I woke to the rustling of sheets and shadows against the wall. Mommy's form climbed over me in the darkness. "Fifteen years ago tonight, twenty minutes earlier, I was in the hospital getting ready to have my baby." She was so fucking wet. "And tonight, I'm going to make you a man. Because I want it, and because someday you'll be so very grateful that your own mommy took your virginity."

"Mommy!" I squealed, bucking and thrashing beneath her as she rocked sinuously atop me.

"You can't help it, can you? You want to cum in your mommy. It's alright, love." She brushed my hair back. "You're the love of my life. Why shouldn't we have everything we have to offer each other?"

"Mommy! I! Gah! Fuck! Mommy! Need! God-God-God-God. I need to fucking MOMMY!"

Mommy flooded my crotch with her juices and ground momentarily to a halt. She leaned forward and kissed me, my very first kiss, tenderly with growing passion as her body began to writhe atop me in her sinuous rhythm again. "You're not going anywhere tonight, sweetie. I'm sorry, but Mommy needs to fuck the shit out of you." She closed her eyes and shook her long blond hair out behind her head fucked my once-virgin dick. "Baby, I'll explain everything in time. I've needed this for so long. A year ago, I started to remember why you're here." I was pretty sure my dick was hard, but not positive. I wasn't sure I was in Mommy's pussy either, but warm, wet pressure held my twitching cock. "You see, when I was pregnant with you, I understood that I was making you a cock so you could fuck me someday. Baby, this is the reason you're here. To fuck your mommy." Her eyes popped open. "I know that excites you. Wait until you understand that it's true. Tell me you love me."

"Mommmmyy!" I whined.

Mommy leaned down again. "Tell me you love me and I'll suck your cock.

I was so fucking warm. I had been frightened but now my skin burned all over. Anger, love, shame. "I love you, Mommy."

Mommy tapped the tip of my nose with her forefinger. "You are so sweet." She slid down my torso and began twirling her tongue around the head of my dick. She was brutally rough with my cock, grazing and scraping it with her teeth, tugging at my foreskin. The intense pleasure through the pain was driving me out of my mind. "Mommy! Don't! Stop! Please, Mommy!" I bucked my hips in an attempt to fuck her mouth and get her off me, but Mommy was stronger.

"It's not right, is it?" she paused long enough to ask.

"No, Mommy! It hurts!"

"Your own mother," she hissed.

"Don't Mommy. I might, I might . . .. no! Please, God! Stop! Stop sucking my dick, Mommy! It's so much what I want!" I groaned, trying to roll onto my side. Mommy had almost torn my erection down with her teeth and the pain was diminishing. "I love you, Mommy, but I want . . . .I want . . . I want to cummm! Fucking God, make me cum!" my hips pistoned up into her mouth and she pulled off of my dick, grabbing it in her fist.

"Cum for Mommy, then," she said and dove to eat my belly button. I SCREAMED and SCREAMED and SCREAMED as she licked me and pumped my dick till I was rock hard and spurting in her hand. I was in her pussy again before I knew it. "How do you feel, baby?"

"I love everything."

"No more shock?"

I nodded.

Mommy smiled. "It'll pass. Maybe even by morning, Fuck, I never knew a cock could make me feel like this.. Sit cross-legged, baby. Like in school." Mommy fell back into the seat made for her by my calves and pulled me up to her breasts, still grinding her pussy against me. "Hand to hold it only. Mouth to suck, as much in as you can then back out. No teeth. Now make Mommy scream." She held me like an anaconda as I began to nurse. "Baby!! Ohhh, yeah, that's it, Baby. Mommy will be making milk for you in no time. I swear I never knew a cock could feel this fucking good. I'm more alive then I've ever been. I will absolutely never get enough of your dick, Baby. Yeah! Yeahh! Yeahhh! Fuck!!! You know you're home, don't you? You know you're home, Baby. Back in your Mommy's pussy. I know you missed it all these years. I see you watch my tits and now they're yours. Even better . . . ." She tucked my head under her chin. "I need you to stop nursing now so I can . . .. Baby? Baby, that's enough."

Lost in the blackest oblivion of need and fulfillment I had ever known, I had no intention of stopping. When Mommy began to paw at my head, I started bucking my hips up into her.

"Baby, you can make Mommy cum again if you want. Is that what you want? Do you want to make your very own mother cum again by fucking her with the cock she made for you? That's just fine too, sweetie. Ooh, yeah. I like that. I like my baby's fucking dick in my pussy!!!" Without warning, Mommy started slamming herself up and down on my dick. I popped out of her but held to her tits, whimpering and whining. Mommy sagged into the pillow beside me and began to finger her pussy as I nursed and humped her leg.

"My whole body is buzzing," she mewled. "I've never felt anything like this. You can fuck me when you want." She kissed my forehead. "All night."

"Mommy," I panted and attempted to mount her. She slid a hand under each thigh and lifted her legs back and wide for me. My cock found its home easily.

"Stop thinking and talk."

"I love my Mommy. I love fucking my Mommy's pussy."

The tendons in her neck began to bulge. "Of course you do, dear. Mommy's pussy loves having you back home."

"Mommy's pussy. Mommy's pussy. Mommy's pussy."

"That's a good boy," she hissed, sliding a hand around my head and pulling me kiss. When her tongue thrust through my lips, fucking my mouth, I lost control and came. I pulled out and stared down at her. Mommy's tits heaved with her heavy breaths. "There's no way to make sense of tonight," she told me. "Nurse. Tomorrow will be so easy, I promise you." I fell to her breasts and all too soon her hands were pushing me downward. "You know what a clit looks like, don't you? Just swab it back and forth with your tongue. Don't waste too much energy."

I lay with my head between her legs, licking her pussy for the longest time. Mommy hummed and moaned and her hips bucked beneath me. Something about the smell of her pussy – I realized I had smelled it many times before – intoxicated me.

"I know you'll never be the same after tonight, but I won't either. Keep licking, baby. Lick your mother's pussy. I love you so much. Yeah, that's so good." The tempo of her hips was increasing. "Mommy's fucking cumming again!" Her head wasn't bouncing on the pillow, and I'd lost track of how many times her pussy has spasmed. "My son, the cunt-licker." I was beginning to whimper and whine myself.

"I love this, Mommy. Thank you." I kissed her pussy passionately.

"Yeahhh! That's it. You can lick me anytime you want, love."

I swelled with confusion and frustration, and my body began to wrack with silent sobs. Mommy ignored me and continued to slowly buck her hips and moan.

"A few more minutes," she panted. "Just keep tonguing Mommy's clit for a few more minutes. God! I'm so fucking . . . God! Lick me baby," she whimpered. "Like me good. Show me how much you love my cunt."

I curled my arms under her thighs and buried my face in her cunt like a feed bag, gnawing at it with my lips while my tongue danced around.

"Ohh! That's such a good fucking boy! Now I want you to fuck me again."

I sprawled atop her, lifting her legs with my arms. She shook them off when I entered her and clasped them behind my back then wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, my head next to hers on the pillow.

"Do you know what's happening?"

"I'm trying to fuck you, Mommy."

"Do you know what's happening to you?" She squeezed me. "You'll find out. And you'll be so happy when you accept it. You were made for it. I've known it since you were so young."

I kissed her and she began undulating her hips against my pelvis. When she tensed in orgasm, she would grab my lip and suck voraciously then drop her head to the pillow again. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and began fucking it in and out. She sucked it fiercely as she came and I began rocking into her again.

"Baby! Yes! You know how to fuck your mother. Fuck my hairy pussy! Cum in Mommy. You must need it so much. Doesn't it feel good to be home again? Doesn't it feel good to know your mother surrendered herself to you? Doesn't it feel absolutely delicious to fuck me? Don't you know how much I . . . I . . . GOD! CUMMING!" Mommy thrashed wildly beneath me. She grabbed the hair at the back of my head and locked my eyes with hers. "You're going to cum in your Mommy now," she said with piercing, cold eyes. I fucked her pussy harder. "Open your eyes. Look at me. I want you to see my face so you know." I labored atop her, fear and desperation growing in my heart. Mommy was nodding. "That's it, baby. It's going to happen very soon. I want you to remember this about tonight. This right here. Fuck Mommy's pussy like a good boy. Whatever you do, keep your eyes open." Her mouth fell, open and I read fear and eagerness on her face. Then her pussy spasmed and I came. Mommy smiled widely as peace and bliss overtook me. I had been given everything I wanted, everything I ever had wanted, everything I would ever want. "That's your reward for fucking your mommy. Look into my eyes." They sparkled with pleasure and understanding. "You'll accept it in time, a little more each time you shoot up my cunt with your cum like you just did. You're a wonderful son."

My stomach tightened and I said nothing. I slid out of Mommy onto her shoulder.

"Nurse until you get hard then fuck me again. If I start to nod off, stick your dick in my mouth."

Mommy feel asleep suckling at my cock, her hands on my hips to keep me from fucking her face. I stared down at her till her lips parted then jerked off on her face and slid back onto her shoulder to sleep.

I woke cradled in Mommy's arms. She was rocking my head back and forth. "How do you feel about last night?" she asked.

"I don't know."

"I don't know!" she laughed. "I'm fucking a fifteen-year-old." My hand began to knead her thigh shyly. She took it in hers and guided it to her pussy. "I'm taking today off work for your birthday. Mmmhmm. Lick me? She parted her legs wide and I crawled between them to lick and suck my Mommy's fuckhole. "Baby," she sighed. "I'm sorry I deprived you of this for so long." Her hips were already bucking up off the bed, humping my face. "We both need it. We both need it so bad. Lick mommy's pussy for fifteen minutes and I'll give you a present you'll never forget. She spread her arms wide on the bed and continued to fuck her pussy up at my face as I bathed her clit with my tongue and sucked nectar from her cunt. We took turns moaning and sighing. When I began planting loud sucking kisses on her pussy lips, she grabbed my head in her hands. "Not yet, baby. Not yet." I licked my lips and wrapped them over my teeth and began to gnaw toothlessly at mommy's pussy. The pressure of her strong clutching hands against her wanton bucking hips has me slavering for air. "Lick mee! Lick me so fucking good! Fucking God! Oh, baby! This is what I've always wanted! Fifteen fucking minutes of pussy eating by my own baby boy. One more, baby. Fuck!! What's happening?!! The hum in my pussy that makes it need to cum. Fuck, baby. I've never been so hot for anyone my whole life!!" Her hips began to buck violently. "Lick my fucking cunt!!"

"Mommy!!!!" I screamed into the raw, sweet home for my dick she mashed my face into.

"Have you cum, darling? I want your cock. Please, baby. Mommy needs your cock in her so bad."

I clamored up her torso and she lifted her legs for me. I fed my dick to her pussy in one long stroke and instantly came. Falling to her shoulder, shaking like a leaf, I babbled without thinking, "I need you. I need you. I need you. I need you," for minutes before moving to her breasts to nurse. The blackness overtook me immediately. I suckled in a dark void with my mommy's body and her breast in my mouth. She didn't cradle my head. She didn't make a sound. She seemed to not want to disturb me while I took what I needed from her, while I attempted to milk her with my eager mouth, my unending thirst, my insatiable need. By the time Mommy guided me to her other breast, I was humping her leg.

She tossed me off her without warning and slid her arms under and behind mine, clasping her hands at the back of my head, and kissing me voraciously. "Is this what you want, baby? Would you like this for your birthday?"

I nodded.

"Good, because that's your present, I've decided. We're going to keep fucking whenever we want for the rest of our fucking lives. You." She pecked my lips. "Will always." Kiss. "Love." Kiss. "Your mommy." She dove into me, fucking tongue into my mouth, saying so much with the way she kissed me: You little pervert. But you're no different than other boys. I love you. I own you. I'm sorry, baby. But it's so, so true.

I answered: I need this. I never understood. I don't understand. I love you. I'll always love you. But you can't own me.

I do, love. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it. Her tongue flicked at the bottom of mine till I dove into her throat, colliding in a sinuous rhythm that said everything as I glowed and shown and found fear and love in Mommy's embrace.

Mommy rolled me off her. "We need a shower." My eyebrows raised. "You first," she said with a smile. "Use my bathroom." As the water warmed, Mommy laid out towels at the foot of the shower door. "Hop in," she said and sat nude on the toilet to watch, her hand cupping her chin and her large, tane breasts hanging down pendously. "You have such a cute butt." I turnend away from her to hide my erection. "Soap it up for me, baby?" I did as she asked while she hummed. I turned around to see Mommy's legs parted and her hand between her thighs. "You're beautiful," she hissed. I began to wash my hair again, the water pounding down on my erection. "Touch it." I wrapped my hand around my hard dick and Mommy leaned back on the toilet seat, legs splayed, and in her wet pussy, and moaned. "Tug it. Tug it for me," she whined. My eyes were glued to her breasts as I began to pump my cock. Until she opened her pussy wide with one hand and began finger-fucking it with the other. Transfixed by my mommy's cunt, I moaned loudly. "You can fuck it when you're done." I quicky rinsed and shut off the water. "Not with that." Mommy rose and cut the water back on. She stepped in ther shower with me and grabbed my head with one hand and my dick with the other. She kissed me then guided me to her breasts while she jerked my cock. "Baby's getting nice and hard, isn't he?" The baby talk drove me wild. I began humping her hand till she let go and traced her fingers lightly about my cock and balls. My erectino was absolutely on fiire when Mommy graabed the soap and lathered up my cock and balls. She grabbed a razor blade from the shelf and knelt. "Don't move, love." With expert strokes, she did away with my pubic hair then turned me into the water. Mommy pulled me back into her and held me tightly as she masturbated me. "I wonder how it feels," she said with a laugh. "You must realize now that you've wanted this so much. So, so much without realizing it. My hand on your dick. Your own mother, your Mommy holding you naked in the shower while she jerks your dick for you. Tell me what you want, baby? Tell me what you want from your Mommy. Anything in the fuccking world and you can have it. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to slide your dick home to your Mommy's pussy? Do you want to feed your cock to your Mommy's hungry pussy till you cum inside my womb? It's only hungry for you, baby. Only hungry for your cum. No? I bet you want to lick my pussy again then. Do you, sweetie? Does my baby boy want his mother to spread her legs so he can lie between them and relish the smell of his own mother's cunt while he basks it with affection? I bet there are things you could tell my pussy that you could never tell me. Why don't we? Why don't you help get Mommy clean then we go back in your bed and you whisper all your secrets to my puxsy. We'll cut some music on so I don't hear a single one. You two need to get better acquainted so you aren't shy about throwing my legs wide and fucking me whenever you want. A mother shouldn't have to beg for her son's dick. Or is that what you want? To see Mommy beg for you to fuck her." Mommy spun me around again and pressed me up against the shower wall and closed the door. She turned the water on very hot and picked up the soap. She liftted a leg and put it up against the wall opposite me. "I've had it taken off. The hair. One day, maybe you'll want that too." She soaped up her calf and thigh. "Baby, Mommy's getting so horny looking at your hard cock. I can't help but want it inside me. Do you think you could fuck Mommy? Do you think you could fuck your own mother? Could you be okay with that? Could you be okay with being the sort of son who fucks his own mother? I hope so, because I need your cock in me so bad. So bad. Your dick looks absolutely delicious. Baby, please, do you want to fuck Mommy?"

I nodded.

"Please, baby. Do you want to fuck Mommy? I'm so fucking hot for you. Mommy's pussy is so fucking horny for your cock. Could you do me a favor and paint the walls of my cunt with your cum? I neeed your fucking cock. I need your fucking cock. Don't be a tease, baby. Do you want to fuck Mommy?"

I nodded again.

"Then tell me. Tell me you'll stuff your dick inside my pussy. Tell me you'll give me exactly what I need, a nice, hot rut with my own son. Tell me you'll give me what I need, baby. I want to hear you say it. Please? Please? I'll do anything if you say so. I'll do anything at all just so long as it includes getting fucked by my own son. Tell me, baby. Do you want to fuck your Mommy."


She grabbed my arms and held them above my head by my wrists and kissed me. The heat of the shower was so much to bear. And Mommy's probing, insistent tongue taking my mouth, reminding me that I loved her, that I needed her, that I needed this.

She shut the water off. "Good boy. Dry off." Mommy tieed a towel around her head and dried her skin, pink from the heat of the water, then proceeded to smear and smear moisterizing cream all over her body. She handed the bottle to me and I began to do the same. She picked up a bottle of perfume from the counter, spritzed her hand, and rubbed it into her pussy hair before trapising off to my bed. I folled and found her, wet hair spread across the pillow, skin glistening with lotion, and her knees up. I crawled up into bed with her. She smiled. "You are so sweet. But I just want you to eat me out. Cut on some music. Loud. But something lovely." I filled the room with electronica with a soft beat and a woman singing and knelt at the foot of the bed. "Tell my pussy. Tell it everythhing you were ever afraid to say. Lick it and kiss it and whisper your secrets. Baby," she sighed, her eyes a bit teary. "I'm sorry. I'm sory to have deprived you of this for as long as I did."

I scooped Mommy's legs up in my arms and fastened myself to her clit. My excitement at eating my own mother's pussy built within me until I began to whimper and twitch a bit. I looked up. Mommy's eyes were closed and her arms were spread wide. She wore such a peaceful expression. When her hips began to buck up into my face, I began to whisper, "I'm so afraid. I don't know why you're doing this. I don't know when it will end or how it will end. It can't go on forever. I just know it can't. We can't just fuck and be mother and son. Something or somebody will stop us. But who? What? That's even scarier, that nothing can stop this."

Mommy must have felt the vibtation of my lips because she grasped my hair in her hands and groaned, "Tell Mommy's pussy all about it. Tell it how you feel right now."

Her fingers held my hair painfully tight. I couldn't turn my head. I spoke directly to her cunt. "What if this is real? I'm so scared, Mommy." I returned swabbing her clut, sucking at the juice that oozed from the depths of her pussy. Her pussy hair was so soft, so full and rich. And the slime my tongue coaxed from her – like breast milk. My mommy's cunt was my personal font of ambrosia. And all I had to do was provide it with the ministrations she craved. I was so sure she loved me as I swirled my tongue around the entrance to her fuckhole, sucking up more of her necter. I loved her cunt so much.

Mommy tugged me by the hair to her breast. "Take your time, baby. Take as much time as you want, as much time as you need. A young boy like you must really love suckling at his mother's tits. Whenever I walked through the room and saw you stare at them, I'd sneak off and finger my pussy. I'm so happy they're finally yours." Mommy cradled my head and rubbed my back as I sucked ravenously at the never-ending flesh of her huge, lightly tanned tits. Her mound of pussy hair tickled my thigh as I began to hump her leg in excitement. "Come here, lay in my lap. Let me sit up now and put your head on the pillows." Mommy tucked two pillows under my shoulders to make cradling my head easier and I continued to nurse as her hand reached out for my dick, jerking me off with the lightest grazes of skin on cock. "I bet all good boys wish they would have a mother who would do this for them. I bet you love your Mommy so much right now, as much as I love you, almost as much as I love my new toy. Your dick makes my pussy so wet. I bet I could cum just by sucking it. My own son's cock." She sighed, dropping her hand to fondle my balls. "Have you got a nice load stored up from all your pussy-licking. Does Mommy need to fix that? Any good mother would suck her son's cock after he practiced licking her pussy. You're not ready for that, are you? You don't want to stop nursing yet. Baby, it's so lovely, so perfect right now. So right. So very, very fucking right. This is what was meant to . . . Baby?" Her hand began to tug my dick firmly and I whined, my mouth quivering around her tit flesh. "Baby? Baby? Fuck, baby." She sighed and smiled down at me, fingers toying with the head of my dick. "I love you so much. Can I drink your cum?" I gurgled in fear and sprayed on the inside of her palm. "Lovely," she said again and brought her cum covered hand to her mouth, licking it clean, licking her lips, smearing them with my semen. I hadn't even gone soft yet and she leaned down to kiss me, her tongue spreading my own cum on my lips. I sucked at it and her lips pumped more of my cum out for me to taste. I kept sucking at her tongue, my lips, her lips, covered in my own cum. She relented and allowed me to suck it deep in my mouth and only then sealed her lips on mine and spill my seed from her mouth for me to swallow. Ten minutes later, she pulled her hair out of my eyes. "You're the love of my life."


"Baby?" she asked, shimmying a bit above me.

"What do we do now?"

She laughed. "Oh, I suppose we see where things go. But first, I want to take you out on a proper date. Pick a movie. And a restraint. And pick what I'm going to wear." She raised her eyebrows. "Actually, no. I need another shower. And I have to do my hair. And my makeup. So I look nice and pretty for you. You're wearing that fucking sweater I bought you for your cousin's bah mitzvah. It'll match my skirt. She slapped my side and climbed off me. I turned my head and watched mommy's tan for recede through the doorway and my dick grew hard again. I jerked off three times in rapid succession, the word "Mommy" pounding in my blood each time I came, and then rolled over to hold and drifted off to sleep.

I woke with Mommy's stroking my arm. "Is baby making more cum for me?" Little lights flashed before my eyes as I watched her face. My foolish smiled faded as the dazzle faded to a glow. "I don't think I've seen that smile before. You love me?"

I nodded impishly.

The smile on her face was broad and beaming too. "We're mother and son. Don't forget that. No matter what. We just happen to fuck." She rolled over me and we kissed for long minutes. "You'll make such a good slut," she said. It didn't process. "Am I a good mother?"

"Yes," I grinned.

"That's good. Because any good mother would suck her son's dick when he needs it. Do you need me to suck your dick?"

"Yes, please."

"Yes, please what?"

"Yes, please, Mommy."

She kissed me again. "You're such a good boy," she moaned, sliding down my torso. "Watch me, baby. I want you to see me swallow your cock." Watching my mommy's mouth, smiling at the corners, grasp the head of my dick and slide down its length was enough to make me cum instantly. My penis didn't come to the back of her throat at my age and so she was able to twirl her tongue around my twitching dick with a satisfied moan. "More," she gurgled, her mouth still full of my cock. She bathed my tender dick with her spit, easing my erection down with her warm, loving ministrations. Then she began nibbling ever so gently at the underside of it. I unclenched inside and sighed. Mommy took the head of my penis into her mouth and sucked at it softly. I began to swell and she took me deeper into her mouth, her tongue cradling my cock as she swallowed repeatedly, engulfing me with gentle warm caresses. It was so clear that she loved it, that she absolutely loved sucking my dick. And understanding that made me go weak inside. I felt helpless, trapped by Mommy's loving mouth. It was everything I wanted, and I had no control of it. I lay there with my cock in her mouth, surrendering to the notion that having my mommy suck my dick was so exactly what I wanted, it scared me. And that I had no control. I had no control over wanting it. And I had no control over the fact that, right now, Mommy was gently sucking my cock, coaxing me towards orgasm. Lost in this haze of fearful understanding, I began to whimper and whine a bit. Mommy lifted her head up, "Are you okay? Do you want me to keep going?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yes, Mommy. Please."

"Do you like the way I suck your cock?"

I nodded.

"Tell me why."

"Because it feels so good."

"Does it feel right?"

I hesitated and sagged back into the pillow.

"Baby, I need to know that you're okay with this. I know boys like having their dicks sucked. But I need to know you want Mommy to do this." She climbed up next to me in bed and held me to her breast. "Sweetie, you're afraid." My hands grasped her tits. "I think . . .. " she trailed off. "I can't get undressed just now. Do you like my outfit? Do you think I'm pretty?"

I looked at Mommy, really looked at her for the first time in months or longer. I felt lost in the pools of her blue eyes, wide and beautiful with makeup. She was talking and I caught some of the words but it made no sense. When she cupped my chin and kissed me, everything within me unwound. All the uncertainty and fear washed away and all I felt was a giving sense of love for my mommy. "Do you want to suck my dick now?" I asked.

"I want you to want me to suck your dick."

"More than anything. Mommy. It's just weird to see it's exactly what I want."

"You're just saying that."

I shook my head.

"Then you do need me to suck your cock, baby?"

"I love it, Mommy."

"If that's not a yes . . . "

I pounded playfully at her shoulder. "It's a yes. No suck my fucking dick." I spat out the words, astonished.

"Okay," Mommy said, not taken aback, but a bit meekly.

"You suck my cock so good. I love your mouth, Mommy. I love your mouth and I'm scared of your pussy." This encouraged her. "Mommy, mommy, mommy," I chanted in a slightly mocking tone that soon was tinged with hysteria. "Mommy?! Mommy! Mommy! I want my mommy to suck my cock!"

She lifted her head, a blank look on her face. "I am. Do you want me to keep going?"

"Please? Please suck my dick, Mommy?"

"Yes, baby. Watch your mommy nurse at your cock."

"Yes, Mommy. Yes, that's it. Suck my dick. I love my fucking mommy. I love my fucking mommy sucking my dick. It's so, so, so, so right." My cock spasmed and I sighed, "Thank you, Mommy."

"Any good mother would," she said with a smile. "Now let me fix my lipstick."