feelings for your daughter and respect her immensely," Charlie stated flatly as his hips slapped against my ass.

"You little shit," mommy mom said with a smirk. "I just want to make sure you come back for more and aren't a prick about it."

"Yes. I promise."

"Don't cross me, Charlie."

"Shut upppp! Let him cum!"

"How does it feel?"

"I want to take his fucking load up my ass so I can make him hold up me while his legs shake. He's never been with another girl, mommy mom."

Charlie glared at her but mommy mom merely winked at him. Finally, he began pounding my ass like I'd craved. "I'm going to cum in your fucking ass and you're going to suck my cock then I'm going to cum in your fucking ass."

"Charlie's fucking me, mommy mom Charlie's fucking me really good. I feel my ass part for his cock each time he pushes into me. So much better than my toy. God, a pair of hips. He's going to cum. He's going to cum. I'm going to take more of his seed. Fuck, Charlie! Your slut needs your fucking cock to spurt in her." The only way I could get away from him was to fall to my knees. This I did, and his dick popped out of my fuck-hole. I hopped up on the kitchen island. Limber from dance class, I placed heels at the edge of the counter with spread legs. "Finger my ass, Charlie." I took his hand straightened two fingers and fit it to my cum-hungry jizz hole. "Finger my ass while I rub my little girl clit, then I'll suck your cock. I'll get down on my knees and suck your cock, right here in front of mommy mom. I'm going to blow my boyfriend in front of you, mommy mom. You do want to be my boyfriend, don't you, Charlie," I asked as he pistoned his fingers roughly in and out of my ass. I took the head of my little limp girl clit and lifted it from my shaved crotch. "Charlie, you're my first. You're my first man ever. You took my virginity tonight, Charlie. You've got such a great cock to deflower girls with. Kiss me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Kiss me while I squirt." Charlie leaned in and I began to hump his hand while I fucked my tongue in and out of his mouth. "Make me your whore," I groaned. "I don't even want to think about anything but your hard, cum-swollen prick." I turned my head. "mommy mom," I said as I squirmed against Charlie's stabbing fingers. "It feels really good. It feels like I'm going to cum. A man is making your baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy cum. Fucking God! Charlie!" I shrieked as my swollen clit began to spurt. "Your cock is the only thing making my hole needy." I grabbed him and kissed him again, roughly, passionately as I came on his stomach. I smiled at him. "Have I completely made you a man?"

Mom flipped her phone closed. "I'll leave you kids to it. You can use my shower if you want to pretend you're in prison."

"You're so beautiful, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I said to Charlie. "And your cock's still all hard. Do you want me to suck out your load or do you want to feed it to my ass?"

Charlie shrugged.

"One more drink for you." I didn't know how to make a martini so I poured Charlie a very stiff gin and tonic and led him upstairs. I sat on the edge of my bed. "Drink first," I told him. He downed it in a gulp. I motioned him to me and took his cock in my mouth. He grasped my head and began fucking my face and I pulled back and began jerking him off. "This will be a very special dream in the morning," I told him. "Now cum on my face, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." I licked and kissed the head of his dick until it erupted onto me. I giggled and raised the blanket to wipe myself off then grabbed both of Charlies arms and pulled him into bed with me. We held each other until he was snoring. I blew him in the parking lot before school the next morning and didn't see him again till the following week for dance.

We left school together in mommy mom Lexus again, passing a joint, my finger twirling in my loose blond hair while Charlie toked, smiling at him until he put his hand on my thigh. I rested mine atop it and we locked fingers. "Thank you," I said and pulled our hands along the inside of my thigh. When he didn't flinch, I guided him to my clit. I squeezed and he squeezed too. I put my hand back on the wheel. "Don't stop," I squealed as he rolled his hands over the swelling bulge in my panties. "Oh, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I'm so horny." I pulled the car over to the side of the road, pulled my miniskirit up to my waist, and straddled Charlie's lap, his hand still gripping my girl bits roughly, rubbing me. I buried my hands in his hair and kissed him, pressing up against him so that he had to reposition his arm. Both his hand were on me now as I humped his stomach. A hand moved to massage my shit hole through my white satin panties and I groaned so deep in my throat. Charlie's cock was hardening beneath me and I knew I'd have to swallow his load to save him from walking into dance with cum-stained pants. I tugged at his belt buckle until he unfastened it for me. At a loss, I grabbed my panties. "Can you help me?" I panted. Together, we ripped them apart and I guided his cock to my hungry fuckhole. "You're such a good boy," I said, pushing his hand off my clit, but his cock was too much. I began to spurt piss and cum each time I fell upon it, screaming as my gripping, clutching asshole devoured his cock. A long, deep sigh escaped me when I came. I didn't ejaculate, just a sudden unwinding. "Oh, God, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, I love your cock." I began humping as fast as I could, eager to bring him off. "Cum in your slut's fucking hole." Charlies mouth was open in a wide O and he stared straight ahead without seeing. "Shoot up my whore fucking ass with your cock!" I commanded. He shook his head and looked away. Unable to hope for what I so desperate wanted, I looked away as well. I slowed, numbly riding him in silence till he came. I patted him on the cheek. "Let's go shopping," I said, climbing back into my own seat. I pointed down at his shirt when he looked at me quizzically.

"No, I can . . ."

"What? What is it, Charlie?"

"I'm sorry for . . . "

I shook my head with a sniffle. "I loved it, Charlie. Don't apologize." I turned to his puppy eyes and wept. "I just want to buy you a shirt!"

He leaned over the gearshift and grabbed my head and held me with his gaze. "You aren't alone, Nikki," he said in a low, angry voice. "You aren't fucking alone. Everything about you says that you're alone, but you aren't."

I felt on the edge of throwing up. "Charlie?"

"This. What happens with us. It's both of us. I'm a part of it. Quit pretending you're somewhere else when you're here with me."


"Be very honest. Do you love me?"

I shook my head, afraid.

"Good, because I want you to. And if this is how you love?" He smiled.

"I'm in hell right now, Charlie. I don't understand anything."

"Are you a girl?"

I nodded.

He kissed me lightly. "Do you want a boyfriend?" He nodded at my shocked face.

I suddenly felt aglow like the sun, riveted to Charlie. Everywhere he looked, I wanted him to see me. I wanted him glancing about hoping to find me when he walked home in the dark. I wanted him to dream of me sucking his cock every night, smiling up at him with pleasure after drinking his cum. And a voice in my head commented, "Well, this about ruins everything."

"Do you want a girlfriend?" I asked shakily.

"Of course, Nikki."

"Then tell me you love me."

"I love you, Nikki."

"Were you lying?"

He smiled broadly. "You wanted me to."

"Yes, but still."

My insides liquified when we kissed and I understood not one atom in his whole body wanted to hurt me. "I believe you love me, Charlie," I mumbled as he continued to kiss me.


"Does this mean I can suck my shit off your cock?"

"I want to make dance."

I burst out laughing without knowing why.

We pulled up to the dance studio and Charlie pulled of his shirt outside the care to reveal his thin, pale torso. I stared without intending to till his smile caught my gaze. "Come on, sweetheart. Let's go."

I nodded numbly. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"


Warmth bloomed inside me. "I'm ready."

No one was at the desk so we clopped up the stairs to the studio. Cynthia was dancing. She leapt through the air like a bellarina but the dance was anything but ballet. Her hands . . . her hands were making love to her. She wasn't caressing her skin. Every part of her body had a life of its own. The music was contemporary pop/rock and Cynthia had clearly adopted her dance for us. Her hands ran into her hair, holding it up as she somehow marched backward, legs up like a soilder but fluid. Her hips moved in perfect contrast to . . . and then she was twirling in midair, her fingers on her breasts then with an imperceiptible flick, the backs of her hands tracing the lines of her tits as she touched down and fell gracefully into a full-split. Her own hand seemed toy with the notion of snapping her neck before coming to rest at her throat.

"You will pay for two lessons," she said, placing a palm on the mat behind her and lewdly bucking her pelvis up at us. I smacked Charlie in the chest with the back of my palm without looking at him.


"You were so busy . . ." she gestured to the slight bulge in my mini skirt and the stains on my black long-sleeve, open back blouse. "You can take off."


Charlie was stepping out of his pants as he kicked off his shows. "Leave it on. I like it when you show off what a good lay I am."

I bit back a laugh and blushed instead. "Tell me now."

He leaned forward. "I love you, Nikki," he said mockingly and I watched his cock burst into full erection. I looked to Cynthia with confused worry.

"Let her work up an appetite," she commented dryly. "You're paid up for a month but you're an hour late. But I have no lesson now, so all is good. Back to Salsa?" She made the word Salsa sound sarcastic.

"Yes," I stated firmly. We both looked to Charlie, which seemed to frighten him.

"Okay, fine. But how much can I learn?"

"You have above average aptitute, but you'll never dance decent ballet. So, same thing but less flashy."

I broke into a smile. "Alright. I'll give it a spin." I suddenly felt like a boy again but the worry and doubt slid away. Charlie wanted me to be me? I would be me. "What will my boyfriend do?"

The corners of Cynthia's mouth twitched but her eyes couldn't hide her smile. "You'll lie over there on your stomach and pretend you're a starfish."

Charlie raised his eyebrows in meek disbelief.

"Setup one of those chairs and sit over there." She smiled at me with a nod. "They're for recitals." A pair of opaque metal blinds lowered, shrouding the room in nearly complete darkness with only the lights from above and below dimly illuminating the area around the stairwell. Five bright lights flared on a track above the windows, blinding me. I turned away towards the wall of mirrors and was still blinded. Some sort of cocaine-pop from the 80s came deafingly to life. Cynthia stepped into the world of blinding light and took my hands. Without a word, she taught me. She danced with me, moved me, and helped as I tried to repeat. When I understood, I began dancing own and she touched me, changed my motions, guided me to something different. It was all so far away. In my mind, I was living inside a vision of her and I playing an endless, mute game of patty-cake until she draw away, holding my hand by the very fingertips before breaking contact. She shut off the stereo. "It will come in time." The blinds rose and the lights dimmed. "Now out. Both of you. Fuck elsewhere."

I kissed Charlie before he could get to his pants. "What about my appetite?"

"I'm a little . . . "

"You're fucking kidding me!" I shrieked. "How many times did you jerk off?"


My arms fell to my sides and I walked away mutely.

"What about my appetite?"

I stopped and pointed to the mat behind me. I didn't move a muscle until I felt Charlie's mouth on my neck. He kissed his was down my back. His hands wrapped around my legs and lifted my skirt. Two fingers sunk into my ass. He jerked me off leisurely as his other hand carressed me between the thighs before touching my clit. I groaned despite myself and flopped forward, surprising myself when my feet spread and I caught myself on straight arms without thinking. Charlies tongue was everywhere. "I want to cum in you again first," he told me, rising to his feet.

First?! I thought but didn't say. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I groaned when he entered me.

"Elsewhere. What the fuck did the two of you not understand about elsewhere?"

Charlie continued to fuck me and footfalls were soon receding down the stairwell.

"baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy" Charlie groaned. "I love the way your cock sets me free. It lets me be anything I want. I really am a slut, Charlie." Charlie hands moved from my hips to my waist and he began pulling me back into him. "But I'll be your slut. I love begging for your cock because I love knowing you hear it while you fuck me. I love begging for your cock while it's inside of me because I'd beg for it . . . Charilie! Fucking CHRIST Charlie!!!" I squirted on the floor. "I want you to know. I want you to know how I love your cock because it reminds me of what a tramp I am. Don't blame me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Not for my mommy mom raising a fucking slut. Not when I'm yours." My ass clamped down onto his cock, devouring it. "Fuck me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. Fuck me yours." I felt his Charlie's cock begin to wilt inside me and allowed myself to fall forward on the floor, onto my stomach. Charlie knelt between my legs and licked me while he massaged my ass roughly, making me squirm and yelp. "No, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I sighed when he flipped me over and swallowed my clit. I drifted off into the haze, squealing and painfully sore as he guided me through one orgasm after another after another.

"So that's why you don't want to fuck," mommy mom said later that night interviewing me from the chair in the corner of my bedroom. I sat on my rose duvet, decked out in black lingerie. Bows, ribbings, stockings, no panties, my clit hard and swollen from recounting my afternoon.

"mommy mom?" I whined.

mommy mom shed her robe and approached me, pushing me back into the pillows. "mommy mom pussy wants your cock." She straddled me amidst my protests and seconds later I was back home, mommy mom riding me violently.

"mommy mom I love you, mommy mom" I squealed and came.

"You're a slut," mommy mom said sharply and slapped me. Astonished, I burst into tears as she stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I curled up on my side, sobbing till I decided to sneak out. I fixed my makeup in the vanity mirror in my bedroom then put on my favorite fuck-me-now outfit, a bright red bandage dress that showed my butt-cheeks when I crossed my legs sitting, a crotchless body stocking covered with black on black vines that crept down my arms into fingerless gloves, and a pair of burnt apple over-the-knee boots with a light gloss, cuffs at the top, and stiletto heels. mommy mom had let me borrow her black cashmere and fox fur boa and it had landed in my closet I wrapped it around my shoulders and grabbed a bottle from the cabinet and stole mommy mom Lexus, even thought he garage door would wake her up – I knew that she wouldn't care enough to stop me. But I backed out of the driveway without headlights just in case. Looking up in the rearview mirror at "look #2" mommy mom and I had the man at the makeup counter concoct for me, the one she requested be, "trashy but not cheap," I smiled faintly and said, "You're beautiful" then drove to Charlie's.

I texted him from the curb: "Look out your window." I cut the interior light on and smiled up at his house. "baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"


I kissed the air at him, waved, and shut the light off and cut the engine. "Thank you," I said when he opened the door.

"Of course." He smiled and kissed me and my clit swelled so suddenly I gasped sharply when he pulled away.

"Charlie, we are absolutely going to get you home before five. I don't want you getting in trouble for me."

He shrugged. "I have cross-country this morning. I'm awake and gone before mom and dad get up."

I batted my eyelashes unconsciously. "Will you spend the night with me?"

He started at me, smiling quizzically.

"Not at my mom's. I want to get a room."

"This is important, isn't it?"

"Well, I want you to want to but if you don't . . . "

He placed his fingertips on my lips. "It's an important moment. I can tell. I don't need to know why, Nikki."

"It's because . . ."

"Tell me later," he said gently. "Please. When you're sure."

"Thank you, Charlie."

He nodded slowly. "So, where are we going? Are we slumming it at the Econolodge?"

"Not on your life," I said, starting the car and putting it in gear. "Are you hungry?"

"Not at all."

"Me neither. Let's find a nice restaurant."

Charlie laughed with a hint of hysteria as I pulled away from the curb, navigated the sparse almost-midnight traffic and found the highway. He guided me to a dive basement restaurant on the outskirts of downtown with just over a dozen tables and no prices on the menu. Charlie reached for his wallet when the hostess took my boa. I swatted at his arm. "Tonight is on me." I reached into my grandmother's black clutch that I'd inherited and pulled out $40. Charlie raised an eyebrow. "You don't want to know," I said, smiling down at my bag and shaking my head.

The waiter deposited a bottle of Perrier on the table. "Would you like to hear tonight's menu?"

"We have all night," I told him shyly.

"Something from the bar?"


"Martini. Gin. Dirty." I smiled wide-eyed at him, eyes wide, fingernails digging into my palms some. "And my friend would like something sweet. Do you have plum wine?" Every molecule in me exhaled and caught its breath.

"I can find a glass for you."

"Bottle, please."

"A bottle it is."

Two minutes later, a bottle of carafe of golden plum wine was dripping condensation onto the table cloth with two glasses and Charlie's martini. We talked over our drinks, our hands locked across the table by the time the waiter returned to inform us that there was one more bottle of plum wine in the back. "We'd better not," I giggled. "What's the lightest, warmest, least filling thing on the menu?"

He chuckled. "Probably the soup. It's cream of sweet potato tonight."

I scowled.

"No. A bowl for each of us. And something bitter. Lime. Kamikazes. You can make those with squeezed limes, no sugar?"

The waiter gave an exaggerated nod.

"Shooters, doubles, but weak. Twice the lime."

"I'd be happy to do that for you."

"I'm not sure if that was approval or if he's aghast," Charlie commented.

"That's why I work here," the waiter said from fifteen feet away.

"Charlieee," I whined. "I hate sweet potatoes."

"You love it. Trust me."

The bowl of scaly hot orange pasty fluid the waiter placed before me was the best fucking thing I had ever eaten, and Charlie's drinks were . . . I was glowing when we left.

"Is there a place around here two kids our age could find dancing this time of night," Charlie asked the hostess.

"I'm sorry. Probably not."

"No." I said. "We must dance. We must have floorspace and music. That's entirely enough."

"There are some hotels with spacious suites . . . " The hostess ventured.

I almost doubled over laughing. "I'm so sorry."

"No, it's. It's quite alright."


"mommy mom will pay for calling me a slut," I said and handed the hostess her Visa.

Charlie held me from behind briefly, rocking back and forth. Even in my heels, his lips could graze the top of my head. God, why did that seem so important? "We shouldn't drive."

"Thank you," the hostess said, with a half-genuine smile.

I turned and kissed Charlie, "But then I can't suck your dick till we get to the room." I whispered it loud enough to be heard by the group at the table ten feet away, which brought a cough and a bit of laughter.

"We should leave," Charlie said.


"Tell your friends," she called after us with a nervous tone that was clearly intentional.

"We don't have any," Charlie answered.

I laughed and my foot caught on one of the steps, causing me to stumble slightly. "I can't drive."

"I shouldn't."

"We'll find a gas station bathroom." A laugh erupted from below as the door to the restaurant swung shut behind us. I turned to Charlie. "How are we going to find a hotel?"

He smiled. "We walk."

We took each other's hands without thinking and headed down the sidewalk. "I need you," I told him.

"You aren't hiding it."

"I love it out here."


"Out here. The night. The two of us. Charlie, I need you. Without you, I don't know." I paused and understood that, without Charlie, mommy mom wouldn't be so angry with me. And mommy mom and I . . . I didn't want to think about it.

"You know, the bus station is just around here."

"Aren't those out-of-town buses?"

"There's got to be a stop for locals."

Charlie pointed as we rounded the corner. A middle-aged shabbily dressed man was conducting a game of three card monte that looked to be wrapping up – a young woman was removing her earrings.

"Wait!" I called. "Miss, are you from around here? I'll buy back everything you lost if you can get us to a hotel farther downtown." I turned to the hustler. "You don't have to tell me that stuff's worth more than you gave her for it. Forty dollars more?"

He held up a gold watch. "Are you sure?"

"Fuck! You bet that? How much did you even get for it?"

"Two hundred," she croaked.

"I don't have that. Just a card."



"Well, that doesn't mean you and I can't work something out. Screw her. Come on. I'll get you downtown for forty."

"I'm sorry," I whined as Charlie dragged me after the man.

"Rube bitch. I'm T-Ray."


"Yes, my mom named me T-Ray. What the fuck's the matter with you, honey?"

"It's just that you're white."

"Whitey, honkey, cracker, the blue-eyed devil hisself. Here's my car." He gestured to a red convertible with antique plates.


"Isn't she? Zoom-zoom."


"It's a cherry cherry red 1998 Mazda Miata. He'll have to sit on your lap. There's no backseat."

Charlie began to climb into the passenger's side.

"I said you'll have to sit on her lap." The three of us froze. "I'm fucking with you. Get in."

Charlie pulled out his wallet but T-Ray waved it off. "I haven't gotten you there yet." Charlie just stared. "I trust you." He winked. "It's easier that way. Now where are we going?"

"Is there somewhere we can go dancing?" I asked, sliding onto Charlies lap with a smile.

"Sure. I know just the spot. Trust me. It's easier that way."

I ground my ass against Charlie's erection as T-Ray raced through the streets, my hair loose and blowing in the wind. We stopped in front of a velvet rope club. "I'm sixteen," I lied.

"Bill! These two are friends of mine. They just want to dance. No booze. They're too young!"

Bill looked at me in my red dress, fur boa, and boots, then at Charlie in his street clothes. "This isn't going to work."

"I need a god damned drink, Bill. And I can't let two schoolkids wander the street here."

Charlie looked to T-Ray, shocked.

"How about if he stays off the floor?" I piped up, smiling. "I dance for him." Simply turning a switch inside myself, my body began undulating, hips rocking hands running down my torso, through my hair, lifting leg. I spun, arched my back as deeply as I could, and moonwalked toward him in my thigh-high stiletto heeled boots.

"You got a deal, little lady."

"Better yet, do you have some sort of private room I can rent till close?"

"A bribe won't get you that. Come meet the manager."

Bill walked us around the bar, through a kitchen, to an office in the back. "Lou!" he called, tapping on the door.

"Come on in," a voice answered in lazy irritation.

He looked T-Ray, Charile, and I and laughed through his nose. The clock over his head read 1:15. I want your VIP room for two hours. I'll pay $200 a head for you empty it."

"These are my most valued customers."

"Your most fashionable and wealthiest. T-Ray commented. "Let her be your most valuable customer."

"You three together? One hundred dollars a head," he said with a smile. "But my guests stay."

I looked to Charlie, who was smiling. "We don't have a problem with that. We need something to stay awake too. Both of us have school tomorrow."

Lou smiled and opened a desk drawer to reveal a mirror with streaks of white powder and a small bag. He twisted the bag shut, bit off the end, and sealed it with a cigarette lighter and held it out to me. "Two hundred. Go easy, teeny bopper. Very, very easy. Two much when you're new is worse than none at all. That should last you and your friend a week, provided you don't take it to school. Now I'd like a thousand dollars please."

I held out mommy mom Visa and he raised his eyes.

"Does this seem bright to you?"

I shrugged. "I'm renting the party room."

"I'll have to go up front to swipe this. Feel free to have a little taste now," he said, gesturing to the traces of powder on the mirror. That's about right to get you started. Feel free to use your tongue. Lap it up, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy, lap it up."

My tongue swiped over the surface of the mirror and I began racing forward without moving. I had the sensation that everything was moving past me. No breeze, no movement, but in my head I had pulled into the passing lane."

I traced the flat of my tongue around the rest of the mirror, aware this was the only way, and pulled Charlie too me. The moment he tasted the sweet, tangy powder, he dove his tongue down my throat.

The party room was soundproof and overlooked the dance floor. It was flooded with red light that occasionally changed to dark purple. The carpet was blood red and the furniture was black velvet. "Let's give you a view." I led Charlie to the window onto one of the chairs and dropped to my knees. Only a few heads turned when I began to suck his dick. I was so hungry for it. This was not for him. It was for me. Yes, it as his pleasure I focused on, but felt like gratitude, not to him, but to his cock. After long minutes, I pulled off. "Shoot your load when you're ready, sweetie. I can't wait to drink your cum." I returned to my enthusiast blowjob and Charlie began massaging my scalp, hands in my hair. I wrapped my fingers over his and pushed my head down into his crotch. He held it there forcibly as I gurgled and mewled around the shaft of his dick, just long enough to push into the back of my throat. I swallowed my own spittle and mucus and he groaned as my throat muscles milked his cock. I began to swallow more frequently, maybe twice a minute, until I could feel his heartbeat in my throat. He kept my head mashed into his crotch and began to writhe and buck in his chair. Swallow, swallow, swallow.

"I'm going to cum, Nikki!" he whined and shot his load directly into my stomach but didn't go soft. "Please stop, please," he begged. I slowed but didn't stop until his erection went down.

I stood and smiled. "You're beautiful, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I loved that. Now spin around." There was enough room behind us for me to dance and dance I did, as best as Cynthia taught me as I could, my body taking on a life of its own, concentrating on feeling parts of myself before moving them. My whole body came alive. I wound up on my knees, gyrating my ass as my hands swooped about, caressing it. I pulled up my dress, revealing my fuckhole through my body stocking. "Finger me, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy." Charlie dropped to his knees being me, and jabbed two unlubed fingers into my ass. I panted quietly.

"Fuck her," a voice called. Charlie shed his pants and slid into me with one stroke. I felt a slight flash of pain, but I was getting fucked so often these days, it barely hurt.

"Fuck her like she was your mother, you God damned sissy," another voice called, a woman's.

Charlie pounded my ass as I made a show of squirming back on his cock as best I could, still silent, biting my lip. My little girl clit swelled till I began spurting long streams of cum and piss on the carpet. Set free by my orgasm, I began to moan. "Use my ass to gratify your cock, sweetie. I love being your mindless cockhole, always willing, always ready to service your dick. Not because I want, but because I have no choice. Shoot me up with your cock. Give my ass the cum it craves. Yeah, baby! Fuck your slut. You see now, don't you? You see that I love being what you need, what you want, whether you want to want it or not." His strokes sunk even faster and withdrew slower, fucking me so, so perfectly. I buried my head on my folded forearms, smiling, relishing getting nailed, until the pleasure began to rise again and I was yelping in time with his strokes till I squirted again. Last call came and went and still he fucked me.

"It's 4:30 a voice said."

I turned my head. Lou sat in a chair, smoking a cigarette. He picked up my clutch and took out our baggie of coke. Biting the very end off, he tamped out a pea-sized lump on my phone and carved into four thin lines. He sealed it again and dropped it into my bag. For before you go. A half-hour. No more. I'll find you a bottle of Champagne. You two earned it. Where to you want to Uber?

"1-2-3 Fish. I'm good to drive."

"Fuck me," I whined.

Lou placed my phone before me and handed me a rolled-up dollar bill from my bag. "Enjoy, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy."

I snorted back two lines and Lou held the phone up for Charlie and jammed the dollar bill in his nose. Charlie fell still long enough to suck back the cocaine, then went back to work on me harder than ever. "I can't," he sighed a moment later. "I can't."

"That's the blow, stud."

"Let's play hooky."

"And do what?"

"I need a change of clothes. I should sneak in for that before mommy mom notices her car is gone. Do both your parent's work."


"So we'll go for a walk and start looking for a room around two."

"What about the weekend?"

"Today's Friday? mommy mom already going to kill me." I tapped around on my phone until I found something. "Look at this." It was a one bedroom cabin a hundred miles outside of town in the middle of nowhere. $250 for the weekend.

"Look's perfect," baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy.

"Thank you!" I smiled, slightly surprised. "We'll have all weekend to talk, screw, drink, eat, and finish our coke. Then we'll slink back for school on Monday then home. Two hours to get there, prolly, so we have eight to kill."

"What does that bring the bill for all this up to?"

"Under $2500 for sure." I kissed him. "We can probably dance it off."

"God, I love you."

"You fucking liar."

"Why? Just because I love sex with you?"

I frowned. "You couldn't love me."

"What about you?"

"Well, I mean . . . " I stammered. "That goes without saying." I looked up at him. "What if we don't sleep it off?"

"We'll figure it out, right? Let's go before Lou gets upset."

I let Charlie drive. I sank back in the passenger seat and put one heal up against the dash, hiking up my skirt to play with my penis, limp from alcohol, cocaine and a long,, hard ass-fucking, watching the lights move past outside the widow. "Will you suck my clit, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy Later?"

"I want to so bad."

"I know, sweetie," I said, placing a hand on his thigh and squeezing it. "I love your fucking cock, you know. I love getting fucked with your big, hard fucking dick. It feels so good pounding in and out of my ass. I swear, Charlie, it sets me free like nothing else." I laughed. "Your cock is the key, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy. I'm serious. It unlocks me and lets me be myself without thinking, without regret, without fear. I want to suck it. Wil you let me? You might even like it." I unfastened Charlie's pants and wrapped my hand around his stiff dick. "Watch the road, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy," I said and swallowed it whole. My hand reached up and punched the radio to deprive him of the sounds of my slurping, wet, messy blowjob. To my delight, the cocaine kept him from cumming. I nursed on his cock, trying everything I could think of from nibbling lightly at the underside to holding the crown in my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue while I fisted his shaved, then diving back down to the base and pumping my head up and down. His hand tousled my hair and then tightened and began to pump my head up and down, not letting me tease him. I was shocked afraid and angry at first but Charlie wouldn't let up and soon I grew warm all over, quite happy to have my head serve as a sex toy he jerked off with. My lips tightened and my tongue went to work as best it could as my blond tresses bounced of his lap. It was the blowjob from hell, but despite everything I hated about it as time wore on, I never wanted it to stop. Finally, he let go and I sank down to take him all in my mouth, pulling up slow and sucking hard. "Oh my God, Charlie. I didn't think you had that in you." I took him to the back of my throat again and rammed two fingered in his ass roughly, franticly searching around for his prostrate. I found his button and he exploded in me. He sprayed and sprayed down my gullet and I drank every last drop. "Fuck, I love you, Charlie." I kissed him on the cheek. "Was that what you needed, baby son likes loves fucking mom mommy"